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James Valley Christian School

Head of School

Huron, South Dakota

JVCS Logo (edited)



Denomination: Non-Denominational

Total Enrollment: 222

Location: Huron, South Dakota

The Role: Head of School

Appointment Year: 2021

JVCS - Head of School 1

Meet James Valley Christian School:

James Valley Christian School is a non-profit, Non-Denominational incorporated Christian school. It is governed by a board elected by cooperative members. At the corporate meeting held each year, advisory board members are elected for a two-year term. At the present time, advisory board members come from nine congregations.

Churches are eligible to become cooperative churches. Agreement with the JVCS Doctrinal Statement and an annual financial contribution are requested. Based on the number of church members, each cooperative church is given a specific number of seats on the advisory board. Pastors of cooperative churches are automatically members of the advisory board.

In addition to the seats that are filled by members of the cooperative churches, each year eight members are elected at large. The six-person James Valley Christian School Executive Board is elected from and by the advisory board.

JVCS - Head of School 2

About the Head of School:

The Head of School is the chief administrative officer of the school and is responsible for the total operation of the school. The Head of School is responsible directly to the Executive Board and shall operate the school according to the by-laws, policies, and philosophy formulated by the Executive Committee. They will be a person with proven personal, academic, moral, spiritual, and leadership qualities to direct the total ministry for the school.

JVCS - Head of School 3

The Head of School Will Focus on the Following: 

  • Coordination of the Total Program | The Head of School shall plan and administer faculty and staff orientation with help of the administrative staff, plan all staff prayer meetings, professional development, and meet with the other administrators, the maintenance supervisor, development office staff, bookkeeper and board committee chairpersons regularly.

  • Supervision of Personnel | The Head of School has direct responsibility to supervise the principals, business office, development office, athletic director, cook, secretary, administrative assistant, and head custodian.

  • Board Meetings | The Head of School shall attend the meetings of the executive and advisory boards. They are the liaison between the board of education and the school personnel.  They shall present a report at each regular scheduled board meeting.  They are responsible to present the agenda and financial reports to the board.

  • Procurement of Personnel | The Head of School is responsible to contact, interview with other administrators, and recommend the hiring of staff members.  They are also responsible to recommend the dismissal of staff should that be necessary.  The board is responsible to the actual approval of hiring and dismissal.

  • Committees | The Head of School shall work closely with the board committees to accomplish their responsibilities.  They shall prepare agendas and with the chairpersons and conduct research for the committee meetings.  Each committee has their own job descriptions to be followed. The Head of School will also serve on each of the committees for the main fundraisers of the school. 

  • Public Relations | The Head of School shall work closely with the development coordinator and other administrators to plan and carry out an effective program of interpreting the school to the public.  The Head of School shall have excellent communication skills to convey the value of JVC to the community of Huron and surrounding areas and must make public relations a priority, such as speaking at churches,  service groups, etc.

  • Admissions | The Head of School is responsible, with other leadership, to interview and recommend to the executive board new and returning students.

Besides the above areas of responsibility, the Head of School shall carry out such other duties as assigned by the Executive Board.

JVCS - Head of School 4

What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • Masters in Educational Administration required.

  • Preference will be given to candidates with a minimum of at least five years of school administration experience.

Personal Characteristics

  • Deep relationship with Jesus.

  • Has a personal lifestyle and character that are above reproach.

  • Strong background in Christian education.

  • Strong leader – instills confidence, compels followers.

  • Inspires, motivates, and energizes.

  • Strategic and visionary.

  • Excellent communication gifts: verbal, nonverbal, written, speaking, social media – both with groups and individuals.

  • Winsome personality.

  • Humble – manifests a servant’s attitude and example.

  • Works effectively with a team.

JVCS - Head of School 5

What it's Like to Live in Huron, South Dakota: 

Huron, South Dakota is a small town that is quiet and friendly with a community of people who are true neighbors. It is a big farming community with so much natural beauty and clean, fresh air. The city has good schools and growing diversity, a very family friendly place.

If you are looking for something fun to do, there are numerous outdoor parks to choose from. Looking for a place to cool off on a hot summer day? You can check out the local Splash Central Waterpark, or go hang out by the lake. Every summer, this little town gets some notoriety by hosting the Annual South Dakota State Fair, where people drive in to experience all of the fun, cultural and educational activities. Huron is also well-known for its hunting opportunities. People will come even from out of state to join in on the sport! It has a high bird population, making it one of the best in the country for pheasant hunting.

This little place called Huron is unique and interesting and gives its local residents something to be proud of. It is great for settling down, starting a family, and making a home!

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