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First Baptist Church of Pacific Beach


San Diego, California

FBC Pacific Beach - Photo 1


Denomination: Baptist

Weekly Attendance: 40

Neighborhood: San Diego, California

The role: The Pastor at First Baptist Church of Pacific Beach is responsible for the spiritual welfare, overall program, growth, and life of the church. 

Meet First Baptist Church of Pacific Beach: 

On April 24, 1943, under the leadership of John G. Holder, 16 residents of the small community of Pacific Beach, California met in a home on Reed Street. Their purpose was to establish a new church in the Pacific Beach community. The population of Pacific Beach was about 6,000 at the time.

They named their new church Pacific Beach Baptist Church and called John Holder as their first pastor. Pacific Beach Baptist Church soon became the fourth member of the San Diego Southern Baptist Association. Weekly worship services were held at the Pacific Beach Women’s Club.

During this time, Pacific Beach was separated from central San Diego by an undeveloped Mission Bay, with its natural vegetation and wild marshes. Many of the local streets were unpaved. Freeways as we know them today were in the distant future. The church’s first baptisms were in Mission Bay.  

In the fall of 1945 ground was broken for a sanctuary on Hornblend Street. Construction of the first church building was a great challenge, since even the most basic supplies, like nails and lumber, were extremely difficult to find at that time during World War II. With God’s blessings and the selfless dedication of the members, the essential materials were gradually procured, the church was completed, and a strong, vibrant Christian ministry ensued. Pacific Beach Baptist Church was renamed to First Baptist Church of Pacific Beach in 1954. 

The congregation grew, and the original buildings on Hornblend Street were remodeled and expanded several times before they were finally outgrown. In the mid-1970s the church procured several lots at the foot of Mount Soledad, two miles away. The new church site had a spectacular view of Mission Bay, Point Loma, and downtown San Diego. On a clear day you could see the hillsides in Tijuana, Mexico. A building was constructed and the church began meeting at the new location in 1975.

The Reverend Carl Whitlock was the Pastor of First Baptist Church of Pacific Beach during the construction of the new church, and he project continued to lead the congregation until 2016, when he retired after 48 years of service.

First Baptist Church of Pacific Beach is a small, financially stable, middle class congregation. Membership includes people from all walks of life, including military families, engineers, mechanics, nurses, scientists, homemakers, salespeople, secretaries, retired pastors, and students. Young and old are welcome and equal in God’s sight! First Baptist Church is seeking a pastor who will lead us in following the Lord’s command to make disciples in His /our “Jerusalem.”

About the Pastor:

FBC Pacific Beach - Photo 2-1The Pastor of First Baptist Church of Pacific Beach is responsible for the spiritual welfare, overall program, growth, and life of the church. The Pastor provides spiritual leadership in all areas of evangelism and discipleship, which requires developing, communicating, and coordinating vision with the church's Deacons, Trustees, staff, and lay leaders as they minister and serve the church family and community. The Pastor is responsible for the oversight and leadership of worship services and church events as needed. 

The Pastor will:

  • Oversee Christian education and discipleship ministries, including Sunday school classes, Children’s Ministry, and Youth Ministries. Help develop church leadership in these areas of service.
  • Outreach and Discipleship
    • Lead, teach, motivate, and train church leaders to minister to the needs of the congregation and witness to the community.
    • Oversee all staff.
    • Work with the Deacons and Trustees in matters pertaining to the spiritual welfare of the church.
    • Preside as moderator at church meetings.
  • Leadership Development and Discipleship
    • Suggest and assist with planning of special worship services including Christmas, Easter, Children's/Youth Sundays, and other special programs.
    • Administer the Ordinances of Believer's Baptism and the Lord's Supper.
    • Ensure that weekly worship services are Christ-centered, Biblical, and doctrinally sound, meeting as appropriate with the Choir/Music Director and Audio Visual Director.
    • Organize and teach weekly Bible studies.
    • Prepare and deliver weekly sermons a minimum of 45 Sundays a year.
  • Preaching and Worship Leadership
    • Oversees, along with the Deacons and Trustees, the development and direction of the missions' outreach of the church, including community outreach, the Lottie Moon offering, and Annie Armstrong offering.
  • Congregational Relations and Pastoral Care
    • Leads, teaches, motivates, and trains church leaders to minister to the needs of the congregation and witness to the community.
    • Counsel as needed in spiritual matters (limited to a total of six hours per week). He will refer to licensed professionals if needed.
  • Other Miscellaneous Duties and Responsibilities
    • Conduct weddings and funerals for church members as requested.
    • Hospital calling.
    • Reacting promptly to emergency/crisis situations.
    • Visiting shut-ins.
  • Include the following as part of his responsibilities as necessary, training and equipping Deacons and other church members to assist in:
    • Attend church fellowship functions and church meetings as an ex officio committee member.
    • Have regular published office hours each week.
    • Provide leadership and direction in conjunction with the Deacons, Trustees, and other financial leaders in the congregation regarding the following: development, approval, and implementation of the annual church budget.
    • Oversee the weekly bulletin, monthly newsletters, and Web communications.

What you bring:


A bachelor’s degree is required for this position. A seminary degree, while not required, would be a great bonus for this role.


The ideal candidate isn’t required to have a certain number of years experience, but rather, their ability to reach and teach the congregation, their alignment with the Baptist Faith & Message 2000, and their ability to take on this role is of paramount importance. Experience as a Pastor may certainly contribute to this but isn’t necessarily the only measurement of success.

The successful candidate is required to have Southern Baptist experience or a Southern Baptist education. 

Personal Characteristics

  • Strong, demonstrated relationship with Jesus Christ and the local church.
  • Faithfully committed to personally follow and apply biblical principles and possess a high level of integrity, guided by a sound set of ethical principles.
  • A visionary leader who can also work well within a team environment.
  • A healthy chemistry with the members and culture of First Baptist Church of Pacific Beach.
  • A unique understanding of the culture of the area and neighborhood in which First Baptist Church of Pacific Beach is located.
  • Strong relational skills and an infectious love for people.
  • Possesses a worldview, theological doctrine, and core values that matches those held by the church.
  • A proven track record of being a self-starter and goal-oriented worker, with an ability to recruit, retain, and equip leaders, staff, and members.
  • Demonstrate a high leadership capacity and ability to train others.
  • A gifted communicator, energetic, and enthusiastic, yet able to exude a calming influence when needed.
  • Proven skills that foster trust, fairness, and teamwork among members, and a common focus on excellence in all areas.

FBC Pacific Beach - Photo 3-1What it's like to live in San Diego, California: 

San Diego is California's second largest city, and San Diego County is perhaps best known for its 70 miles of majestic coastline and gentle Mediterranean climate. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean, San Diego County is home to two professional sports teams, over 200 museums, and several award-winning amusement parks, making it a premier tourist destination for millions each year.

Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, two waterparks (Wave and Aquatica), Legoland, the Padres at Petco Park, Del Mar Fairgrounds events, Convention Center events, and so many other sightseeing attractions offer nearly endless opportunities for fun and entertainment. La Jolla, Torrey Pines, and Tijuana are close by. Also close by are opportunities for boating, skiing, fishing, jet skiing, wake boarding, camping, hiking, and bicycling. The city also offers a multitude of cultural events including weekly street fairs and frequent concerts in multiple indoor and outdoor venues.

Outside of San Diego, Knotts Berry Farm, Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Magic Mountain are one to three hours away. During the winter, snowboarding and skiing are available in California at Big Bear Mountain (about two hours away from San Diego) and at both Mammoth Lakes and Lake Tahoe (about seven hours away).

As a major port city, San Diego hosts the largest naval fleet in the world. With several national defense contractors headquartered in the city, nearly five percent of all civilian jobs are now military related. International trade and biotechnology are also major contributors to San Diego’s economy, and, with over 30 universities and colleges, San Diego is ranked as the “Ninth Smartest City” in America by CNNMoney.com. In U.S. News & World Report’s “2018 Best Places to Live in the United States,” San Diego was listed 30th of 125 major cities for qualities residents look for, such as the job market, affordability and quality of life, and where they would prefer to live.

Located in a city rich with cultural and ethnic diversity, and where thousands of young families and singles are drawn to each year, First Baptist Church of Pacific Beach has a rich history and the potential to impact our unchurched community.

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