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First Baptist Church Woodbridge

Executive Pastor

Woodbridge, Virginia

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Denomination: Southern Baptist Convention

Weekly Attendance: 1,241

Location: Woodbridge, VA

The Role: The Executive Pastor will be responsible for implementing the vision of the Senior Pastor through the overall leadership of church staff, leading all functional areas in the accomplishment of the Senior Pastor’s vision and the church’s mission.

FBCW Church

Meet First Baptist Church Woodbridge:

First Baptist Church of Woodbridge (FBCW) is a theologically conservative Southern Baptist, Christ-centered, Bible-based church in Woodbridge, Virginia. They are culturally diverse, evangelical, and passionate about creating a God-honoring community on a mission to make disciples who will make disciples.

FBCW is located in Woodbridge, Virginia, approximately 25 miles south of Washington, D.C. The church subscribes to the Baptist Faith and Message of 2000 and is dually-aligned with the Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV) and the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia (SBCV). It is also an active participant in the Northstar Church Network, a local Baptist Association.
The First Baptist Church of Woodbridge began as the Occoquan Baptist Church in May 1876. After several years of meeting in members' homes, the church voted in 1888 to build in Woodbridge. The late 1950s and early 1960s saw a period of rapid change and growth. With the building of housing developments and the population explosion, Woodbridge has fast become a "bedroom" community of Washington, D.C.

Today, FBCW’s 62,000 square foot facility, which first opened in 2006, accommodates membership of about 1,300. Military service members and their families make up a significant portion of FBCW’s congregation due to its proximity to Washington, DC. The transient nature of the military community provides great opportunity for God to bring new servants into the ministry and send these trained disciples around the world. Although the membership is somewhat transient, FBCW has a solid base of long-time members.

As the Lord moves transient members to other places of work and service, He provides replacements and growth through people moving to Woodbridge for a few years or those moving to make Woodbridge their home. This membership flow gives the church a continuous capacity for fresh ideas, skills, and spiritual gifts for new and exciting work.

About the Executive Pastor:

The Senior Pastor is the preaching and directional leader of the church and the Executive Pastor is the organizational leader. The Executive Pastor implements the Senior Pastor’s direction along with elder support of the church, optimizing the church’s financial and human resources. The Executive Pastor manages the day to day ministry according to the high standards of the gospel and established plans, policies, and legal requirements.

The Executive Pastor will be responsible for implementing the vision of the Senior Pastor through the overall leadership of church staff, leading all functional areas in the accomplishment of the Senior Pastor’s vision and the church’s mission. This includes outreach, arts, pastoral care, group life, Student and Children’s Ministry areas, as well as strategic planning, finance, administration, human resources, and operations. The Executive Pastor will oversee facilities management, establishing a ten-year plan for upkeep, renovations, and new buildings. They will work to ensure the look and feel of the facilities are in alignment with the vision of the church.

The Executive Pastor Will: 

  • Support the Senior Pastor in the accomplishment of the church’s mission through ministry effectiveness evaluation, discernment, decision making, planning, and overall direction of the church staff.

  • Lead the ministry staff in the establishment and ongoing direction of ministries that effectively reach the church’s demographics, ensuring the accomplishment of the overall mission.

  • Ensure the operational readiness of the church through leadership and oversight of the support staff performing duties in administration, finance, human resources, supply, and facilities management.

  • Facilitate the annual strategic planning process including evaluation of ministry performance; review of mission, vision, and core values; development of key objectives and tactics; and the establishment of yearly goals, with the cooperation of the Church Council with the affirmation and supervision of FBCW elders. 

  • Establish and maintain a set of key performance measures (KPMs) that provide the Senior Pastor and church staff with ongoing visibility of the effectiveness of all functional areas of the church.

  • Develop annual financial plans that fund the accomplishment of the strategic plan and meet critical financial objectives such as established cash reserve levels.

  • Champion the development of infrastructure by all ministry and support areas that support the healthy, long-term growth of the church.

  • Lead the church’s building programs including capital fundraising campaigns, master planning, design and architecture, contractor selection, and construction.

  • Implement the hiring and dismissal process following direction and guidance from the Senior Pastor and the board.

  • Provide protection for the Senior Pastor, allowing him to focus on his calling without undue administrative, supervisory, or management involvement.

  • Help maintain a solid staff through the development of policies and procedures, oversee the development of job descriptions, participate in the hiring of directors, propose appropriate staff adjustments, and resolve conflicts.

  • Work with the Church Council appropriate volunteer committees/teams.

  • Create alignment between the various ministries.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.


What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

The ideal candidate for this role will have a  minimum of 10 to 15 years of experience as a senior leader in a corporate business environment, preferably in a medium to a large church setting. 

The ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent training in business, administration, leadership, or human resource management would be beneficial. Master’s work in biblical studies is a plus. 

The successful individual must have a proven track record of effective leadership, judgment, and above reproach character.

Personal Characteristics:


    • Exemplifies a godly lifestyle and spiritual leadership to the FBCW community. 


    • This position requires a candidate that is a “people person.” While all ministry requires love for God’s people, this position necessitates a personality that will want to engage our community, the lost, and our church community in a very personal manner. 

    • Has a passion for the team, staff culture, excellence, and loyalty. 

    • Is a relational match with the Senior Pastor and senior ministry leads. 


    • This position requires a natural leader who is not timid. The Executive Pastor needs to be a self-motivated, spiritually mature, driven, goal-oriented leader who seeks to train and equip others to fulfill the vision of the church. Team building of volunteers, equipping of leaders, and networking with others are vital for this role. Excellent people management and team coach skills are necessary. 

    • Has proven results in related experience. 

    • Has experience overseeing a significant budget. 


    • This position requires a very healthy amount of verbal communication. 


    • Shows leadership and discernment.


What it's Like to Live In Woodbridge, VA: 

Woodbridge is a town in the eastern part of Prince William County in the Northern Virginia region. It is home to Potomac Mills Mall, one of the largest Outlet Malls in Northern Virginia and featuring more than 225 brand-name and manufacturer's outlets and a vast selection of eateries, too.

Also, the Potomac Nationals baseball team stadium is located in Woodbridge. The Nationals have been in Prince William County since 1984, and play 140 games between April and September each year.

Woodbridge Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge is an ecological treasure of natural habitats that are rare or nearly extinct in Northern Virginia. Experience tidal shorelines, marshes, meadows, woods, and all of the creatures that dwell on the banks of the Occoquan and Potomac Rivers.

Leesylvania State Park is in Woodbridge and is listed on the National Register of Historic Landmarks as home of Virginia’s legendary Lee Family. It offers many opportunities to enjoy water and land sports.

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