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First Baptist Church Winnfield

Senior Pastor

Winnfield, Louisiana

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Denomination: Baptist

Weekly Attendance: 350

Location: Winnfield, Louisiana

The Role: The Senior Pastor will provide leadership in the primary tasks of the church.  These include worship, witness, education, ministry and application.


Meet First Baptist Church Winnfield:

The First Baptist Church of Winnfield was generally believed to have been originated in 1871.  Prior to that time, Baptists of the newly created parish seat of Winn worshiped at the Jerusalem Baptist Church located four miles to the west of the current location.  The first property on which to build a church was purchased in 1899 by the Ladies Aid Society, using money which they raised from the sale of lemonade.

The first building was erected in 1902.  In 1903, the adjoining plot on which the new auditorium is now located was purchased by the church.  A tabernacle was erected in 1912 with open sides and a sawdust floor. The tabernacle was walled up and used for all services during the construction of the first brick building.

The first brick building, now known as the “old sanctuary” was begun in 1920 and completed in 1925.  The education building was constructed in 1942. The first parsonage, a two-story frame house, was built on the property now occupied by the new sanctuary.  The present sanctuary was constructed, then dedicated in 1966. We have recently completed phase 1 of 3 in a reconstruction project that allowed us to renovate the “old sanctuary” into new youth facilities, a new library, new children’s play area, and an internet cafe’.  Our gym also has new air conditioning, heating, and flooring. Also, a new parking lot was constructed on a newly purchased lot adjacent to the church.


About the Senior Pastor:

The Pastor will be responsible for providing leadership in the primary tasks of the church.  Those tasks are: worship, witness, educate, ministry and apply. He will give general leadership to the totale ministry of the church.  He will give direction to the work of the church staff. 


The Senior Pastor will: 

Believing the five overarching tasks of a church are to worship, witness, minister educate and apply, the following responsibilities are representative of the work of the Pastor relative to these tasks.


  • Consult with staff members and church members to develop worship experiences that encourage participation, fellowship, and growth.

  • Diligently study and pray in preparation for the delivery of sermons that are rooted in the Word of God and seek to develop the saved and win the lost.

  • Lead in meaningful observation of baptism and the Lord’s supper.


  • Personally seek to share his faith in Christ with lost individuals.

  • Work with staff members and church leaders to develop opportunities for witness training.

  • Lead the church to have a desire to reach lost individuals with the good news of Jesus Christ.


  • Develop a personal plan for regular visitation of church members and prospects as well as participate in the scheduled visitation program.

  • Work with the deacons in ministering to the elderly, sick, widowed, bereaved, and others in crisis situations.

  • Be available to counsel with any in need of such help.  

  • Seek out opportunities to help others in the name of Christ

  • Conduct weddings in accordance with church policies.

  • Help families with funeral arrangements for loved ones.


  • Work with the church staff, the Church Council, and church members in planning, organizing, and promoting opportunities to teach and train Christians to grow in Christ.

  • Participate in such opportunities as both a leader and a learner.

  • Plan with the church staff and church leaders in establishing goals for growth and lead the church to accomplish those goals.

  • Assist program leaders and committee leaders in their job assignments.

  • Serve as moderator of church business sessions.


  • Demonstrate a lifestyle that is honoring to Christ and is exemplary for others.

  • Guide his family responsibility with the love and nurture of God.

  • Devote time daily for personal study, meditation, and prayer.

  • Read, study, and participate in opportunities to keep ministry skills current.

  • Serve in volunteer leadership positions in the association when able and attend associational gatherings when not in conflict with already scheduled church activities.

  • Take time for personal relaxation to keep healthy and energetic.


  • The Pastor is employed by the vote of the church upon the recommendation from an elected Pastor Search Committee.

  • The Pastor and other staff members are viewed as co-laborers.  Although they have specific areas of responsibility, all their work is related to the same purpose and should be going in the same direction.  Therefore, theirs is a “shared” ministry. Differences in philosophy and concepts will inevitably occur, but these are expected to be reconciled in Christlike fashion and in the best interest of the church.

  • Staff meetings should be held regularly for prayer and planning.  The Pastor will lead in these meetings.


What you bring: 

Education & Experience

The candidate will have 

  • 10+ years of ministry experience

  • 5+ years as a Senior Pastor is ideal

  • An undergraduate degree is required

  • A seminary degree is strongly preferred   

Personal Characteristics

  • Warm and friendly, relational

  • Approachable

  • Leader / Visionary

  • Community involvement

  • Heart for missions / outreach

  • Grounded and firm personality with thick skin 

  • Eccumenical spirit: willing to work, relate, and converse with the local pastor

  • Strong marriage with an active wife in ministry


What it's like to live in Winnfield, Louisiana: 

In some ways, visiting the city of Winnfield, Louisiana is like taking a step back in time. Historical homes and buildings abound. Winnfield is rich in stories and folklore of outlaws, bandits, presidents, generals, the Civil War, Indians, railroad men, oil men, and, above all, politicians. In fact, Winnfield is proud to boast that it is the home of three governors: Huey P. Long, Earl K. Long and O.K. Allen, and proudly displays memorabilia of its rich political history in The Old L&A Depot.

But don't let Winnfield's historic past fool you – Winnfield is a city on the move with a promising future and many modern conveniences that make it an ideal city for residents, visitors and retirees. 

Residents enjoy it’s small town atmosphere, modern conveniences, and proximity to large cities and educational institutions. Visitors revel in its many outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, fishing and camping, as well as its tourist attractions and museums. Retirees appreciate its wonderful climate, its many annual festivals, its low cost of living and its state-of-the-art hospitals and care facilities. 

Winn Parish has some of the most scenic natural settings in the South and the area is truly a "Sportsman's Paradise". Winn Parish is located in the heart of the Kisatchie National Forest where the Gum Springs Horse Trail is located, and the city of Winnfield is home of the Louisiana Forest Festival.

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