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Grace Church San Diego

Senior Pastor

San Diego, California




Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 950

Location: San Diego, California

The Role: Senior Pastor

Grace Church SD - Senior Pastor 1

Meet Grace Church San Diego:

Grace San Diego was established in 1912. The church has a wonderful history which included, under the leadership of Dr. Tim LaHaye, the founding of Christian High School, Christian Heritage College (Now San Diego Christian College) and Institute for Creation Research. Grace, for several years, was known as “Scott Memorial” before the name was changed to Grace Church San Diego in 2009.

Today, we continue to grow with a strong foundation on Biblical truth with a message of God’s grace, love and hope all anchored in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ!


About the Senior Pastor:

The Senior Pastor for Grace Church provides spiritual and pastoral leadership to the members. He serves as the spiritual leader of the church to fulfill its mission and purpose as guided by the Word. The Senior Pastor is a dynamic preacher of Scripture, delivering messages that have theological depth. He is a leader that provides a vision for the spiritual and numerical growth of the church. The Senior Pastor advises church leadership in the areas of worship, administration, stewardship, and outreach. He has a genuine love and concern for the members and enjoys providing pastoral care. He has a good work ethic and quickly responds to crises that arise in the church community. Not only is he a teacher of the Word, but he also spends time mentoring leaders, elders, Pastors, and the church staff in the areas of Christian education and leadership. 

Grace Church SD - Senior Pastor 2

The Senior Pastor Will: 

  • Supervise and manage the church staff.

  • Build and develop a strong team of Pastors, staff and leaders in the church.

  • Disciple people in the church to bring depth to their spiritual lives.

  • Provide pastoral care and guidance to people within the church and the community.

  • Oversee the administration and management of all areas of the congregation's ministry in collaboration with the Elders, Church Board, committees, and staff. 

  • Mentor and assist other pastors, staff, and church leaders responsible for ministries such as youth, education, social action, pastoral care, fellowship, health, and elderly care. 

  • Effectively communicate with leadership and congregation on important matters in the church.

  • Promote mission work for the outreach to the local community and for spiritual growth of participants.

Grace Church SD - Senior Pastor 3

What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • Holds at least an Undergraduate degree and preferably a Seminary degree.

Personal Characteristics

  • Is a well-spoken and charismatic communicator, preaching the Bible in a way that will connect deeply with the unchurched and long-time believers, moving them to take the next step in their faith journey.

  • Has a collaborative mindset. 

  • A team player and a team builder.

  • A discipler of people.

  • Has leadership development skills. 

  • Is self-aware and humble - willing to allow others to lead. 

  • Committed to their own personal growth and spiritual formation; values personal accountability. 

  • Has a heart to equip, empower, and disciple other leaders in the church.   

  • A deep desire to connect with unchurched people, invite them into a relationship with Jesus and disciple them to maturity in Christ. 

  • A desire to reach the community of North Park and beyond and the strategic vision to make that happen.

Grace Church SD - Senior Pastor 4

What it's Like to Live in San Diego, California: 

Imagine 70 miles of sun-drenched coast, an inviting ocean, and a year-round daily forecast of 70°F, and you’ll understand why this southernmost stretch of the state is all about outdoor fun. Beaches are just one of the outdoor attractions, though, as San Diego also provides easy access to mountains and inland valleys, providing year-round activities from hiking to skiing, water-sports to golf.

Known as “America’s Finest City”, San Diego has something for everyone: natural beauty from the oceans to the mountains, terrific dining, cool shops, cultural and historical sites and festivals, great museums, and tons of family-friendly activities that extend far beyond a trip to the world-famous San Diego Zoo. San Diego has the feel of a city with a distinctly urban vibe, while also maintaining a variety of neighborhoods diverse in culture and suburban life. From the numerous distinct beach communities that thrive along the coastline to the various inland communities, many of which are steeped in history, no two communities are the same. Weekend activities abound, and there is never a shortage of things to enjoy. San Diego truly does not disappoint!

North Park gets its name from being north of Balboa Park, which is the Central Park of San Diego. The neighborhood is bustling with diverse and eclectic people, restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries. Grace has been on the corner of Madison and Oregon for over one hundred years and has transformed with each generation to be a church for the neighborhood. The neighborhood is central to young people and the arts community. It's known as the hipster capital of San Diego. Nearby is Hillcrest, which is the hub of the LGBT community. There is a busy nightlife and restaurant scene within a block of the church.

If you’re a fan of amazing weather, exceptional dining experiences, unbeatable outdoor recreation options, and great shopping, you’ll find yourself smiling in San Diego and North Park.

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