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Golden Hills Community Church

Executive Pastor for Administration

Brentwood, California

Golden Hills Community Church - Executive Pastor for Administration



Denomination: Converge

Weekly Attendance: 2,500

Location: Brentwood, California

The Role: Executive Pastor for Administration

Golden Hills Community Church - Executive Pastor for Administration 1

Meet Golden Hills Community Church:

Golden Hills Community Church was born in the heart and mind of God and in the hearts and minds of several people who began to seek His will for a new church in the Antioch area. In January 1983, a historic meeting took place in the office of Harold Carlson, Pastor of Fair Oaks Baptist Church in Concord. Sheryl Philpott, representing more than 20 local residents, talked to Pastor Carlson about the possibility of receiving his help to start a new and vibrant church in the city of Antioch. Pastor Carlson had been praying about the same opportunity. Together, they committed to pray for God's leading.

A Bible study began in the Philpott home in February of the same year. There was growing excitement as the reality of a new church in Antioch began to take shape. They planned, worked, and prayed to prepare for the first worship service in an old Lutheran church at 1911 C Street that September. The first service of Golden Hills Community Church was held on September 13, 1983.

Under the leadership of Pastor Jarol Duerksen from Fair Oaks, the people had prayed and worked and given so much. The Executive Secretary from the Northern California Baptist Conference (now Converge PacWest), Pastor Cully Olson, was scheduled to speak. Still, the question on everyone's mind was, "Would anyone come?" Beyond what even they could have asked or imagined, 130 people showed up, some from Fair Oaks, some from the community. The church was born, and the ministry had begun. 

After several months, the church soon realized that it was in a position to extend a call for a full-time Senior Pastor. In January 1984, Pastor Larry Adams and his wife Karla came to Antioch from Oregon to be the church's first pastor.

The church soon moved from space to space until finding a more stable home in an old warehouse that required extensive renovations. God blessed the church and the ministry. After seven years of fruitful ministry, it was apparent that the warehouse could no longer accommodate a growing church's growing needs. So the church's leadership moved to buy a piece of farmland in the neighboring town of Brentwood. The congregation approved the purchase of 5.5 acres of land in a somewhat remote location that required a much longer drive, given the lack of infrastructure.

In 1990, building plans began as the vision for the future ministry continued to unfold. There were many challenges that the church faced, and at times, it felt that a significant building project was a mistake. However, God graciously provided along the way, and the people became more resilient. The church continued to pray for God's provision. As many people gave sacrificially, by God's grace, the building was finally completed in 1993. With the expanded space, the church was able to expand its ministry to the community. This, in turn, was a great catalyst for the church to pursue its purpose to glorify God by making disciples who will impact every area of the world for Christ.

The Antioch and Brentwood population boom in the late 1990s and early 2000s led to a deepening desire to reach the community and the world for Christ. As a result, the church embarked on the largest ministry expansion in its history entitled "Kingdom Impact: Building to Advance His Kingdom." More than 1,000 people met in small groups in the fall of 2001, challenged by the church leadership's vision to build a new ministry facility for worship, youth, and children's ministry. Just two years later, that facility opened, and the ministry expansion came to fruition. 

Along with the growth of buildings and ministry, there came an increased focus on fulfilling the Great Commission to "Make disciples of all nations." Golden Hills has spent over 25 years focused on the unreached peoples of North Africa. The church supports 35+ ministry partners laboring in gospel ministry in one of the world's most unreached areas. In addition to North Africa, the church continues to send ministry partners worldwide, seeking to truly impact every area of the world for Christ.

Although the main campus of Golden Hills is located in Brentwood, the desire to reach the city of Antioch is still alive. In 2009, Golden Hills added a satellite campus in Antioch with the hope of being a light in a depressed neighborhood. The Antioch Campus serves many of the children in the community through midweek ministry programs and summer VBS. And in 2014, the church found a permanent home for the Community Outreach Center (COC) when it purchased an old Salvation Army building just across the street from the Antioch Campus. The COC seeks to transform the community through the power of the gospel by providing free meals every weeknight, weekly groceries to qualified seniors, ongoing discipleship gatherings, job-search training and assistance, and a monthly kids club.

A major transition began in the Fall of 2016 when Pastor Larry Adams announced his intention to transition from being the Senior Pastor of Golden Hills. Pastor Phil Ward, who served on staff as the Pastor of Young Adult Ministry since 2008, was put forward by the Elders as the next Senior Pastor. Over the next two years, the Elders implemented a strategic transition plan, culminating with a congregational vote on April 29, 2019. The congregation overwhelmingly voted to call Pastor Phil to be the next Senior Pastor with an astonishing 98% affirmation. On June 1, 2019, the transition officially occurred after a heartfelt event to honor the 35 years of faithful and fruitful service of Pastor Larry, which was held on May 29, 2019.

Golden Hills Community Church has a rich history of exegetical preaching, deep discipleship, community outreach, and worldwide cross-cultural ministry. All those things continue to be true today. Recently, the church has decided to be intentionally gospel-driven. That means the gospel is the lens through which the world, people, and everything else are viewed. The gospel is the central motivating factor in everything and propels the mission of the church. Golden Hills intentionally and explicitly connects its teaching, singing, praying, programs, events, ministry philosophy, and vision to the heart of the gospel's content—Jesus Christ.



About the Executive Pastor for Administration:

The Executive Pastor for Administration will work with the Senior Pastor to advocate the vision of Golden Hills Community Church and to develop systems and strategies to enable the church to fulfill her mission. This individual will assist the Senior Pastor with leadership for facilities, administration, operations, communications, and staffing.

Serving alongside the Senior Pastor, the Executive Pastor for Administration will be responsible for the development, evaluation, and direction of church staff, ensuring ongoing alignment with the gospel-driven vision of the church. This includes direct oversight of communications, administration, human resources, and operations, as well as collaborative strategic planning. In addition, the Executive Pastor will oversee the infrastructure and systems needed to support the health of the church. Therefore, this person must have exceptional administrative skills, the ability to create and manage strategic plans, and have an eye for detail while maintaining a focus on the larger vision.

Oftentimes, the work of the Executive Pastor for Administration is unpredictable due to the seasonal and episodic nature of ministry. Since no one can predict when a crisis will happen, this person should be comfortable with abrupt schedule changes. This does not mean that the Executive Pastor for Administration is expected to be spontaneous and impulsive. Rather, with good planning, strategy, and training of leaders, the church will continue to pursue its calling even in the midst of crisis and hardships.


Golden Hills Community Church - Executive Pastor for Administration 2

The Executive Pastor for Administration Will Achieve the Following: 

Their purpose is to participate in the fulfillment of the Great Commission and the purpose of our church by providing strategic leadership for the administration of the facilities, finances, staffing, and communications in assistance of the Senior Pastor and cooperation with the Executive Pastor for Equipping.

Their Leadership Role is:

The Executive Pastor for Administration will serve as an ex-officio member of the Elder board, a member of the Management Team, a member of the Staff Development Team, and a member of the school board for Golden Hills Christian School.

Responsibilities will include:

Leadership Development

  • Establish the theological vision for ministry (TVM) in conjunction with the Management Team and Elders.

  • Ensure alignment among departments with varying responsibilities by defining the vision for how to carry the mission of making, equipping, and developing disciples.

  • Nurture an atmosphere of unified ministry partnerships through well-developed interpersonal skills and healthy communication.

  • Create a culture that embraces faithful stewardship, expressed through a commitment to hard work, personal and professional growth, and humble service.

  • Help those you lead establish goals and objectives for ministry that align with the TVM.

  • Live as a Christ-like example for others and provide support and care to those you lead.


Church Finances

  • Oversee the collection, recording, depositing, and disbursement of church funds, including liaison with all banks, lending institutions, and creditors.

  • Oversee all bookkeeping, financial reporting, giving records, and the personnel associated with these functions.

  • Generate regular and timely financial reports as requested by ministry departments and as required by the Elders on behalf of the congregation at scheduled membership business meetings.

  • Provide leadership in the preparation of an annual budget and the ongoing financial state of the church.

Golden Hills Christian School (GHCS) Finances

  • Oversee the collection, recording, depositing, and disbursement of GHCS funds, including liaison with all banks, lending institutions, and creditors.

  • Oversee all GHCS bookkeeping, financial reporting, giving records, and the personnel associated with these functions.

  • Generate regular and timely GHCS financial reports as requested by the Management Team and as required by the Elders on behalf of the congregation at scheduled membership business meetings.

  • Oversee and approve “tuition assistance applications” submitted by the GHCS Principal.

  • Provide leadership in the preparation of the GHCS annual budget and the ongoing financial state of the school.


  • Share the leadership responsibility with the Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor for Equipping to develop the leadership structure of the church and oversee its efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Provide leadership for the formal process of hiring and terminating employees.

  • Develop, schedule, and lead regular full staff meetings.

  • Promote a healthy staff culture and facilitate the resolution of any conflict.

  • Approve leave time and maintain current records of employee leave balances.

  • Oversee periodic evaluations of staff regarding job performance, ministry effectiveness, and alignment with vision and goals.

  • Keep personnel records up to date by maintaining a thorough and complete personnel file for each staff person.

  • Provide ongoing communication with the staff.

Operations and Communication

  • Develop and manage the operational systems of the church.

  • Develop and implement church policies and procedures that effectively facilitate the vision and purpose of the church.

  • Ensure that the employee manual is updated, and that policies and procedures are being observed.

  • Troubleshoot and resolve staffing and administrative challenges as they arise.

  • Ensure that the church stays current, and compliant, on all legal (local, state, and federal) and insurance issues.

  • Oversee the quality and effectiveness of digital communications including website, social media, and other publicity.

  • Ensure that the staff is provided with the information technology, hardware, and software necessary to carry out their responsibilities. Provide oversight to the church office staff.


  • Oversee the Director of Facilities to ensure proper stewardship of our facilities.

  • Assist with the development of ongoing plans for facilities maintenance, renovations, and other projects.

  • Ensure that the facilities have the proper aesthetic and functional qualities that align with the theological vision of the church.


The Executive Pastor for Administration shall be responsible for other duties that may be assigned by the Senior Pastor.

Golden Hills Community Church - Executive Pastor for Administration 3

What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • The ideal candidate will have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree; a Seminary degree is a bonus.

  • 10+ years of financial expertise in a non-profit or church setting.

  • Advanced education and experience in finance and business administration are preferred.

  • Possess a broad knowledge of strategic and organizational leadership and should have leadership experience in a medium to large-size church (1,000+ in attendance) or nonprofit organization (30+ employees).

  • Proven experience in team building and developing leaders, as well as an ability to thrive in a fast-moving environment. 

Personal Characteristics

These responsibilities demand a high level of character, which means the Executive Pastor for Administration must be patient, trustworthy, reliable, self-controlled, and faithful. The Executive Pastor for Administration of Golden Hills Community Church must be willing and able to make difficult decisions and have the hard conversations on behalf of the Senior Pastor. This also means that this person must lead in determining future personnel needs of the church and will be responsible for the hiring and dismissal of personnel to meet those needs. Due to the scope of the position, this person must possess a good work ethic and will need to take the initiative to lead and develop others.

Golden Hills Community Church - Executive Pastor for Administration 4

What it's Like to Live in Brentwood, California: 

Brentwood, California is a bedroom community of the east San Francisco Bay area. It is quiet and peaceful, with great walking and biking trails, and tree-lined streets. From community pools to tennis courts, there are plenty of outdoor activities to explore. We are located with relatively easy access by car to many resources and opportunities. One hour will get you to the beach or downtown San Francisco and only two to three  hours east will bring you to Yosemite National Park or world class ski resorts. The region has transformed over the past 25 years from a small agricultural community to a more suburban lifestyle. Just outside the city limits you will still find farm land, “you-pick” fruit orchards, fruit and vegetable stands, and miles of farmland. Schools in Brentwood are highly regarded, including our own Golden Hills Christian School.

Along with the shift from agriculture, Brentwood has become a diverse community, and with the growth in population has come the opportunity for gospel impact on a broader level. A great number of people in our community commute to other areas for employment, with work from home situations becoming more common.

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