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LeaveAMark Church

Executive Pastor

Columbus, Ohio


Theology: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 700+

Neighborhood: Columbus, Ohio

The role: The Executive Pastor will guide ministry development and provide operational oversight at LeaveAMark Church by leading both major areas of responsibility seamlessly as an evaluator, developer, implementer, manager and solutionist.  


Meet LeaveAMark Church:

The story and mission behind LeaveAMark Church is as amazing as its name. LeaveAMark Church is a community of faith that began in 2007 with just 12 people meeting in a living room, and now has over 700 people attending services between 3 weekend services and two campus locations.

LeaveAMark Church was launched by Pastor Steve Combs, a passionate leader, who felt a call from God to start a new church.  His passion was for unchurched people who were struggling with whether or not they were perfect enough to deserve God’s love.  Pastor Steve shares the gospel with his straightforward communication style, and has a genuine ability to relate to people with broken families, lifestyles, and addictions.

Located in one of the most economically-challenged areas in Columbus, LeaveAMark began with a clear vision to reach the lost and serve the city. Through their ministries and the way they serve their city, many have come to know Christ.   A few of those ministries include a food pantry, recovery groups, and the use of their property for large events to serve the families in the community.

About the Executive Pastor:


The Executive Pastor will lead and direct staff and ministry leaders, evaluate existing processes and programs, and develop and implement new ideas to ensure the vision of LeaveAMark Church is fulfilled with utmost excellence and effectiveness. 

 The Executive Pastor Will:

  • The Executive Pastor will lead and direct staff and ministry leaders, evaluate existing processes and programs, and develop and implement new ideas to ensure the vision of LeaveAMark Church is fulfilled with utmost excellence and effectiveness. 
  • Develop, staff, and coordinate ministries of the church toward relevance, effectiveness and excellence.
  • Consistently and creatively encourage, motivate, and inspire staff and ministry leaders.
  • Identify and ensure staff and ministry leaders have what they need to operate well, grow and thrive within the mission of the church.
  • Establish and/or implement goals within ministries and maintain metrics to show progress toward those goals.
  • Work continuously on strategic plans for success: assembling new processes where it is necessary, identifying, analyzing, and understanding what is not working; reengineering processes where it is needed.

What you bring:43554519_2102482649796383_5542319785527738368_o


The ideal candidate will have at least a bachelor’s degree in religious studies or a related field. Although it is not required, a graduate degree in a biblical ministries discipline is a great bonus.


The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 5 to 10 years of progressive work experience in church operations and/or leadership.

Personal Characteristics

  • Must have a thorough working knowledge of church operational activities, including personnel policies and procedures, human resources, budgeting and finance, facilities management and IT considerations.

  • Must have proven knowledge in ministry/leadership concepts, methodologies and techniques for church growth.

  • Must have a broad, relevant knowledge regarding social media platforms, website, online presence, church communications and branding.

  • Must have the ability to conduct program reviews/audits.

  • Must have the ability to envision and develop strategies, making recommendations to the Senior Pastor and the Leadership Team.

  • Must have the ability to assist in the development and implementation of processes, procedures, and programs.

  • Must possess staff leadership capabilities.

  • Must interpret issues and present recommendations appropriately.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 1.20.31 PM (1) What it's like to live in Columbus, Ohio:

The capital city and largest city in the state of Ohio, Columbus is an incredibly diverse city, exploding with new businesses, one-of-a-kind art galleries, major sports facilities, award-winning eateries, and family attractions like the world-renowned Columbus Zoo. Its bustling downtown district and diverse suburban neighborhoods have made Columbus, Ohio a huge attraction to young families.

Columbus, Ohio is home to The Ohio State University, and now has the highest population of college students in the nation. It also boasts a lively art and entertainment scene. LeaveAMark Church serves as a light of hope on the South side of Columbus, in mixed-income and low-income neighborhoods.

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