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First Congregational Church

Senior Pastor

Kingston, New Hampshire


Weekly Attendance: 380

Denomination: Congregational 

Location: Kingston, NH


DSC_0566About the Organization:

The parish church of Kingston was gathered September 17, 1725 with Ward Clark as Minister.  His successor, Joseph Seccombe, reaped 177 members during the Great Awakening and fostered four daughter churches.  Most notable among the members of the church was Josiah Bartlett, first Governor of New Hampshire and a signer of the Declaration of Independence.  Elihu Thayer, Minister from 1776 to 1812 founded the New Hampshire Missionary Society.  A society at nearby Andover aided the church in organizing the Sabbath School in 1813.

The present meeting house was built in 1825 and redecorated in 1879.  Temperance and Sunday School causes brought churches together and federation with the Methodists in 1917 resulted. The 1950's saw the restoration of the sanctuary, the addition of the Rent Memorial Room and the building of a new parsonage.  Pastor Wendell Irvine served as a settled pastor for two separate terms first in the 1950's, then he and his wife Laura returned to Kingston in 1975 for over 12 more years of service to the church.

Our carillon was installed in 1986 and plays the Westminster bells on the hour.  In the mid-2000's the pipe organ was restored and the sanctuary refurbished.   In 2012, a new education and fellowship building was completed more than tripling the classroom and fellowship space. Due to the sacrificial gifts and labor of the congregation the building was completed debt-free. The church is debt-free and maintains ample reserves.

About the Position:

The Lead Pastor of First Congregational Church will provide the primary preaching/teaching and worship leadership roles for our congregation; provide leadership to all the direct reports on the church staff; and promote the assimilation of new adherents and members into our church family.


What We Are Searching For / Qualifications:


A seminary degree or M.Div. is required for this position. The successful candidate will also be ordained as a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as a member of the church or eligible to be a member and in agreement with the Statement of Faith and Covenant.


  • 3+ years of senior church leadership experience as a Pastor with preaching responsibilities.
  • Gifted preaching rooted in the truth of God’s Word and, therefore, claiming it as the authority for faith, service, and teaching.
  • Ability to connect with mature believers as well as new believers through practical, relevant preaching and teaching.
  • Relational leadership with the personality, passion, and energy to invest in the lives of staff, lay leaders, church members, and the community.
  • Desire to see the Gospel shared with the lost and the ability to disciple others to do the same.

Personal Characteristics

FCC - Dedication Day 3
  1. With regard to self (1 Timothy 3.1-7)
    1. The heart of a disciple knows Jesus Christ and models spiritual disciplines with the goal of personal and practical transformation in both personal and public life.
    2. The spirit of a servant considers others better than himself and their needs before his own, lives out grace via self-transparency and mercy towards others, and leads by example with patience, and as one within a plurality of elders and multiple member ministry staff.
    3. The mind of a student commits to lifelong learning in theology, ministry, and leadership, evidences a master's degree, ten years ministry experience, and participation in professional associations and may engage in continuing education and/or advanced degrees.
  1. With regard to God (Psalm 63.1; Psalm 99.5; Matthew 6.33; Romans 15.5, 6)
    1. The heart for God longs to know Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and affirms the historic Christian creeds and the statements of faith of the Congregational Way such as the Savoy Platform.
    2. The spirit of a worshiper pursues the glory of God in all of creation, proclaims His majesty in every realm, and supports diverse congregational worship styles and formats.
    3. The mind of Christ practices exegetical preaching, biblical pastoral care and leadership, exhibits godliness and giftedness, and seeks humble obedience to revealed truth.
  1. With regard to the congregation (John 21.15-17; Ephesians 6.18; Philippians 4.4-6; Colossians 3.12-17):
    1. The heart of the shepherd exhibits a genuine knowledge of and care for Christ's flock, praying and working for their growth to maturity in Christ and the fullness of the Holy Spirit.
    2. A spirit for family champions parents with their children and youth to a vision of shared ministry, developing Godly families and encouraging those who lead them.
    3. The mind of a teacher/preacher understands complex theological concepts revealed within the whole counsel of scripture and distills them in a way that everyone is passionately encouraged with clear and practical self-understanding and the truth of God.
  1. With regard to the world (Matthew 28.16-20; Acts 1.8):
    1. The heart of compassion loves a lost and hurting world caught in the destructive cycles of sin against God and with grace and truth lifts up the cry of the disenfranchised.
    2. The spirit of evangelism relates the truth of Jesus Christ to diverse human needs and seeks redemption for those in crisis both inside and outside of the congregation.
    3. The mind of an apologist teaches the uniqueness of Jesus as Christ and Lord, and equips and motivates the church to reach out with the Good News in word and deed with sensitivity and application to the culture of New England.


FCC Sr Pastor 2About the Location:

Kingston, NH, is a historic community of 6,000 residents that has played a large part in American History and continues to be a place where history, stories, and quaint communities are part of the wonderful and rich experience of visiting. While it has retained much of its historic charm, it is also a modern area, with local retail stores, family owned restaurants and great outdoor parks and waterfront recreational areas. Families and tradition play a big part in the community - Kingston is tight knit and family oriented with a vibrant multigenerational culture. FCC draws from 14 largely similar local communities in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Kingston was incorporated in 1694, and was the fifth town to be established in New Hampshire.

FCC is located in the Kingston Historical District. The church itself is 300 years of gathering and the meeting hall where they meet today is 200+ years old. FCC is truly a part of American History and has a legacy of spiritual renewal in the area. The Kingston historic district encompasses the town center of Kingston. Historic buildings and sites within the district include the Kingston town hall; the Josiah Bartlett House, home of the second signer of the U.S. Declaration of Independence; the Sanborn Seminary; the Nichols Memorial Research Library; the Kingston Historical Museum (housed in the town's first fire house); The 1686 House restaurant; the Cemetery at the Plains (where Josiah Bartlett is buried); and the Church on the Plains. 


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