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Hydesville Community Church

Worship Pastor

Hydesville, CA

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Denomination: Evangelical Free

Weekly Attendance:  250

Location: Hydesville, CA

The Role: Worship Pastor

Hydesville Church BuildingMeet Hydesville Community Church:

The Hydesville Community Church (HCC) is a welcoming and friendly church located in the small town of Hydesville, California. One of the standout features of this church is its strong sense of community, with members striving to make an effort to reach out to others and make them feel welcome. HCC values every individual who walks through the front doors.

At the heart of HCC is a focus on the Bible. The sermons preached at the church are centered around the Bible and are connected to real-life situations, providing a way for people to understand and apply the teachings of the Bible to their daily lives. The church emphasizes that the teachings of the Bible are relevant not just today but for all time.

The Hydesville Community Church is a family-oriented church, with a strong emphasis on building community and providing support for families. The church seeks to provide a space where people can feel safe and supported in their faith.

Hydesville Community Church CongregationAbout the Worship Pastor:

Hydesville Community Church is searching for a Worship Pastor who will provide pastoral leadership to the worship ministries serving the congregation and spiritual and organizational leadership. They are searching for an individual who believes they are called by God to shepherd the flock and who lives out the Biblical qualifications of a pastor. The ideal Worship Pastor follows the example Jesus set of being a servant. This person will serve with their ability to sing well, to lead the worship team. This person has the opportunity to make the congregation the platform of worship. Ultimately, this person will lift up the congregation as being the unified voice who is worshiping God.

Hydesville Community Church Sanctuary The Worship Pastor's Responsibilities Include: 

  • Share God’s Word with the congregation on Sunday mornings and other contexts.

  • Develop and schedule teams of instrumentalists and vocalists.

  • Organize and lead practices.

  • Maintain regular office hours in cooperation with pastoral staff.

  • Attend regular staff meetings.

  • Submit expenses in a timely and efficient manner in accordance with church policies.

  • Propose a detailed annual budget for each ministry area in accordance with church budgeting procedures and guidelines.

  • Plan and oversee all creative elements within corporate worship services and church-wide special events.

  • Work alongside the Lead Pastor to be a voice for the vision for the church.

  • Assist the other pastors in providing care to the congregation.

  • In conjunction with the Lead Pastor and staff, plan and coordinate the flow of all worship and special services of HCC, including transitions, introductions, cues, AVL, media, and special elements (e.g., communion, baptisms, baby dedications, etc.).

  • Complete other duties as assigned.

Hydesville Community Church FamiliesWhat You Bring: 

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Worship Pastor:

Education & Experience

  • Baccalaureate degree

  • Have training/experience in worship ministry

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Agrees to EFCA Statement of Faith

  • Proficient in church software such as Planning Center Online and other Media resources

  • Will agree to membership at HCC

  • Able to meet and commits to Biblical leadership qualifications

  • Organizational Skills

Personal Characteristics & Qualifications

  • Commitment to the vision, mission, values, and culture of Hydesville Community Church

  • Must possess a heart for the spiritual formation of those in the congregation and the Worship Ministry

  • Spiritual maturity

  • Shepherd

  • Servant-leader

  • Honest

  • Commitment to vision and purpose

  • Solution-driven

Hydesville Community Church GatheringWhat it's Like to Live in Hydesville, CA: 

Hydesville and the surrounding Eel River Community is a rural and welcoming area located in Northern California. The community prides itself on its friendly and inviting atmosphere, making it a great place for locals and newcomers alike. The community has a low cost of living, which attracts many people seeking a more affordable lifestyle.

The community is surrounded by beautiful redwoods, offering numerous opportunities for outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and kayaking. The slower pace of life allows residents to take their time and enjoy the simple things. The school system is smaller than most, allowing students to receive more personalized attention from teachers. Children and families can expect to receive numerous birthday party invitations, a visible picture of the community's close-knit nature. Open enrollment even allows residents to pick the school that best suits their needs.

Overall, the Eel River Community is an excellent place to live for anyone looking for a simple and family-oriented lifestyle, with a focus on the outdoors and a strong sense of community.

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