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First Presbyterian Church of Northville

Senior Pastor

Northville, Michigan

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Denomination: Presbyterian Church (USA)

Weekly Attendance: 175

Location: Northville, Michigan

The role: As head of staff, our called pastor will have responsibility and oversight for all areas of our church life.


Meet First Presbyterian Church of Northville

First Presbyterian Church of Northville’s (FPCN) vision for ministry is to develop a dynamic relationship with God for families and young people in our community while continuing to serve our existing congregation. We do a good job meeting the needs of our traditional maturing congregation but recently have not been attracting the younger generations and families as we have in the past.  We have a great downtown location and facilities as a resource to attract families while maintaining the existing strengths with the maturing congregation.  

Currently we have a traditional Sunday worship service, with Sunday school for kids during the service and adult education after the service.  We hold monthly mid-week informal dinners at the church aimed at non-traditional worship and outreach. FPCN is home to a community Christian preschool, Boy Scouts of America Troop 755, various community support groups and mission outreach programs.

We strive to engage our community to serve God in meaningful ways while serving the current members of our congregation. We feel called to develop an alternative worship experience and new small group ministry options that will attract more families and the spiritually curious by offering new and innovative opportunities to explore life and an ever evolving faith.  Through partnering with other churches and community groups we seek to enhance our mission and outreach experiences.


About the Senior Pastor

We seek a head of staff to lead us in the rebranding of FPCN while respecting the traditions valued by our current congregation. We acknowledge that this requires a delicate balance of patience, finesse and foresight.

The head of staff will possess the entrepreneurial skills and strategic vision to initiate actions that involve deliberate risks necessary to move FPCN forward with an evolving non-traditional worship, individual faith exploration and mission opportunities.

The role will: 

As head of staff, our called pastor will have responsibility and oversight for all areas of our church life.  A top priority is a meaningful Sunday morning worship service and sermon since this is the primary connection many in the congregation have with the church.  He or she will be actively involved and provide guidance for Session, Board of Deacons, committees, volunteers and worshippers of all ages.

Specific tasks, assignments and program areas will be evolving and generally will be within these areas:

  • Teaching and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ

  • Outreach and mission

  • Interact with committees as needed

  • Involvement in local community

  • Collaborate with the Deacons to provide pastoral care

  • Moderator of Session, management of paid staff and motivation of volunteers

  • Involvement with the Presbytery of Detroit 


What you bring: 

Education & Experience

An ideal candidate for this role might be someone who has had progressive development as a leader and is ready to step into a leadership role using their background of experience. 

The ideal candidate will also have an undergraduate degree, an M.Div from an accredited Seminary, and will be ordained (or ordainable) within the PCUSA. 


What it's like to live in Northville, MI: 

Northville and Northville Township have a population of about 35,000 residents.  The city/township are located in Oakland and Wayne counties in the U.S. state of Michigan.  

Northville, located between Ann Arbor and Detroit, is an evolving community with roots in farming.  It is now recognized as a desirable, upwardly mobile, highly educated and family friendly town. Northville has several public and private high schools and public elementary/middle schools. 

The community regularly comes together during our summer Friday night concerts.  Northville attracts crowds from neighboring communities to our summer festivals, to include the Victorian Day Festival, Made In Michigan, Arts and Acts, Memorial Day Floral Festival and our Holiday Parades. Young families gather during Tunes on Tuesday in our town square, and it is difficult to wander through our downtown without recognizing a familiar face. It’s a great place to live, work and call home. 

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