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Impact 360 Institute

Associate Director of Selection and Enrollment

Pine Mountain, Georgia



Enrollment: 200

Location: Pine Mountain, Georgia

The Opportunity: Impact 360 Institute is in search of an Associate Director of Selection and Enrollment who will lead in recruiting, selecting, and enrolling students who are the best representation of the school.


Meet Impact 360 Institute:

Trudy Cathy White, the daughter of Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy, and her husband John White are co-founders of Lifeshape® and  Impact 360 Institute. Together, they are dedicated to impacting culture and are passionate about intentionally investing their influence in equipping young people to be Christ-centered servant leaders.  

In their 20 years of experience in International missions and working with young people, the Whites realized that it was easy for some members of younger generations to start to slip away from their faith when they don’t have the resources or knowledge to defend or explain what it means, especially to those with strong advocacy for secular humanism or other worldviews. 

They found a solution in starting a school for these generations to learn, grow, read, discuss with each other, serve, and put their faith in action and to the test, as a means of combating this critical shift in ideas and lifestyles they may be experiencing as they go out on their own in the world. This is where the idea for Impact 360 was born. 

With this perspective and call on their hearts, they founded the Impact 360 Institute in 2006, beginning with the first class of Gap Years (Fellows). These 18 students built a foundation of truly doing education differently: studying a Christian worldview, living in community with other believers, and practicing servant leadership in their midst and across the world. 

Lifeshape, Inc. has significantly influenced the vision of Impact 360 Institute, with its mission to transform communities with the message of Jesus Christ by equipping young adults to become Christ-centered servant leaders. Today, Lifeshape still plays a vital role in supporting the efforts of Impact 360 Institute by providing grants for Fellows needing financial assistance. 

Now the program, after 12 years, celebrates more than 284 graduates from 23 states, four countries, and a vast array of educational backgrounds and experiences. Impact 360 is a strong network of enthusiastic, motivated movers and shakers on college campuses, and has influential reach across the United States and into the world beyond.


About the Associate Director of Selection and Enrollment:

The Associate Director of Selection and Enrollment will lead in recruiting, selecting, and enrolling students who are the best representation of the school. They will actively seek to fulfill the organizational purpose, mission, and values of Impact 360 Institute in everything they do.


The Associate Director of Selection and Enrollment Will: 

  • Lead the enrollment team to create processes and systems to meet annual enrollment and student diversity goals. 

  • Create and manage enrollment department budgets. 

  • Ensure all enrollment activity is tracked in Salesforce. 

  • Create systems and processes to ensure applicants receive timely communications at each step in the process. 

  • Oversee interview days to ensure quality candidates are evaluated and selected. 

  • Serve as the liaison to the Impact 360 Institute Student Grant Committee making appropriate recommendations on student financial need packages. 

  • Make final acceptance recommendations to the acceptance committee for respective programs. 

  • Provide consistent enrollment updates and trend analysis anticipating and identifying issues that impede project goals and implement corrective action. 

  • Lead the enrollment team to provide a high touch customer experience and oversee the Alumni Ambassador strategy and training.


What you Bring: 

Education & Experience

The ideal candidate will have: 

  • A bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field of study is required. A master’s degree is preferred.

  • A minimum of five years of experience in project management. 

  • Demonstrated experience in selection, hiring, or admissions.

Personal Characteristics

  • Is an evangelical believer committed to Christian service, is consistent with our organizational purpose and beliefs, and is actively involved in a church and living out his/her faith on a daily basis. 

  • Is a strategic thinker with demonstrated ability to anticipate needs, handle stressful situations, make rational decisions, and respond in a manner consistent with organizational purpose and beliefs. 

  • Has demonstrated skill in relating well to a wide range of personalities. 

  • Has demonstrated skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships.

  • Has demonstrated the ability to work independently and as a strong team player under time pressures without loss of poise, grace, or humor. 

  • Is skilled in keeping staff inspired, focused, and dedicated to their assigned tasks while looking for creative ways to make work more productive and enjoyable.

  • Is willing to occasionally travel to represent Impact 360 Institute Institute at strategic events, benchmarking with comparable organizations, etc.


What it's Like to Live in Pine Mountain, Georgia: 

Pine Mountain is just a short distance from Atlanta and has been nicknamed "the gateway to Callaway Gardens." Nestled southwest of the big city, Pine Mountain is a lovely southern reprieve of more than 2,000 acres filled with gardens, lakes, golf courses, charming spots to stay, and more. 

Downtown Pine Mountain is just a few blocks away - full of quiet streets, antique stores, southern restaurants offering the best of Georgia's hospitality, and more. It's a spot where artisans and antique dealers tuck stores filled with treasures between cafes, BBQ locales, and old-time ice cream shops. Southern kindness is the "specialty" anywhere you go in Pine Mountain. 

Pine Mountain really is one of Georgia's best-kept secrets and a gem of a town. Just a few hundred residents and size of under three square miles, it's a place where you might walk down the sidewalk and see a friendly face or someone you know; you're instantly welcomed here. But it's also in a great location to the bigger city of Columbus, Georgia, where there is a great arts program, a riverwalk, museums, festivals, and theaters. 

Just north of Pine Mountain, Georgia there are great opportunities to explore the cities of LaGrange, Newnan, and Peachtree City. Whether it’s a walk at Southbend Park or a tour of the Biblical History Center in LaGrange, there is never a shortage of things to do. Newnan and Peachtree City are family-oriented suburbs of Atlanta with Peachtree City being known for its unique and signature transportation, golf carts. This just highlights a few of the many reasons these surrounding cities full of character and community are great places to live, visit, and be entertained.

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