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Kingsland Baptist Church

Worship Pastor

Katy, Texas


Weekly Attendance:

Denomination: Southern Baptist Convention

Location: Katy, TX

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The role:The Worship Pastor at Kingsland Baptist Church will oversee the Music Ministries and worship services of the church, leading musicians, singers, the congregation, and visitors in prayerful worship and reflection on God through music.


Meet Kingsland Baptist Church: 

Kingsland Baptist Church is a biblical community of believers doing life together, and its mission is to invite all people to experience true fulfillment in Jesus Christ.

KBC is a church that God graciously birthed in 1977 in the middle of a neighborhood named Nottingham Country and on a street named Kingsland, meaning “The King's Land.” In light of this, its longstanding quest has been the same as God's quest for humanity, and since the church’s inception 40 years ago: pursuing the Creator through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The church functions under the capable leadership of Senior Pastor Ryan Rush, who has helped maximize its capacity to almost 2800 in average attendance each Sunday at our Central Campus with five dynamic services and a majority of the congregation engaged in small groups. The 40 year old church has sustained a strong reputation in the area over the years and continues to passionately drive forth its purpose through its defined vision, mission, strategy, measures, and values.Kingsland is a multisite church, one church in two locations, with the same vision, mission, and guiding principles.

Through this endeavor, it seeks to expand and maximize its impact in the region of Katy and beyond.The ultimate desire of Kingsland Baptist Church is to reach Katy for Christ, one home at a time.

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About the Worship Pastor: 

The effective Worship Pastor will achieve the following goals during the first 12 months of work:  

  • Encourage participation of the choir and congregation.

  • Make the worship experience simple and engaging for those in the congregation.

  • Foster a healthy and growing choir presence.


What you bring: 


The ideal candidate will have at least a bachelor’s degree, and preferably a master’s degree or seminary degree from an accredited seminary or equivalent, strongly preferred in a field of music.


The ideal candidate will have eight to ten years of experience leading and building choirs both traditional and modern. He will have developed worship teams to help lead the congregation in worship, not just fill the stage. He will have built teams of musicians and orchestras. 

Personal Characteristics

The ideal candidate: 

  • Is an excellent communicator.

  • Is a builder, and loves strategic thinking and team building, figuring out solutions and how to make processes better. 

  • Has a heart for their family, and for families in general, and can connect worship and families together.

  • Has a passion to lead congregations from listening and watching worship to being active participants in worship. 

  • Is able to work at a fast pace, take initiative, and be able to both lead and follow as needed. 

  • Is experienced in leading leaders. 

  • Is skilled in setting boundaries and developing healthy relationships. 

  • Has a strong work ethic. 

  • Has their finger on the pulse of current trends.

  • Has a love for God and people. 

  • Is passionate about life change, not simply about the numbers. 

  • Believes in and models the church’s vision, mission, and values. 

  • Is a servant leader, and has the gift of shepherding. 

  • Has a heart for prayer.   

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What it's like to live in Katy, Texas: 

Katy is a colorful and affluent community located just 30 minutes due west of Houston; it is well known for its Southern hospitality and Texas charm. Katy represents a nice way to enjoy a safe, friendly family environment while still being close enough to the big city to enjoy the cultural diversity, entertainment, and business opportunities that go along with it. As of the 2016 U.S. Census, the city had a total population of 17,116. People residing in Katy (called “Katyites”) consider the city to be divided into two sections: "Old Katy" (or Katy Proper) and "Katy Area." Old Katy is considered the actual city of Katy and sits primarily north of Interstate I-10. The "Katy Area" currently has over 225,000 residents and eight high schools.  Katy is historically an agricultural area, with rice as its major crop and soybeans added as an alternate crop in the late 1950s. The Katy area has been the site of one of the nation’s largest gas fields since the early 1940s, which has been a great benefit to the economy of the region. Most recently, the development of industrial sites, both in the east and west of the city, have added more growth to this thriving economy.

Despite a robust and expanding economy, Katy remains affordable. Housing within the city ranges from apartments and condominiums to large estate homes with acreage to enjoy and championship golf courses as one's backyard. Subdivisions abound with tennis courts, swimming pools, and endless amenities for their residents. With a modest cost of living and a well-paid workforce, Katy makes good economic sense for most people considering relocation. Combine local economics with a small, close-knit atmosphere and residents have a wonderful choice for raising a family.

Katy ISD is a flourishing suburban school district that encompasses 181 square miles. It is the fastest-growing school district in the Houston metro area, and one of the fastest growing in the state. Rated as a “Recognized” district by the Texas Education Agency, Katy ISD offers an outstanding instructional program with facilities, equipment, and materials that are among the best in the state. There is also a very low student-to-teacher ratio throughout the classrooms. These factors, along with a supportive community, contribute to the outstanding test results achieved by the students.

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