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Lincoln Berean Church

College Pastor




Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 3,000

Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

The Role: The College Pastor is a strong leader, they are a self-starter, they take the initiative, they activate vision, and they work beautifully with a team in the midst of it all. 


Meet Lincoln Berean Church:

In 1961, a small group of believers meeting for Bible study and prayer “became hungry for more depth, more sincerity, evidence of some fruit, and a vision for a ministry with real purpose.” In November of that year, this group of believers stepped out in faith and chartered the Berean Church of Lincoln, Nebraska. In May 1962, Pastor Curt Lehman accepted the call from this body of believers to become the first pastor of Lincoln Berean Church. The first official service of Lincoln Berean Church was held on June 3, 1962 in the original YMCA building at 13th and P Streets with 32 people attending. In November 1964, the church moved to a newly remodeled building at 11th & M Streets.  In March 1981, the new church building was complete and ready for services with an average attendance of 450. In September 1981, the new 750-seat sanctuary was complete and ready for services. In 1994, after 32 years of leading Lincoln Berean Church, Pastor Lehman announced his desire to retire as Senior Pastor. In January 1995, Bryan Clark became the Senior Pastor. In 2003, we were facing five weekend services, no space for growth debt ($2.8 million), and stagnant giving.

On Easter Sunday, we moved into the current auditorium with 2,500 seats (with an unfinished balcony for additional growth). This additional space allowed us to go from six weekend services to three services. The last time Lincoln Berean was 100% debt free was in 1963. Today, we sit here on 50 acres with these magnificent facilities, and our gift for the next generation is all of this, completely debt free. The purpose of being debt free is not so we can relax, but rather so we can move forward with new steps of faith.

About the College Pastor:

It’s a given, but we gotta say it. This person knows and loves Jesus and His church wholeheartedly. They are unified with the beliefs and direction of the church, and desire to keep in step. 

No question, this person loves college students. No really, they LOVE them. We’re talking, there’s nothing in the world I’d rather do than work with college students right now. Just the thought of the opportunities to influence people in this season makes them smile and hits home on a passion deep within. They know about the pressures and challenges that these students walk through every day in this culture. And that doesn’t scare them; instead it just spurs them to dive into their setting, their lives, and lead them. It also challenges them to get creative in the way they bring the invitation of God’s beautiful truth into their lives. 

A key part of their ministry plays itself out in groups that meet around the city and on campus. This person sees the value of partnering with the larger vision regarding groups. While they understand the value of smaller transformational missional groups, they also realize the value and catalytic power of larger gathering. In fact, one of the key roles they will have is bringing students together in a larger gathering. These gatherings may have some variety; there are times to teach the Bible, maybe times to serve the city, and at other times just an opportunity to get out and have some fun while building relationships. This person is able to gather students, is a gifted communicator, and has creativity that helps them develop innovative ways to rally students together to reach their dorms and campuses and positively impact this city. 

This person understands that with a large church like this, they will have to find a rhythm of spending time with both students and leaders. They realize that they are a College Pastor but are also in essence a “College Pastor of College Pastors,” pouring into tons of leaders who pour into tons of college students. 

They also lead the team to plan intentional experiences and events with the students, things like campus events, retreats, or mission trips. Boiling it down, they are a strong leader, they are a self-starter, they take the initiative, they activate vision, and they work beautifully with a team in the midst of it all. 


The College Pastor will:

  • Establish, communicate, and activate a vision for the College Ministry of Lincoln Berean Church

  • Oversee all College Ministry staff and ministry functions

  • Oversee a regularly scheduled College Ministry gathering

  • Oversee the groups within the College Ministry

  • Act as a bridge between College Ministry and Lincoln Berean Church  

  • Plan and run periodic large events geared towards college students  

  • Recruit and train leaders of the College Ministry

  • Assimilate students into the life and ministries of Lincoln Berean Church 

  • Launch students into the world and workplace on mission


What you bring: 

Education & Experience

The ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in theology. A seminary degree is a great bonus.

Personal Characteristics

  • Has a growing relationship with Jesus Christ demonstrated in character as outlined in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1

  • Has a humble and teachable spirit born out of personal security in Christ and an understanding of his God-given ability

  • Lives a life dependent on the Holy Spirit and faith as demonstrated by an active prayer life

  • Has a passionate heart for the lost

  • Loves people and Lincoln Berean Church, and regularly attends weekend services

  • Supports the core beliefs of Lincoln Berean Church

  • Is a trusted leader, has a passion for college students, and has an ability to lead a team to multiply a movement of students reaching and discipling other students for Christ

  • Has the ability to connect and relate with college students

  • Understands and applies systematic and biblical theology and teaches spiritual disciplines 

  • Designs ministry strategy and implements in ministry context 

  • Works through leaders 

  • Creates a development pathway for ministry area 

  • Faithfully stewards church resources 

  • Is a gifted communicator and able to teach 

  • Is a self-starter

  • Is entrepreneurial

  • Is a networker 

  • Bonus points:

    • Loves Nebraska football

    • Is adept at ever changing communication platforms

    • Is a student of current millennial culture


What it's like to live in Lincoln, Nebraska: 

Lincoln is the capital of the U.S. state of Nebraska and the county seat of Lancaster County, with a population of 287,401. It is the second most populous city in Nebraska and the 70th largest in the United States. Designated as a "refugee-friendly" city by the U.S. Department of State in the 1970s, the city was the 12th largest resettlement site per capita in the United States by 2000. Lincoln is home to the University of Nebraska, and the city ranks among the Top 100 Best Places to Live in America.

The midwestern community appeals to young professionals, thanks to city leaders paying attention to details such as trendy shopping, nightlife, downtown housing options, multiple trails, and recreational opportunities. Lincoln has the most parkland per capita in the United States, and festivals and attractions give residents plenty to do. Residents also have access to good public schools, top healthcare, and highly rated restaurants. Lincoln's economic activity is derived from the service and manufacturing industries. Government and the University of Nebraska are both large contributors to the local economy. Other prominent industries in Lincoln include finance, insurance, publishing, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, railroads, high technology, information technology, medical, education, and truck transport. 

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