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Living Hope Church

Senior Pastor

Elk Grove Village, Illinois



Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 450

Location: Elk Grove Village, Illinois

The Role: Senior Pastor

Living Hope SP 1

Meet Living Hope Church:

We were established in 1951 by a group of young people in the city of Chicago. As a young and growing, primarily Italian church, we prayed, played, and worked together. We loved to worship and were excited about evangelism. Many of our original members were related, which may, in part, account for the close relational warmth that has always been part of the Elbethel, now Living Hope tradition. 

Over the last 70 years, with Christ as our guide, Living Hope has grown, flourished, and established a firm foundation under the leadership of dedicated Pastors, Staff, Elders, and Deacons, all supported by faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

Living Hope Church is full of rich history that has truly shaped who we are today. This story has much more to be written, and we are trusting God for incredible Kingdom impact as we continue to Love God, Love People, and Serve Both!


About the Senior Pastor:

The Senior Pastor at Living Hope Church has a clear profession of faith in Christ and a love for His Church.  They are a servant-leader who finds joy in serving others with the goal of spurring them on in their walk with Christ. The Senior Pastor is an individual who can lead, motivate, establish ministry objectives and execute plans with a heart of service and humility.

Living Hope SP 2

The Senior Pastor Will: 

Staff Development

  • Set the tone for the staff with a work ethic that if copied by each member of the staff it would bring them to a higher level. 

  • Provide staff with clear and specific roles and they should be able to tell anyone who asks what they do, why they do it, and how it ties into the overall ministry strategy. 

  • Awareness and ability to discuss what they accomplished last year, what they are getting done this year, what they are planning, Lord willing, to do next year. They should also ensure the staff can communicate it too. 

  • It should not be “their” thing…it should be our thing, discussed, prayed over, and refined by staff, the Elder Board, and General Board where appropriate. 

  • Each staff member should have a fresh list of “duties” that can be assigned if any volunteer would approach them and ask “what can I do to help”. 

  • Their direction in ministry comes from the Senior Pastor and Elder Board. The Elder Board is to be involved in the front end of all strategy and vision work. 

  • The Senior Pastor is to work independently with each staff member, to assist them in making their ministries happen, to garner resources, relationships, and support to allow the Staff member’s ministry work and flow. 

  • We expect a high degree of coaching from the Senior Pastor with their Staff, to make certain that they are on track, appropriately trained, have all the tools necessary, connecting outside their ministry, working in the community, interfacing with new and long time members, meeting/exceeding deadlines, spending time in prayer and devotions, and conducting themselves in a way that glorifies God.

  • Ability to evaluate staff and performance and make shifts and changes where necessary. 

Board Development 

  • Always look for ways to grow the Elder and General Boards…not just in number but the depth of the board member’s ministry. 

  • Meet regularly with the Elder Board, General Board, etc. 

  • The Senior Pastor should always have a list of candidates, Deacons and Elders in training, spurring on and challenging men and women to take the next step in ministry. Suggest books, classes, seminars, etc. 

Personal Practices

  • Self-disciplined executive with the ability to lead by example. 

  • Manages time and tasks with great efficiency. 

  • Delegates tasks/functions that can be performed by someone else.

  • Make certain all relationships in his life are in order, above reproach, and bring God glory. 

  • Is broken hearted before the Lord. 

  • Actively and publicly seeks the Lord by prayer and petition in the presence of the flock, demonstrating his genuine dependence on the Savior. 

  • Sets the standard for a life that brings glory to God. 

  • Is a tither, a soul winner, and is respected for what he does. 


Through the leading of the Holy Spirit and in collaboration with the Elder Board, the Senior Pastor is responsible for staffing and/or developing leaders to provide strong, vibrant, and smooth running ministries in the following areas:

  • Small groups

  • Youth (Jr./Sr. High School)

  • Young Adults

  • Children/Family

  • Worship/Prayer

  • Visitor/Member Follow-up


Fiscal Responsibility 

The Senior Pastor of Living Hope Church is to have a complete and firm grip and understanding of the church finances. It is understood that others do the administration work associated with the finances, but, the management of the funds, allocation of resources, etc. is led by the Senior Pastor. It is expected that the Senior Pastor will communicate shifts, changes, and trends to the Elder Board and General Board when appropriate, and preferably ahead of a crisis. 

The facility, in and out, must always be in its best possible condition. Maintenance routines, inspections, schedules, etc. are to be in place and adhered to. This will allow us to make strategic upgrades and replacements of plant and facility and stay out of emergency crisis situations. A monthly facility report should be submitted to the General Board for review and action where necessary. 

Office Practices and Procedures 

The Senior Pastor is to keep regular office hours. Those hours should be known by all, inside and outside of the office. Things change and so do schedules, but all things equal the hours are the same. Each staff member should have regular office hours. Those hours should be known by all, inside and outside of the office. It is the responsibility of the Senior Pastor to make certain that at least one Pastoral Staff member is always in the office during office hours. Exceptions would be special events (funerals, etc.).

Living Hope SP 4

What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • Holds a seminary Degree(s).

  • Minimum of fifteen years of pastoral ministry.


  • Faith: Has a clear profession of faith in Christ and a love for His church.

  • Teaching: Is an effective preacher who rightly handles God’s Word and can communicate clearly, creatively and concisely to all age groups. One who is able to teach in a manner that is both God-honoring and Gospel-centered. His teaching should result in equipping Christ followers for ministry, as well as re-commitments/first time commitments to follow Christ.

  • Family: Is an example to the church in how he leads, loves, and cares for his family consistent with the commands and teachings of God’s Word. 

  • Public Testimony: Is a man who reflects the biblical qualities of a Pastor found in 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, and 1 Peter 5. 

Living Hope SP 5-1

What it's Like to Live in Elk Grove Village, Illinois: 

Living in Elk Grove, Illinois offers its residents the opportunity to experience a tight community feel with direct access to big-city amenities about thirty minutes away in Chicago. It’s a unique suburban area with various dining, shopping, and entertainment options. There’s a great park district nearby and other attractions for young families.

Other nearby places include Schaumburg, Palatine, and Elgin. All of these areas are great locations for families to live, visit, and explore. There are highly ranked schools, family friendly atmospheres, and plenty of opportunities to participate in outdoor activities. This is a beautiful place to raise a family and an excellent place to call home.

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