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Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

Women's Minister

Marietta, Georgia

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Weekly Attendance: 3900

Denomination: Baptist - Southern Baptist Convention

The Neighborhood: East Cobb, Georgia (northern Atlanta suburb)

The Role:  The primary role of the Women’s Minister is to plan, organize, and administer ministries, programs and special events that will minister to the women of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church and the community.

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Meet Johnson Ferry Baptist Church:

Johnson Ferry started as a mission (today known as a “church plant”) of First Baptist Church in Marietta, Georgia, with a membership of about 20 families meeting in an empty doctor’s office. Johnson Ferry now has over 7,300 members and seven Sunday morning worship services, including a children’s worship service, with an average worship attendance nearing 4,000. The church is unique in offering traditional and modern worship in all three hours of worship. 

The original pastor, Bryant Wright, has been a respected Bible teacher, pastor, husband, father, and community leader. Having pastored Johnson Ferry since those early days, he says it has been one of the most profound blessings of his life. On December 15, 2019 Bryant passed the baton of leadership to Clay Smith as the new Lead Pastor of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church. The church looks to the future with anticipation as  Clay leads the church under the guidance of the church’s mission statement, a reflection of their heart’s desire: "To love God and worship Him as we reach and disciple people for Jesus Christ.”

In all services, the message from the pulpit is presented in a relatable style. Always centered on key passages of Scripture, sermons are expository and practical, and seek to explain how Scripture can be applied to everyday life. 

The leadership and congregation of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church is preparing to embark on a new season. As they look forward, they also reflect on thousands baptized, all the mission trips, the miraculous works of God’s providence and kindness, each person serving in discipling areas of Bible teaching ministries, specialized ministries, and sports ministries, and all the lives touched. They reflect on the privilege it is to be part of what God is doing in this place, in this space, and look forward with anticipation to continuing to see God working in and through them in the years to come. 


About the Women's Minister

  • Provide leadership and vision casting for overall Women’s Ministry.

  • Ensure Women’s Ministry is in alignment with the overall mission and vision of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church.

  • Annually review current, develop new, and administer all programs, events, and activities that encourage women to come to faith in Jesus, to grow in obedience and love for Him, and to serve and reach others for Christ.    

    • Bible studies:

      • A key focus is on discipleship and disciple making through relationships.

      • Supervise and coordinate all women’s Bible study groups.

      • Develop  Bible studies for working women and women at all levels of spiritual maturity

    • Mentoring

      • Oversee Women’s mentoring life on life discipleship ministry.

      • Equip mentors and recruit mentees.

    • Missions:

      • Coordinate international mission opportunities for women.

      • Equip women for mission opportunities through training. 

      • Develop, coordinate and oversee local mission opportunities for women. 

    • Special outreach events:  

      • Develop intentional ways to engage more unbelieving women in our community with the gospel.

      • Develop and coordinate events such as periodic nights of worship and faith stories and annual women’s conference, etc., to specifically meet the need for women to come to know Christ as their Savior.

      • Develop and work with committees to assist and guide in planning.

    • Develop a group of leaders (teachers and administrators for Bible study, and teams to manage special events and missions) to provide leadership for each year:

      • Develop and train leaders while building a sense of community.

      • Meet regularly with leaders individually and as teams.

      • Supervise and develop the staff of the Women’s Ministry office to be the best they can be. 

  • Other responsibilities:

    • Provide biblical, pastoral counseling for women.

    • Visit members in the hospital one day a month.

    • Seek continuing education and training.

    • Provide support to the Senior Pastor as requested.


What you bring:

Education & Experience

The ideal candidate will have three to five years of ministry experience, handling successfully complex and large ministry models. The ideal candidate will have experience leading in a larger church setting, similar to Johnson Ferry’s size and culture. The ideal candidate may have extensive Women’s Ministry volunteer experience with secular experience, or have led in a Women’s Minister position previously, but must show competency and excellence in either. 

The ideal candidate will have an undergraduate degree in a related field. A biblical or seminary degree or further theological training is not required, but is a great bonus. 

Personal Characteristics

  • Above all, desires to grow closer to Jesus Christ. Through a daily quiet time with the Lord, seeks to keep Jesus Christ as the priority of their life, realizing that prayer, Bible study and Christian fellowship are essential to growing in God’s will each day.

  • Keeps family in the right position of priorities and sees that family come before everything except their personal relationship with the Lord, even before the work of the church. In order to do this, one day a week spent with family away from the church and related activities is a necessity.

  • Supports the Senior Pastor and all other church staff. This will call for flexibility and a spirit of teamwork.

  • Is people focused and sets an example in godly living. Is friendly, open, approachable, and conversational; treats all individuals with respect. 

  • Personal accountability: anticipates problems and takes appropriate steps to resolve; encourages and supports others to take responsibility for actions and outcomes.

  • Teamwork: partners well and inspires people at all levels; collaborates with others across ministry departments.

  • Communication: effectively addresses diverse ideas and opinions in gaining support; handles all sensitive information with the greatest possible confidentiality and care.

  • Vision: anticipates long term needs and presents solutions that align with church goals.

  • Values and developing others: encourages and inspires others to a high level of effort and performance. Expresses confidence and active interest in helping employees and volunteers reach their full potential.


What it’s like to live in East Cobb, Georgia:

Named the top spot to live in Georgia by Money magazine in 2016, East Cobb is a great community north of Atlanta. The community is highly educated, family friendly, and a professional environment with great food, culture, shopping, and excellent neighborhoods to live in. East Cobb is often praised for having all the resources of a major city, but without actually having to live in a major city, making it appealing to families and professionals ready to get out of the city. 

A northern, family-oriented suburb of Atlanta, East Cobb also has a lower cost of living than Atlanta. Although it has a high standard of living, it’s still approachable and accessible as a community to live in. 

The unincorporated area administered by the Cobb County government was once dominated by chain restaurants, but it's now embracing mom-and-pops that will give your taste buds a pleasant surprise, and make the most of the regional hospitality. East Cobb is an incredibly diverse suburb, as business professionals of all ethnicities are making this part of metro Atlanta home.

People move to East Cobb for the schools. Our community includes some of the top public and private schools in Georgia. JFBC has a university-model Christian school, Johnson Ferry Christian Academy, which includes 440 students kindergarten through 12th grade in a personalized, accredited, college-preparatory education program with a unique flexible schedule.

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