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Langston Baptist Church

Senior Pastor

ConwaySouth Carolina

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Denomination: Baptist

Weekly Attendance: 400

Location: Conway, South Carolina

The Role: The Senior Pastor of Langston Baptist Church is responsible for the overall ministry and operations of the church and will lead, manage, supervise, and minister to the staff and the congregation of LBC. 

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Meet Langston Baptist Church:

In 1952, a piece of land in Conway, South Carolina, was generously donated to form the Langston Mission. Less than one year later, with the help of 55 charter members, we became what is now known as Langston Baptist Church. Over the past 68 years, we’ve seen thousands come to Christ through our ministries and revival events. 

Over 15 years ago, God gave us a bold vision for the future of our church which allowed us to build and move into a 2,400 seat sanctuary to further serve our community.

Ultimately, Langston Baptist Church is a family of believers created to worship and called to serve. With a heart to see everyone experience God’s love, forgiveness and salvation, the gospel is the heart of everything we do.

About the Senior Pastor:

The Senior Pastor of Langston Baptist Church (LBC) is the executive member of the pastoral staff and and is responsible for the overall ministry and operations of the church. He will lead, manage, supervise, and minister to the staff and the congregation of LBC. He is expected to lead the staff and the church body in worship through fellowship, encouragement, cooperation, prayer, support, and other appropriate ways, as he serves his Lord Jesus Christ. He must, at all times, meet the requirements for a church leader as described in the Bible, specifically those of 1 Timothy 3.


The Senior Pastor Will: 


  • Preach and teach the Bible as the inerrant and infallible Word of God. 

  • Plan and lead worship in conjunction with the other pastors of the church.

  • Officiate at special services such as weddings, funerals, ordinations, etc. 


  • Oversee the administration and management of all areas of the congregation's ministry in consultation with the deacon board, committees, and staff. 

  • Lead, support, and assist the Associate Pastor(s) and staff who have primary responsibility in their individually assigned ministries. 

  • Support, supervise, manage, and evaluate assigned staff in conjunction with the personnel committee and deacon board. 

  • Manage the screening and hiring of non-ordained staff and calling of ordained staff. 


  • Lead the deacon board and finance committee to promote, educate, and advocate responsible biblical stewardship in the congregation, and assist these groups in the financial matters of LBC. 

  • Oversee and promote congregational benevolence and mission activity through Teaching and informing the church of its importance and need. 


  • Lead the church body and staff by example in reaching the lost in accordance with the Great Commission and minister to the in-firmed and disadvantaged as taught by Jesus in the New Testament. Work to reach the unchurched, inactive members and new residents of our community with the Good News of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

  • Direct the assimilation of new members into the life of the congregation in conjunction with the boards, committees, and organizations of the congregation. Encourage all organizations and ministries of the church to carry out their work with an emphasis on welcoming others to participate in the mission work of Christ. 

General Pastoral Responsibilities 

  • Provide pastoral care by assisting and in conjunction with the Associate Pastor(s) in the visitation, counseling, and prayer of the membership.

  • Make appropriate referrals when necessary and quickly respond to crisis situations which arise in the congregation.

Secondary Job Responsibilities Expected of All Ministerial Staff 

  • Conduct chapel services for CDC on a rotating basis with other staff. 

  • Fulfill all "On Call" ministry.


What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

The ideal candidate will have a minimum of a 4 year Bachelor’s Degree which should be theology related from a Southern Baptist affiliated seminary. A Master’s Degree from a Southern Baptist seminary is preferred. The ideal candidate will have five to ten years of leadership experience at a church of a similar size and culture as Langston Baptist Church. 

Personal Characteristics

  • Has a strong, demonstrated relationship with Jesus Christ and the local church.

  • Is faithfully committed to personally follow and apply biblical principles and possesses a high level of integrity, guided by a sound set of ethical principles.

  • Is a visionary leader who can also work well within a team environment. 

  • Has healthy chemistry with the members and culture of LBC.

  • Possesses strong relational skills and has an infectious love for people.

  • Possesses a worldview, theological doctrine, and core values that match those held by the church.

  • Has a proven track record of being a self-starter and goal-oriented worker, with an ability to recruit, retain, and equip leaders, staff, and members.

  • Demonstrates a high leadership capacity and ability to train others.

  • Is a gifted communicator, energetic, and enthusiastic, yet is able to exude a calming influence when needed.

  • Has proven skills that foster trust, fairness, and teamwork among members, and has a common focus on excellence in all areas.


What it's Like to Live in Conway, South Carolina: 

A short drive from the Grand Strand (about 15 miles from the Atlantic), the downtown area of this historic river town is home to a unique array of shopping, dining, and scenic views. Founded in 1734, Conway is rich with both American and natural history.

A drive through the town will take visitors down streets built around live oaks that are protected by a tree-ordinance designed to preserve its “Oldest Citizens.” Several historical markers also dot the downtown landscape, providing curious visitors with an idea of the area’s past.

One Main Street attraction is Theatre of the Republic, a decades-old live performance venue where locals and visitors alike take in shows year-round. The other main downtown thoroughfare is 3rd Avenue, which dissects Main Street right beside City Hall. A trip down 3rd will take visitors past several mom-and-pop shops, Rivertown Bistro (a creative Southern farm-to-table eatery and one of the top restaurants in the region), a full-service salon and spa, and the county courthouse, which is a grand structure that’s over a century old.

Additionally, Myrtle Beach is only 10 miles away. Many of the municipalities share borders and have grown together over the years. The area has over 1,100 restaurants and 100 golf courses and shopping. Of course, Myrtle Beach—as its name suggests—is best known for its pristine white sand beaches and coastal beauty stretching for miles.

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