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Gloucester County Community Church

Lead Pastor

Sewell, New Jersey




Denomination: Interdenominational

Weekly Attendance: 1200 (600 in-person/600 online)

Location: Sewell, New Jersey

The Role: Lead Pastor

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Meet Gloucester County Community Church:

The Gloucester County Community Church, affectionately known as GCCC, began in July of 1982 when the Rev. J. Bruce Sofia and a small group of believers felt called to begin an interdenominational, multicultural, Bible-based, evangelistic fellowship. 

After holding services in two different locations for 14 years, in July of 1993, ground was broken in Washington Township, to begin the construction of their current facility. On Thanksgiving Day 1996 the GCCC family held their first worship service in their debt-free facilities. Today the church and property of 18.1 acres are worth many times over the $4,000,000 that was initially invested. 

The vision of GCCC can be spelled out in three letters, S C S: Sharing Christ, Connecting People, and Serving Others. This mission embodies the two Great Commandments—love God and love your neighbor. Today GCCC has grown into a diverse congregation of 70 nationalities, but one family. 

Over its 40-year history, it has spawned more than 40 churches on domestic soil, launched and supported numerous churches internationally, and currently supports seven home-grown missionaries and one global focus—planting international churches with indigenous pastors.

Immediate plans include renovating the sanctuary to welcome the emerging generation, expanding GCCC’s Radio Station, launching Chain Breakers (addiction recovery) worldwide, and infiltrating high schools and college campuses with relevant Bible-based studies. GCCC welcomes 1200 people to a worship experience every Sunday with 600 in-person and 600 online.


About the Lead Pastor:

The Lead Pastor of Gloucester County Community Church will have the primary responsibility for preaching the Word of God, leadership, vision-casting, strategy, shaping staff and church culture, and advancing the mission, in partnership with the Lead Team, Advisory Board, and Trustees.

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The Lead Pastor's Responsibilities Include: 

  • Provides primary teaching/preaching for weekend services.

  • Crafts the preaching schedule for each calendar year and works with the Lead Team, ​​Creative Arts Director/Worship Leader, and Campus Life director to ensure the quality and excellence of all weekend events and services.

  • Oversee the spiritual life of the church including times of fasting and spiritual renewal. 

  • Serves as Chairperson of the Advisory Board regarding decisions that affect the congregation at large, including financial matters. 

  • Works with the Lead Team and Advisory Board in vision discernment and through long-range and short-term planning.

  • Serves as the primary visionary and vision caster.

  • Coaches and mentors church staff for greater ministry effectiveness.

  • Communicates with the congregation through social media, personal conversations, and other in-house communication tools that demonstrate a servant leadership style. 

  • Works with individuals, teams, and committees as appropriate and needed in regard to finances, facilities, and ministries. 

  • Supervises the hiring and dismissal of all personnel.  

  • Represents GCCC in local and larger settings, i.e. National Day of Prayer.

  • Works with the Lead Team and Advisory Board in cases of Church Discipline; works with the Trustees in the case of Staffing discipline.

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What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • Minimum four years of college and a theological degree from an accredited university or equivalent.

  • Extensive ministry experience (seven or more years) overseeing a church is strongly preferred. 

Personal Characteristics 

  • Fully devoted to following Jesus in everything they do.

  • Has a caring leadership style, prioritizing people and relationships with staff and church attenders. 

  • Is a spiritual leader and skilled communicator with experience teaching/speaking to large and diverse audiences. 

  • Is culturally aware of the church’s community and; stays current with trends in church leadership and culture.

  • Is a motivational influencer, and able to rally people to a cause.

  • Is a vision creator who champions and shapes the future of the church.

  • Knows his or her weaknesses and finds others to fill those gaps.

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What it's Like to Live in Gloucester County: 

Gloucester County is a county located in southwestern New Jersey consisting of 24 municipalities. It has a population of about 302,000 and most residents own their homes. Gloucester County is located south of Philadelphia and northwest of Atlantic City. It is part of the Camden, New Jersey Metropolitan Division of the Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington Metropolitan Statistical Area and the Delaware Valley Combined Statistical Area. Many families and young professionals live in Gloucester County due to its abundant job market and opportunities for growth, making it the ideal place to build one’s career. 

Gloucester County, amongst the entirety of New Jersey, prides itself on having one of the most prestigious education systems in the country. Over 90% of students come out of high school with a diploma compared to the national average of 88%, and New Jersey is home to many top-ranked college campuses such as Princeton University, Rutgers University, Montclair State University, The College of New Jersey, and New Jersey Institute of Technology.

In Gloucester, locals enjoy the beautiful architecture at every corner, the ability to live, dine out, and socialize on the Gloucester Docks, the affordable cost of living, and the many parks and nature reserves that are perfect for family activities. The community is fairly diverse and active in keeping its surroundings clean and safe. With nearly 100 regional theaters, 150 museums, and a legendary music scene, the chance to witness world-class entertainment in New Jersey is only a quick drive away. New Jersey is the perfect epicenter for music, arts, theater, and sports as multiple stadiums and pavilions in the state are some of the largest in the country. If one is looking to live in a safe community with easy access to outstanding jobs, education, food, and entertainment, Gloucester County is a great place to consider.

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