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Kigali International Community School

Deputy Director

Kigali, Rwanda

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Total Enrollment: 311

Total Staff: 79 

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

The role: KICS is looking for a person who loves Jesus, loves developing servant leaders, and loves the KICS global family. KICS desires a person who can take the lead to ensure that KICS maintains irresistible academic programs for the present and the future.

Meet Kigali International Community School 

Kigali International Community School (KICS) is an international Christian school that offers a pre-k to 12th grade, North American-based curriculum that is accredited from kindergarten to 12th grade. KICS serves students from over 30 nationalities and a variety of faith backgrounds, while teaching from a distinctly Christ-centered perspective. KICS is accredited with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Middle States Accreditation (MSA) for grades kindergarten to 12th. KICS launched a pre-k program in August 2016. KICS is located in the heart of Rwanda, in its capital city, Kigali. Dr. Benjamin P. Thomas has been serving as Director since July 2014.  

KICS is a community made up of staff, students, and parents dedicated to preparing servant leaders to impact the world for Christ.

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The mission at KICS is to provide a Christ-centered, US accredited primary and secondary education that challenges students to excel academically and live out a biblical  worldview.


To impact the world for Christ by preparing servant-leaders who choose character before career, wisdom beyond scholarship, service above self, and a lifestyle of participation over  apathy.


Our values include servant leadership, Christ being the center of everything,  a global family, customization, and life-long learning.

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Instructional Program

Over the last two years, the principals and the Director of Teaching & Learning have been working together to make strides towards greater systemization of the instructional program to ensure that the KICS learning program is a guaranteed, reliable, and data-informed curriculum. The KICS leadership desires to continue this process in the years ahead, as well as to maintain a focus on ensuring alignment of the KICS instructional  program with the vision, mission, values, and Expected Student Outcomes (ESOs). The following tools are critical to teaching and learning at KICS:

Expected  Student Outcomes: The KICS ESOs have been recently revised and are intentionally  integrated across the curriculum. The ESOs are built on the five core values: servant leadership, Christ-centered, customization, global family, and lifelong learners.  The newly revised ESOs have been integrated within the curriculum maps, lesson plans, and teacher evaluations. Principals are expected to oversee the implementation of ESOs within classroom planning and instruction. ESOs are also an important aspect of self-reflection and formative assessment within student-led conferences. The 8th and 12th grade defenses are an additional place of ESO assessment.

Curriculum  Review:  Beginning with the 2017-18 school year, the school leadership adopted a five-year curriculum review cycle that will enable the school to continue to refine curriculum on an ongoing basis in accordance with the ESOs and best practices.

Curriculum  Maps: Curriculum maps are critical to the school in terms of developing and maintaining a well-aligned,  guaranteed, and reliable curriculum through transitions. The maps include an overall plan for the year for each course, as well as the necessary components to give a clear direction to the learning program.

Standards:  In most core subjects, grades kindergarten to twelfth utilize the same sets of standards: Common Core State Standards for reading and math, Next Generation Science Standards for science,  and (adapted) Illinois Social Science Standards for social studies. For Bible, grades kindergarten through fifth utilize the TerraNova Bible standards, while for grades sixth through twelfth, KICS has implemented its own benchmarks that align to our values and “spiritual  greenhouse” model.  

About the Deputy Director

KICS is at an incredible place in its history. The Lord has accomplished much during the first 14 years and there is much in store as it moves forward. It’s not often in the life of an organization and community that decisions will be made that will impact future generations. KICS is at such a time. This is the time, these are the people that will establish KICS’ future for generations to come. In light of this, KICS is looking for a Deputy Director to play a key role in leading the school forward.

KICS is looking for a person who loves Jesus, loves developing servant leaders, and loves the KICS global family. KICS desires a person who can take the lead to ensure that KICS maintains irresistible academic programs for the present and the future.  This person will be a servant leader who can, through life and leadership, be an example for students and staff to look up to. They will be a leader who can hold the tension of the already and the not yet; a leader who can move the school towards CESA membership and ACSI’s Exemplary Accreditation; a leader who can help plan well for what’s needed on the future campus.   

Serving hand-in-hand with the Director, leading the learning team, and partnering with the business team, board, students, and families, the Deputy Director will be responsible for the overall growth and trajectory of the Academic program, moving KICS from where it is now to being full members of CESA, and taking the school towards fully dual-stream with a waiting list for triple-stream before moving to the new campus. This really is an exciting time.  KICS is looking for a leader who is seasoned and is eager to grow. This role will be a leadership intensive that should sharpen the skills of this leader in ways that prepare them for even greater responsibilities in the future.

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The Deputy Director will:

Key Responsibility Areas

  • Oversee all aspects of the KICS academic program. 

  • Lead the strategic planning process, including  the achievement of CESA Membership and ACSI Exemplary Accreditation, by 2023. 

  • Ensure completion of all academic goals in the strategic plan. 

  • Mentor, develop, coach, support, lead, and oversee the senior leaders of the learning team.

  • Oversee the personnel needs of all staff on the academic side.

Key Areas

  • Lead the leadership team and learning team towards accomplishing the KICS 2026 Strategic Plan. 

  • Oversee hiring, developing, and retaining quality staff. 

    • Ensure that KICS has a recruiting pipeline that meets future needs (one to three years out)  for all faculty and academic leadership positions.

    • Ensure that KICS attracts high-level candidates for teaching and leadership roles  at KICS. 

    • Work with the senior members of the learning team, or others identified by the learning team, to grow in their respective areas of leadership. 

  • Collaborating with the Director, ensure that the decisions being made today support future growth, and vice-a-versa. 

  • Ensure that the academic trajectory (US accreditation only) is one that can lead the school to be sustainable for KICS’ future. This includes ensuring KICS is attractive for students to remain for high school, work towards being bilingual in early primary, and have options other than US universities after graduation. 

  • Strengthen the enrollment capacity of KICS to be at pre-k to12 dual stream and move towards a full waiting list for triple  stream. 

  • In  collaboration with the Director of Teaching & Learning, identify school-wide data points and develop an institutionalized data collection,  analysis, utilization, and communication plan. 

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What you bring: 

Personal Characteristics

  • Be a fully devoted follower of Christ.

  • Possess a sense of God’s leading.

  • Live out their Christian faith in and out of the KICS environment.

  • Be in agreement with the KICS Statement of Faith.

  • Exhibit relational skills and be approachable.

  • Demonstrate cultural sensitivity and a love for all people.

  • Demonstrate strategic thinking.

  • Have a working knowledge of best practices in curriculum development and pedagogy.

  • Be passionate about the work of KICS and its mission and vision.

  • Demonstrate bold and courageous leadership.

  • Excel at organizational development and operational management.

Education and Experience

A master’s degree is required.

Preference will be given to candidates who have ten or more years experience working in a Christian education setting. 

Preference will be given to candidates who have had experience working in education abroad.

Mission Time

What it's like to live in Kigali, Rwanda: 

Rwanda is located in East Africa, and is roughly the size of the US state of Maryland. Bordered by The Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Uganda, and Burundi, Rwanda is one of the most densely populated countries on the continent with 467 people per square kilometer (NISR, 2017).  Rwanda’s population has been steadily rising and was approximately 11.9 million in 2016.

After a difficult history, Kigali has reemerged as a charming African city, gleaming with new development, and is a proud and progressive hub of activity in Rwanda. It is reclaiming its narrative every day, by emphasizing the existence of creative startups and tech hubs. While you’re there, be sure to stop into one of its cafes that serves some of the best coffee in East Africa. In addition to the new activity and business growth, Kigali also boasts rolling green hills, sparkling clean streets, and an energetic arts scene. See the city by way of a local driver, who would be happy to chat and show you around.

The city also has a vibrant dining scene in addition to its incomparable coffee - try a rooftop cafe like Inzora for tasting boards of Rwandan cheese, jam, and housemade pickles. Overall, the city of Kigali has a booming restaurant network, including homey cafes and more upscale places perfect for any foodie.

Friendly locals and a low crime rate also make Kigali an excellent place to experience the renovation and refreshing of Rwanda - it’s focused on its future while keeping its history close to its heart. It’s been described as an “optimistic city, eager to welcome you.” 

Anticipated start date is late July 2020.

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