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Grace Fellowship Church

Worship Pastor

Timonium, Maryland



Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 2,600

Location: Timonium, Maryland

The Role: The Worship Pastor will lead the GFC attenders in worship for multiple weekend experiences. 


Meet Grace Fellowship Church:

Grace Fellowship Church is a vibrant, grace-giving, intergenerational, and diverse community of Christ-followers who are growing toward maturity and wholeness in Christ together in every dimension of their lives.  

Founded in 1980 with just four couples that began meeting in a living room, Grace Fellowship Church is a vibrant, intergenerational church, now with over 2,200 people in weekly attendance. Fueled by a passion to reach the lost with the love of Christ and equip every member to be a minister, Grace Fellowship Church is a diverse community of Christ-followers, located 15 miles north of downtown Baltimore, Maryland.

Through solid biblical teaching and creative services, Grace Fellowship Church seeks to be both spirit-filled and God-focused in all that it does. With over 2.7 million people living within the Baltimore Metropolitan area, Grace Fellowship Church is called to make a lasting impact throughout Metropolitan Baltimore with its contemporary, incarnational approach to worship and spiritual formation.


About the Worship Pastor:  

We are seeking a full-time Worship Pastor to lead the GFC attenders in worship for multiple weekend experiences.  

At GFC, worship is more than the music before a sermon. Worship happens beyond the walls of the church every day. The responsibility of a Worship Pastor is to lead others to live their lives like the lyrics of a song, continually praising God for His love and goodness. If you agree, you could be what we’re looking for. 

Grace Fellowship Church is making a lasting difference around the world by “inspiring a life worth pursuing in Baltimore and beyond.” We are quickly moving to a “one church in multiple locations” model that will build a disciple-making movement throughout our city, region, and world.  We are risk-taking, incredibly generous, spiritual contributors who bring our best, laugh hard, and honor God with integrity. You can be a part of this growing and dynamic church.  


The Worship Pastor Will:

  • This role is up front and highly visible to the entire GFC congregation. Therefore, the Worship Pastor must have strong communication gifts and represent the church as a pastor. The Worship Pastor will also need to spend time during the week hearing the Lord and preparing for how to lead the congregation spiritually on weekends.

  • The Worship Pastor also operates as the team shepherd “off the stage.” The Worship Pastor will need to develop and raise up a community of leaders and teammates who understand the heart of worship. This also includes providing opportunities for musical skill set development.

  • The Worship Pastor will also need to know how to administrate and organize worship teams and music. This includes managing scheduling and weekly arrangements.

  • The Worship Pastor will also need to have a handle on music technology. In this highly technological age, worship music has become married with technology and understanding current technological trends and the use of software such as click tracks, Ableton, Looptimus, etc. will be essential.

  • The Worship Pastor will need to be vocally gifted to sing. They don’t need to be Chris Tomlin, but vocal gifts are a must.

This Worship Pastor will be responsible for: 

  • Planning, organizing, and spiritually leading multiple weekly worship experiences

  • Recruiting, training, and building worship teams for multi-site campus ministry

  • Planning and organizing worship experiences to meet weekly time requirements

Additional Responsibilities for the Worship Pastor: 

  • Develop and strengthen overall GFC worship philosophy in partnership with Lead Pastor and Weekend Services Pastor.  

  • Conduct a comprehensive audit to determine ministry strengths and weaknesses.  

  • Build and lead worship team for additional seating venue (320 seat room with live worship and simulcast teaching feed from main 1,100 seat auditorium).  

  • Contribute creative ideas and tactical implementation help toward all aspects of weekend services.  

  • Facilitate Worship Ministry within weekend services as well as across the church (Women’s Ministry, Student Ministry, etc.).

  • Make moments significant by leading musically while verbally pastoring the congregation into powerful experiences of worship. 

  • Prepare Worship Ministry for future multi-site model. Identify, develop, and shepherd worship leaders who will lead at future off-site campuses.  

  • Manage effective scheduling of all ministry volunteers (Planning Center).

  • Develop symbiotic working relationships with GFC directing staff.  

  • Build relationships with ministry staff and volunteers leading to effective pastoring and shepherding of the team.  

  • Responsible for recruiting, developing, and building the Worship Ministry. 

  • Provide leadership, training, goal setting and objectives, feedback, and build trust.

  • Evaluate effectiveness for team as well as develop, manage and maintain the department budget.  


What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

The ideal candidate will: 

  • Have a minimum of a B.A. or B.S. degree.  A master’s degree in a worship/music/leadership or worship related field is preferred. Seminary or graduate degree is a plus.    

  • Have attended and integrated best practices from worship training/equipping conferences.   

  • Have five or more years of full-time paid staff experience leading/participating on a weekend services/worship arts staff team (in a church over 2,000 in attendance strongly preferred). 

  • Have five or more years of experience leading worship – preferable in a multi-site ministry context.

  • Possess a successful track record of leading a Worship Ministry with and through a large team of volunteers.  Must be a leader-developer who seeks to do ministry through others, and does not try to do it all by himself/herself.   

  • Have the proven ability to communicate effectively with multiple constituency groups (overall congregation, volunteers, paid staff, church senior leadership).   

  • Be able to provide a written philosophy of worship (three pages minimum).  

  • Have the capacity to build/lead a team that would directly and indirectly train/equip hundreds of Worship Ministry volunteers across all areas of our church.  

  • Possess exceptional skills in leading musical worship for a large congregation.

Personal Characteristics

This person will demonstrate a maturing faith in Jesus Christ.  Through his/her personal interactions, decisions, leadership, influence, and communications, he/she will consistently model a godly life of leadership (i.e., elder qualities in 1 Timothy, Titus 1) that reflects the presence and control of the Holy Spirit.    

It is essential that this pastor/leader has significant experience in building a Worship Ministry in a multi-staff environment.  We need a proven team player who is eager to align, contribute to, and collaborate with fellow pastoral staff. Ideally, they will have experience in the planning and production of the total weekend service. Experience with “Planning Center Online” is also a plus.   

The candidate’s spiritual gifts will likely include some combination of leadership, exhortation, and administration. They will embrace the doctrinal statement and vision of GFC without reservation.  

They must be available for a full-time position which includes weekends, evenings, and holidays. 

Character Essentials/Values:

  • Organized and efficient, especially with time management 

  • Teachable, with a vibrant and growing relationship with Jesus Christ 

  • Biblically grounded and a prayer warrior 

  • Well-spoken of by those who know him/her and have worked alongside them 

  • Displays appropriate and respectful behavior towards those of the opposite sex 

  • Serves, leads, and works by “putting our whole heart into it, as unto the Lord” 

  • Shows mutual respect for the gifting, differences, and experiences of co-workers 

  • Deals with conflict and values and protects relationships

  • Is fun! 

The Chemistry Factor: 

  • Presents a favorable first impression

  • Is a proven team player and knows the power/value of healthy relationships 

  • Organized, yet flexible 

  • Possesses a strong work ethic, yet knows how to pace him/herself 

  • Their personal style is oriented toward modeling vs. pontificating; steering vs. letting float; and discerning/listening vs. telling 

  • Is theologically aligned with GFC (in agreement with essential orthodoxy as defined in our doctrinal statement, flexibility in the non-essentials, charity in everything)   

Working Environment: 

  • Spiritual 

  • Prayerful  

  • Cooperative (team) 

  • Relational 

  • Celebrative 

  • Productive 

  • Fun


What it's like to live in Timonium, Maryland: 

Grace Fellowship Church is located in the suburban community of Timonium, in Baltimore County, Maryland. With a population of about 10,000, it is an area where cultural diversity is growing. It is also home to some of the best schools in the county with most test scores above the state average. Timonium is also the home of the Maryland State Fairgrounds, which holds a variety of events throughout the year including the much-anticipated annual State Fair.

This area of Baltimore County offers several nearby recreational spots including the Northern Central Railroad Trail, which is a 20-mile-long former railroad corridor that runs along the Gunpowder River and Loch Raven Reservoir which offers numerous hiking and biking trails, picnic areas, and fishing. There are both beach and mountain areas within a three-hour drive which makes Maryland the ideal location to experience a full range of world class activities throughout each season of the year.

There are several nearby growing communities including Hunt Valley to the north, home of the world-famous McCormick Spice Headquarters and booming Towson to the south with Towson University, and quickly expanding areas with shopping, dining, and entertainment. Baltimore is just 15 miles south of Timonium and boasts diverse historical landmarks and entertainment attractions including two major sports teams (Orioles and Ravens), Preakness Stakes, National Aquarium, Fort McHenry, the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital and University, Chesapeake Bay and Inner Harbor, and more.

Grace Fellowship Church is located in the tranquil, middle-upper class suburb of Timonium, Maryland, home to approximately 35,000 residents. Just 20 minutes north of Baltimore, we are also close to a large metropolitan mission field. More than 650,000 people live within a 15-minute driving radius of the church and the number climbs to over one million within a 30-minute radius.

Living in the Timonium/Towson suburbs is attractive thanks to good schools and strong property values. Demographically, we reflect the immediately surrounding Timonium community which is economically stable, increasingly ethnically diverse, and generally middle to upper-middle class.

Think you're a great fit for this role? Become a candidate below. 


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