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Friendship Missionary Baptist Church

Senior Pastor

Vallejo, California




Denomination: American Baptist/National Baptist

Weekly Attendance: 450

Location: Vallejo, California

The Role: Senior Pastor


Meet Friendship Missionary Baptist Church:

Friendship Missionary Baptist Church (“FMBC”) is a Bible-based, faith community committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and embracing the Holy Spirit via love and service. As such, FMBC is a safe space where people are welcome, accepted, appreciated, and empowered. FMBC’s commitment to loving and serving others is not just a catchphrase; it is a clarion call to action. At FMBC, we do not seek members but disciples! We break limits with a lifestyle guided by our Lord’s love and liberation!

FMBC is a multigenerational family church. We embrace and respect the wisdom our grandparents have to share. We appreciate the leadership of adults who share their expertise and knowledge. We embrace young adults and college students whose transformative energy challenges us to seek innovation in our spiritual approach. We celebrate teens whose excitement and changing abilities teach us new ways to praise God, and we adore our children and babies whose inspiring presence requires us to build more, grow stronger, and love harder so that they might know and experience God for generations to come!

It is our goal to provide a place where people can have a life-changing experience with God. Our hearts and our doors are wide open to people from all backgrounds, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey. What people usually notice first about us is the warm and loving nature of our ministry. We want to infuse life and God’s love into the lives of people through engaging, powerful worship experiences that offer Biblical truth in relevant and practical ways.

FMBC is more than just a weekend church. We are engaged in services, Bible study, and a plethora of ministries throughout the week. As the ethic of love is at the heart of our ministry, we offer opportunities for the development of authentic and enduring relationships with others.

Together, we’re striving to become the kind of church described in the scriptures, where there’s relevant teaching, heart-felt worship, honest friendships, constant prayer, and compassionate care for those in need. In short, we’d like to have the kind of contagious enthusiasm and joy that can influence and encourage the entire community, one life at a time. As our Senior Pastor, the Reverend Danté R. Quick, always says “FMBC is the place to be!”

About the Senior Pastor:

Friendship Missionary Baptist Church is seeking a Senior Pastor that will lead the congregation in all aspects of ministry including worship, teaching, preaching, administration of staff, and stewardship. The Senior Pastor extends God’s grace to all people from all backgrounds and leads by example as one who is relational, authentic, transparent, and humble. A successful candidate must have a demonstrated ability to relate to and connect with a multi-generational, diverse congregation, a heart for proclaiming the Gospel, and a desire to extend ministry to the community surrounding the church and throughout the world, thus continuing Friendship Missionary Baptist Church’s active participation in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Senior Pastor shall also serve as the chief administrator of the church and shall, therefore, be responsible for the management of the general program through supervision of the pastoral and office staff. The Senior Pastor may delegate the supervision of the daily management of church operations but has the ultimate responsibility for excellent operational execution. The Senior Pastor will also facilitate strategic planning which includes the development of critical objectives and strategies focused upon attracting young families and millennials while continuing to be a welcoming church for everyone. Finally, the Senior Pastor will continue Friendship Missionary Baptist Church’s tradition of community and economic development through church-related non-profits and partnerships.

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The Senior Pastor Will Achieve the Following: 


  • Conduct worship that enables people to hear the Word of God and participate in personal and corporate devotion that grows and strengthens their relationship with God.

  • Prepare and deliver sermons and lessons with the Holy Bible as the center of this teaching, at all regular worship services of the church unless, as agreed, another is authorized to periodically fulfill this responsibility.

  • Prepare and lead all special worship events of the church such as Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, Holy Week, Revivals, Vacation Bible School, The Tuesday Word of Hope, as well as weddings and funerals.

Spiritual Formation

  • Guide the spiritual formation of the congregation through teaching, preaching, and leading by example.

  • Work with the staff and church ministries to ensure that the church is provided with opportunities to be involved in hands-on service opportunities within and beyond the church, and encourage the congregation to give of their time, talents, and tithes in service to God.

  • Work with the church leaders to coordinate and execute an annual church strategy, annual goals, and review of ministry objectives.


  • Demonstrate a lifestyle of personal discipleship and oversee its application in congregational life.

  • Provide support and training opportunities to the congregation for outreach and evangelism, including Christian education.

  • Support various mission opportunities to encourage the church in giving to missions and to involve the church in personal mission service.

  • Develop and execute strategies to extend church resources to the neighborhood surrounding the church and beyond.

Pastoral Care

  • Lead and provide pastoral care ministries in conjunction with other staff, ministries, and the Diaconate.

  • Seek to nurture the mental, spiritual, and emotional health of the individuals in Friendship Missionary Baptist Church.

  • Administer a plan to make appropriate referrals when necessary and quickly respond to crisis situations which arise in the congregation.


  • Be the spiritual leader and administrator responsible for supervising the various ministries of the church in accordance with the provisions of the church constitution and bylaws and counsel with the Council of Jethro.

  • Support, supervise, manage, and provide input for the evaluation of church employees.

  • Assume full management of the budget and operations of the church.

  • Develop key performance indicators (KPI) for staff to measure effectiveness of ministries and staff performance. Provide critical assessments to improve performance and morale.

  • Convene and lead regular congregation meetings to inform and educate the congregation on key administrative developments

  • Provide leadership, coordination, and direction to all Friendship Missionary Baptist Church-related nonprofits.

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What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • Must have a Master of Divinity from an ATS accredited school.

  • Must be ordained in a nationally recognized and credible African American denomination.

  • Demonstrate a commitment to support the Baptist Doctrine, FMBC institutional traditions, and polity.

  • Doctoral degree would be a plus.

  • Fluency in Spanish would be a plus.

  • A proven record of growing ministry and people for greater impact for Jesus Christ.

  • Must have held a senior-level pastoral position at a multi-staff, multicultural church with a budget of at least $750,000 and had operational input in the budgeting process.

  • Experience in community engagement.

Skills & Abilities

  • An ability to articulate a personal Christian conversion experience; devout personal faith in Christ, proficiency with the Baptist doctrine and polity; and able to fully support the polity and mission of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church.

  • Must be led by the Holy Spirit to serve God’s people at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church and motivate the congregation to continuously draw closer to God.

  • Superior written/verbal communication, organizational, and leadership skills.

  • Very comfortable and experienced in providing pastoral care in difficult situations.

  • Extremely skilled at strategic planning, ministry development, and leadership of volunteers.

  • An appreciation for and understanding of technology and its relevance and use in ministry.

  • A demonstrated knowledge of civic issues and understanding of public sector processes and policies.

Personal Characteristics

  • Is a dynamic and relevant communicator.

  • Is able to clearly articulate and communicate Biblical truths and principles across all age groups at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church.

  • Is a high-capacity leader, strategic thinker, and problem-solver.

  • Demonstrates an excellent work ethic.

  • Places a high value on character, integrity, and authenticity.

  • Is theologically sound.

  • Is a strong leader and can successfully navigate difficult situations with grace and love.

  • Loves people and is relationally aware and approachable.

  • Is culturally aware and relevant in his/her mindset and attitude.

  • Has a personal passion to see the lost introduced to Jesus Christ and discipled to maturity.

  • Has a great sense of humor.

  • Has a heart for the community and is committed to leading the church to be a part of Christ’s redemptive work in society by overcoming injustice and inequality wherever it may be found. 


What it's Like to Live in Vallejo, California: 

Vallejo began as the first capital of California back in 1850 and has one of the most diverse cultures in the nation. It has a prime waterfront location, positioned at the northern tip of San Pablo Bay. This makes it beneficial for the shipping of commercial goods as well as industries such as oil companies and water transportation. Vallejo has a ferry system that can take commuters and other individuals across the bay into San Francisco just an hour away.

Vallejo is also the home of many celebrated figures in the world of sports, music, and entertainment: CC Sabathia (World Series, winning pitcher for the NY Yankees), CJ Anderson (Super Bowl, winning running back for the Denver Broncos), H.E.R. (Grammy award-winning Artist), Confunkshun (top singing group from the 1980s), Natalie Couglin, (swimmer and winner of 12 Olympic medals), Jeff Gordon (race car driver and 3-time winner of the Daytona 500) and Ernest J. Gaines (author of the book, “The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman”).

The mild climate and relatively low housing costs make this area incredibly attractive to most people. With its rich culture and history, Vallejo has character that is unique and gives its residents something to be proud of. The areas in and around Vallejo are filled with hills and mountains, making it naturally beautiful. Vallejo is centrally located in the San Francisco Bay Area and is within 45 minutes of San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento (the State Capitol), and the Napa Wine Country. Overall, it is a wonderful place to call home.

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