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Harvest Church

Pastor of Creative Arts

Billings, Montana


Weekly Attendance: 2400

Neighborhood: Billings, Montana

Denomination: Evangelical Church (Western Conference) 

The role: The Pastor of Creative Arts will be responsible for overseeing the weekly execution of engaging worship experiences, creating strategies for effective marketing and branding, and directing all the communication strategies of Harvest Church. They will also oversee the audio, lighting, and video technology for Harvest Church.

Meet Harvest Church: 


Harvest Church (Harvest) is a member of the Western Conference of the Evangelical Church, with a strong vision and track record for reaching the unchurched. The church began meeting in Skyview High School in October of 2000. In its almost year history, Harvest has become renowned for impact within the community and is a church known for living out its faith in tangible ways. God has used Harvest to impact the community through several key initiatives, like building The Oasis (www.billingsoasis.com), a stand alone aquatic facility to serve the community in partnership with the Better Billings Foundation, a separate non-profit founded by Harvest Church to facilitate and engage multiple community initiatives. This is a beautiful recreational center with water slides and pools for use by the residents of Billings. The church has played a significant role in rescuing orphans from Ethiopia and launched a for profit business, My Fight (www.myfight.org) tasked with alleviating poverty through commerce. Harvest also hosts an annual Celebrate Freedom (https://www.cfbillings.com/) event for the public, which is a Fourth of July celebration complete with a fireworks extravaganza serving over 25,000 each year. The church also does clean up days in the community, and holds an annual compassion weekend. The average attendance reaches just shy of 2,500, with the majority of the church having been previously unchurched. Harvest Church staff is managed by a directional leadership team who reports to the Executive Pastor, then to the Lead Pastor, and is ultimately governed by an eight person church council of which the Lead Pastor and Executive Pastor are a part. 

In 2017 Harvest reevaluated their ministry model and made changes to the effectiveness of their ministry. They simplified ministry by moving from a five campus multisite to a single location focused on reaching Yellowstone Valley. Installing a clear next step strategy and focusing on a relational shepherding growth pathway is producing significant growth in the ministries. Harvest Church will be featured as part of Outreach Magazine’s 100 Fastest Growing Churches for 2019 (https://outreach100.com/fastest-growing).

This fall, Harvest will embark on a $17 Million two-year “one fund” campaign to fund two years operations and build a new dedicated worship center adjacent while reimagining the existing building to dedicated kids and students venues. Construction is expected to begin early Spring 2020.

Harvest Church is a place where everyone believes the best days of her ministry are still ahead!


About the Pastor of Creative Arts: 

The Pastor of Creative Arts will be responsible for overseeing the weekly execution of engaging worship experiences, creating strategies for effective marketing and branding, and directing all the communication strategies of Harvest Church. They will also oversee the audio, lighting, and video technology for Harvest Church.

The Pastor of Creative Arts will be a natural born leader with previous ministry experience in the areas of programming, worship, marketing, and creative arts. 

Harvest Church places emphasis on a strong commitment to both health and high performance for their staff. Quickly growing at #34 on Outreach Magazine’s 100 Fastest Growing Churches, they are also a Best Christian Workplace Institute "Thriving" Certified Church. Harvest places significant emphasis on emotional health and expect senior leaders such as the Pastor of Creative Arts to participate in continuing education around emotional health, specifically Townsend Leadership Program.

The Pastor of Creative Arts will: 

  • Be actively involved in the leadership, strategy, and direction of the church. 

  • Work under the leadership of and partner with the Lead Pastor to fulfill the vision of Harvest Church.

  • Provide specific oversight to the total worship experience, from planning to execution to critique. 

  • Be responsible for developing and managing the annual programming and communications budget. 

  • Oversee and provide vision for experiences and special events that involve programming resources. 

  • Work at all weekend worship experiences, all worship experiences on Christmas Eve and Easter, as well as other possible events outside of normal working hours as required by leadership.

  • Provide consistent evaluation of the programming and communications staff to include job performance, satisfaction, culture representation, and budget use.

  • Be constantly creating, critiquing, and improving processes and programs to include the latest in technology and worship arts. 

  • Program weekly worship experiences that are relevant, creative, enjoyable, and executed with excellence. 

  • Program communication for the weekly worship experience that emphasizes the culture and values of Harvest. 

  • Plan upcoming series and coordinate marketing and creative aspects of the series with other ministries and vendors. 

  • Create marketing strategies and campaigns that strengthen the brand of Harvest and further the mission. 

  • Champion the use of social media to strengthen the brand and further the mission.

  • Work alongside other fun, vibrant, and creative staff members on our executive management team. 

What you bring: 


An undergraduate degree is preferred. A seminary degree or further theological training is a bonus, but not required. A bachelor’s degree in a creative field, like journalism, marketing, or a fine arts would be ideal for this position. 


The ideal candidate for this role will have five to ten years of experience serving in worship leadership, programming and/or communication at church of similar size and scope. 

Personal Characteristics

  • Has a strong, growing faith and personal relationship with Jesus. 

  • Is a people person who is also able to manage multiple ongoing projects.

  • Is experienced in working within an innovative, outsider-focused, and growing church.

  • Is loyal, dedicated, and able to commit long-term to the vision, strategy, and values of Harvest Church, and is called to lead from the “second chair.”

  • Is a person who takes pride in excellence and is always willing to go the extra mile.

  • Is innovative, proactive, resourceful, and an effective problem solver.

  • Is in love with the local church and desires to be a part of making decisions and setting direction for the church.

  • Is a creative person who sees a story and understands how to tell it well with various mediums.

  • Is someone who is collaborative and loves to work with a team of people, combining ideas and vision to align with the mission and vision of Harvest Church, while still keeping content and deliverables fresh, innovative, and interesting. 


What it's like to live in Billings, Montana:

Billings boasts a high quality of life at a low cost of living. A town serving approximately 150,000 in the county, it is undoubtedly a great place to live and raise a family. It was voted #3 on the 100 best places to raise a family by Best Life Magazine as featured on The Today Show, is a consistent draw for new businesses, and a place people not only want to visit but live here as well. 

Family life and outdoor activity are optimal in Billings. Good schools, summer sports (they have 14 hours of sunlight in the summer) and winter sports (there are three snow ski resorts within 3 hours drive, the closest, Red Lodge Mountain Resort a short 60 miles away), options for eating out, and cultural opportunities abound for families wishing to live in the area. The major industries driving the economy of Billings are agriculture, energy, transportation, medical, and education. Shopping and cultural activities draw visitors from a large area as well. The closest entrance to Yellowstone National Park is 90 minutes from Billings.

Ministry in the community of Billings is laden with opportunities for growth, life change, and expansion of the church. Harvest draws all sorts of people, but most families are professionals, in the middle to upper-class income bracket. The successful candidate will immerse themselves in the community and show a commitment to being an integral part of Billings.

The Heights Community is a suburb of Billings, accounting for 40,000 of the approximate 150,000 people in the area.  The Heights Community has residents across the socio-economic spectrum, from lower income to the affluent. Significant new road construction is planned, with a major section completed in 2014, will significantly increase access to the Heights Community and the rest of Billings.

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