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First Baptist Church of Eugene

Lead Teaching Pastor

Eugene, Oregon

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Denomination: Baptist

Weekly Attendance:  1,000 - in person, 400 - online

Location: Eugene, Oregon

The Role: Lead Teaching Pastor

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Meet First Baptist Church of Eugene:

First Baptist Church Eugene is a gospel-centered church with an emphasis on Biblical teaching, discipleship, and community outreach. The church started in 1852 with 7 people in a log cabin, FBC Eugene was the second church established in the surrounding territory. The current facility was completed in 2004 and paid off in 2016. 

The ministries of FBC focus on small groups, youth, and kids, college and international students, adults, families, and Camp Harlow. Local and global missions have been an important part of FBC’s history with missionaries around the world and active local outreach. 

We believe we are called to live, love, and lead like Jesus. And as His Spirit leads and empowers us, we believe we will continue to become more effective ministers of the Gospel.


About the Lead Teaching Pastor:

The Lead Teaching Pastor (& Elder) directly oversees the teaching/discipleship ministries of First Baptist Church Eugene (FBC). The Lead Teaching Pastor is also responsible for modeling, leading, and collaborating in the disciple-making process in and outside the pulpit by teaching through personal example and training. The LTP is to oversee and ensure that instruction offered is Spirit-led, rooted in the Scriptures and prayer. Teaching shall demonstrate a commitment to the application of the Word in the lives of the church family. Additionally, to directly and through others – lead, develop, coordinate, and manage the pastoral staff and pastoral ministry programming for aligned ministries. The aim will be to accomplish FBC’s mission and vision, pursuing ministry excellence to glorify God.

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The Lead Teaching Pastor's Responsibilities Include: 

The effective Lead Teaching Pastor will achieve the following goals:

Authority and Relationships

  • Jesus is the ultimate head of FBC with all congregants, including Elders and Pastors, being accountable to him.

  • Lead Pastors are hired by and report to the Congregant Elders (8).

  • The LTP is a co-lead pastor (with Lead Operations Pastor) with specific and shared management roles and responsibilities. He also is an Elder sharing governance responsibilities with the rest of the Board of Elders in the areas of strategic development and policy formation.

  • Pastoral staff are responsible for equipping congregants for ministry and are accountable to the Lead Pastors. Congregants are encouraged to use their gifting(s) by God to serve Him locally, and some, globally.

Spiritual Requirements

  • Affirmed and approved by FBC as a recognized elder/pastor.

  • Submitting to the FBC Membership Commitment.

  • Able to shepherd the flock; (See Acts 20:28-31; I Pet. 5:1-4).

  • Meets character/spiritual qualifications of an elder described in I Timothy. 3:1-7 and Titus. 1:5-9.

Areas of Responsibilities as a Co-Lead Pastor

  • Work together, lead in your areas, support in other areas, leverage strengths, encourage, learn and grow with one another to achieve the mission, vision, and goals of the church through plural leadership of the staff to equip the congregation to BE the church to all peoples locally and to the ends of the earth.

  • In partnership with the elders, be the primary instrument of vision and strategic plans and communication.

  • Model, communicate, implement, and evaluate the vision and ministry plan.

  • Lead in staff recruitment and development as needed.

  • Develop and evaluate pastoral staff to effectively implement the vision and mission of the church.

  • Participate with the rest of the elder board to govern for the long-term health of the church

  • Adhere to the church policies

  • Be invested in the staff/pastoral organizational life and participate in a community “Life Group” (small group)

  • When helpful, provide instruction and training for other elders, staff, and pastors.

  • Take time for personal growth opportunities to increase ministry effectiveness.

  • When conflicts occur, resolve them through active listening, personal reflection, reconciliation, and forgiveness.

  • Find opportunities to build relationships, invest and engage in the local community

  • Perform other duties as assigned by congregant-elders (8).

Lead Teaching Pastor’s Distinct Areas of Responsibility

  • Preach the Word.
  • Teach sound doctrine/theology (see FBC core beliefs).
  • Be an example to the flock in life and ministry.
  • Cast FBC’s vision and promote the support of its mission through the pulpit ministry.
  • Prepare and preach expository messages
  • Oversee the production and format of public worship services (Communications Dept)
  • Do miscellaneous pastoral care and helping appointments.
  • Mentor young pastors.
  • Attend or delegate representation of FBC at Church Venture monthly/annual meetings as determined
  • Evaluate programs and staff under direct ministry structure, sharing any notable issues and/or high-priority decisions as needed with the Elder Board for awareness and guidance.

Special Knowledge / Skills Required

  • A mastery of the Bible, theology, preaching, teaching, pastoral care, and leadership

  • Wise, relational, discerning, self-initiating, loves people, demonstrates the fruit of the Spirit in all areas of life and relationships, and can confront sin directly and lovingly

  • Able to build and lead organizational culture, create vision, develop diverse and cohesive teams, manage projects, think analytically and strategically, innovate and implement ideas, and write and speak with clarity and vision.

  • Given to prayer and demonstrates a growing consistency /mastery of the spiritual disciplines.

Terms of Employment

  • Endorse and support FBC’s Membership covenant, Statement of Faith, and Position Statements.

  • Agrees to abide by all policies and procedures as outlined in the FBC Personnel Policy Manual.

  • Remain a member in good standing of FBC.

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What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • Master of Divinity (MDiv)

  • Demonstrated experience with online engagement and familiarity with digital communication methods.

  • Minimum 5 to 7 years of leadership and teaching ministry experience

  • Proven performance record in pastoral and organizational leadership

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What it's Like to Live in Eugene, OR: 

Eugene-Springfield is a sports-oriented, artsy-liberal, college town, with academic niches, logging communities, outdoor enthusiasts, and a growing tech job market. Lane County is one of the most unchurched counties in the United States. Eugene is the home of the Oregon Ducks and  TrackTown USA, hosting International Track Meets and the Olympic Trials. Lane County is 81% White, 9% Hispanic, 4% Mixed, 3.3% Asian, 1.4% Black, and 1.3% Other. Because of its mild climate and community feel, Eugene-Springfield has a normal cost of living with a slightly higher real estate index than other parts of the Pacific Northwest.

With a large rural population along with unique urban centers such as Portland, Seattle-Tacoma, and Eugene, the Pacific Northwest has a diversity of communities, world-views, and opinions. The mild climate and diverse geography (mountains, coasts, high plains, rivers, forests) attract many outdoor enthusiasts with activities such as hiking, biking, camping, running, and water sports. The Pacific Ocean and beautiful snow-capped mountains for skiing are a 90-minute drive from Eugene. The culture is both community and cause-oriented. People tend to see themselves as open to different belief-value systems, practices, and cultures but can be quick to stop listening if offended or challenged.

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