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Kensington Church

Senior Pastor

Troy, Michigan




Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 7,500 (Online and In-Person)

Location: Multiple campuses in the Metro-Detroit area and Traverse City, Michigan.

The Role: Senior Pastor

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Meet Kensington Church: 

When three guys who had been in the church most of their lives (Steve Andrews, Dave Wilson, and Mark Nelson) experienced an overwhelming pull to start something new in the Metro Detroit area, they assembled 40 families as crazy as they were, to live out a new kind of movement in Metro Detroit. Derided by some, misunderstood by many, this small band of Jesus followers poured out all of their resources to build a radically invitational church experience. The goal? To reach and connect with folks that many churches might have considered unreachable. 

For 30 years, Kensington has continued to live out its mission through church planting, campusing, and establishing global partnerships. With Jesus as Lord and the teaching of God’s Word, Kensington has remained passionate and steadfast about helping people discover (or re-discover) the wonder and awe of an adventure with Jesus. Through their successes and mistakes, their commitment to the adventure still pulses within the leaders and community of faith. 

Today, Kensington and its leadership are making space for the next generation leader to hear from God and lead the church forward. The leadership strongly believes that Kensington’s best days are yet to be discovered! They eagerly anticipate the Holy Spirit to reveal an energetic, optimistic voice to lead them as they continue to hear from God and move as a community of faith with conviction, humility, and joy.

About the Senior Pastor:

The next Senior Pastor for Kensington Church will be a point leader that will build on a solid foundation that has been laid by many who have come before. He or she will engage with the staff and multiple congregations to see every(one) transformed and mobilized by Jesus. The Senior Pastor will provide primary spiritual, visionary, and strategic leadership to Kensington’s diverse team of pastors, staff, leaders, volunteers, members, and beyond. They will bring an ability to communicate God’s word with power, clarity, and spiritual authority. The successful candidate will value the heritage and legacy of Kensington, have the ability to inspire and mobilize large numbers of people, while also moving them forward in faith toward a new season of impact and influence.

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The Senior Pastor Will: 

  • Provide primary spiritual, visionary, and strategic leadership to Kensington’s diverse team of pastors, staff, leaders, volunteers, members, and beyond. 

  • Lead an Executive Team to lead a world-class staff at Kensington, and together with the Executive Team, they will establish systems and programs to maintain health through a balance of discipleship, evangelism, and outreach.

  • Provide innovative vision & leadership for reaching the post-Christian culture.

  • Champion Kensington’s heart and strategies toward its Global Partners and Church Planting initiatives as well as its commitment to local outreach through its Move Out Network.

  • Teach at Kensington campuses on a rotating basis. 

  • Demonstrate a commitment to community and culture engagement.

  • Provide organizational leadership to hundreds of employees and volunteers and be passionate about developing young leaders.

  • Provide for the shepherding of the body of Christ through intentional and strategic approaches.

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What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • The ideal candidate will have an undergraduate degree, not necessarily in a related field. A Master of Divinity or comparable graduate degree from an accredited conservative, evangelical, theological seminary or its equivalent is preferred.

  • A minimum of 10 years of ministry experience with multiple years of senior leadership experience. This could take the form of a Senior Pastor, a Campus Pastor, or an Associate Pastor on a large staff.  

  • Experience and knowledge of multi-staff, multi-generational, and multi-campus ministries.

Personal Characteristics and Qualifications

  • A fully devoted follower of Christ who leads others into full, personal devotion by their example.

  • A true servant leader and a pure heart bent toward humility, generosity, lovingkindness, wisdom, integrity, and courage. 

  • Displays a high level of emotional and relational intelligence. 

  • Strong commitment to living out Kensington Church’s values of - In Christ, Under Scripture, As a Family, For the One, From Brokenness, With Openhandedness, and Through Others. 

  • Champion of the mission and culture of Kensington Church. 

  • A “player-coach” who can call potential out of younger team members. 

  • A supportive spouse who has a vested interest in both the marriage and the ministry, through which the relationship demonstrates a healthy marriage partnership.

Professional Characteristics and Qualifications

  • Significant experience preaching/teaching/communicating in a larger church context, with a preference for expository preaching as the predominant style. 

  • Comfortable engaging in theological discourse if/when needed. 

  • Life experience in a setting similar to Kensington, helping people find significance in the Kingdom of God. 

  • Fully aligned with Kensington’s DNA, mission, values, and statement of faith.

  • Experience in a multi-staff setting including leadership of paid staff and unpaid volunteers. 

  • Possesses an entrepreneurial ability, always thinking about and creating ways for greater impact and reaching more people.

  • Creative, balanced, and resourceful in the use of time and talent. 

  • Leadership proficiency in both large and small group surroundings.

  • Substantial experience with diverse people groups and communities. 

  • Ability to work in an interconnected, collaborative team environment. 

  • Capability to rally and mobilize individuals towards a cause. 

  • Experience in complex, multi-site church settings.

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What it's Like to Live in Troy, Michigan: 

Kensington’s offices are in Troy, Michigan at the heart of Metropolitan Detroit's northern suburbs as Troy is named the 7th best city to live in the U.S. The City’s estimated 2019 population is 85,755, making it the largest city in Oakland County. Troy is a leading business and shopping destination with premier office centers and the upscale Somerset Collection. Troy is home to a wide range of businesses - from small family-run operations to Fortune 500 companies. 

The city of Troy has a vibrant and diverse international community and is home to strong neighborhoods, top-ranked schools, low property tax rates, and outstanding city services.  Niche Rankings designated Troy the #1 best town in Michigan to raise a family (2015). In 2014, 24/7 Wall Street named Troy the 7th best city to live in the U.S.  (Welcome to the City of Troy —  https://troymi.gov)

Explore beyond Troy’s borders, however, and you’ll experience some of the best that the Midwest has to offer. From Detroit’s vibrant city center with sports and entertainment complexes and James Beard Award-winning restaurants to Michigan’s world-renown lakes and outdoor life, it’s all within a short drive!

Find out more about our community and everything it offers below…

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