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First Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Director of Worship and Music

Kokomo, Indiana

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Denomination: Presbyterian - EPC

Weekly Attendance: 150

Location: Kokomo, Indiana

The Role: First Evangelical Presbyterian Church is in search of a Director of Worship and Music who will be a Jesus loving, musically gifted, creative, relational, and servant leader to direct the church in musical worship, choral and hand-bell, special events, and preschool music. 

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Meet First Evangelical Presbyterian Church:

First Evangelical Presbyterian Church has been a church family since 1868. In November 2018, they celebrated 150 years of service to their community—150 years of a rich history of God’s faithfulness to the church. Since 2009, they have been members of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church denomination.

In their words:

“First Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Kokomo, Indiana is a fellowship of believers called by God as a body of Christ who accepts that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, the Son of the Living God. Joining together in worship, we put our trust in God and strive to follow the teaching of Jesus, living as brothers and sisters in God’s grace and growing together in love. Our church family seeks God’s will in worship, music, education, youth programs, a preschool, community assistance and outreach, and missions here and abroad.”


About the Director of Worship and Music:

The Director of Worship and Music will be a Jesus loving, musically gifted, creative, relational, and servant leader to direct the church in musical worship, choral and handbell, special events, and preschool music. 

We are looking for an individual who can intentionally work with the pastoral staff and members of the church across all ages to help them utilize their gifts and talents throughout the worship service.  


The Director of Worship and Music Will: 

  • Direct the planning, conducting, and evaluating of a complete and comprehensive intergenerational music and worship program of classical, traditional and contemporary musical styles.

  • Oversee the adult handbell choir, and develop other musical groups that might be needed in the future.

  • Assist the pastors in planning all services of worship.

  • Choose appropriate music for the special programs of the church, including weddings, funerals, Vacation Bible School, Little School, and other special occasions. The ability to create arrangements or adaptations to incorporate additional instruments in worship and other events is preferred. (Should have proficiency in standard musical notation software.)

  • Maintain the church music library and files, supplies, and musical instruments (organ, pianos, Orff instruments, handbells).

  • Maintain the multimedia equipment used in worship for the church.

  • Oversee media teams regarding various elements including, but not limited to, lyric slides, sound checks, and platform design layouts.

  • Oversee the musical selections on the carillon chimes.

  • Remain informed on new music methods and materials.

  • Serve as staff liaison on the worship team and assist with the preparation of the annual Worship & Music budget and the Annual report.

  • Help maintain a spiritual quality of life among members of the choirs.

  • Develop worship teams for Sunday services.

  • Required to complete the Safe Child Policy training.

  • Other duties as assigned.


What you Bring: 


The ideal candidate will have:

  • A bachelor’s degree or higher is preferred for this position.

  • A deep love for God and loves His People through relationships.

  • Organization skills, ability to multitask, knowledge and experience in a music leadership setting and with current media technology.


The ideal candidate will have at least three years of experience as a Worship Director  in a church setting.

Personal Characteristics

  • An energetic, enthusiastic, and fun personality.

  • Multigenerational appeal.

  • Someone with a relational heart.

  • Appreciation for a range of music/worship spectrum.

  • Sense of humor.

  • Gifted musician and vocalist.

  • Someone who is a builder and developer.

  • Someone who is collaborative and team driven.


What it's Like to Live in Kokomo, Indiana: 

Named for the Miami Ma-Ko-Ko-Mo who was called "Chief Kokomo,” Kokomo first benefited from the legal business associated with being the county seat. Before the Civil War, it was connected with Indianapolis and then the Eastern cities by railroad, which resulted in sustained growth. Substantial growth came after the discovery of large natural gas reserves, which produced a boom in the mid-1880s. Among the businesses which the boom attracted was the fledgling automobile industry. The first automobile was invented by Elwood Haynes in Kokomo. A significant number of technical and engineering innovations were developed in Kokomo, particularly in automobile production, and, as a result, Kokomo became known as the "City of Firsts." A substantial portion of Kokomo's employment still depends on the automobile industry.

Kokomo offers outstanding educational opportunities through its various public and private school options. Comprising five public school districts, this family-oriented city has multiple schools from which to choose. Additionally, there are nine religious, private schools in the area that provide advanced academic and athletic aspects. For higher educational opportunities, Kokomo’s centralized location includes various college opportunities including Indiana University Kokomo, Purdue University College of Technology at Kokomo, Indiana Wesleyan University – Kokomo Campus, and Ivy Tech Community College.

Kokomo, Indiana is known for its welcoming and entertaining region. Such entertainment includes festivals, parks and cultural events. Kokomo also has great opportunities for participating in or watching sports, such as the Jackrabbits Baseball at a new stadium. The city is involved in redevelopment of downtown to enhance sporting experiences. For further entertainment, take a short trip to Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, or Chicago for additional options for food, shows, sightseeing, performances, and more! All in all, Kokomo, Indiana is the perfect city for any couple or family to live in.

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