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Living Stones Church

Kids Director

Reno-Tahoe, Nevada



Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 1,100

Location: Reno-Tahoe, Nevada

The Role: The LS Kids Director will spiritually form and empower the next generation of the church with a deep love for Jesus founded on the Gospel through God’s Word.

LS Buidling

Meet Living Stones Church:

We are a family. Family means we are committed based on our common roots and DNA. Family means we support each other even when it means personal sacrifice. In times of strife, families are committed to working it out. Family is a place to belong. It is also expected for families to grow. This is what we are about. There are five major benefits to being a part of the family: Brotherhood, Accountability, Collaboration, Shared Resources, and a Trusted Name.

  • BROTHERHOOD - You are not alone. As leaders and as churches. Brotherhood means we get to link arms in the battle and support each other when we are feeling weak or need some help. It also means we get to rejoice together over the victories God grants us.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY - As Christians we are both saints and sinners. The LS family is committed to holding each other accountable to the work of the family which is being healthy churches and planting healthy churches according to the LS DNA.

  • COLLABORATION - We can do more together than we can apart. The best ideas and practices are formed in a multitude of counselors. Collaboration enables us to share ideas, sermon series, momentum, and strategies to more effectively make disciples in our cities.

  • SHARED RESOURCES - Planting and running a church is difficult and takes a lot of resources. Partnering together as a family enables us to get the most “bang for our buck and time.” This enables each church to get to the work of making disciples without having to worry about “re-creating the wheel.”

  • TRUSTED NAME - God has blessed Living Stones with a good reputation in Northern Nevada. We are known as a church that seeks the city’s welfare, loves the Bible, and welcomes outsiders.


About the Kids Director:

The LS Kids Director will spiritually form and empower the next generation of the church with a deep love for Jesus founded on the Gospel through God’s Word.


The Kids Director Will: 


  • Ensure all 7 classrooms at each gathering are equipped with trained lead teachers and support volunteers.

  • Appoint hallway coordinators at each gathering that will help serve as a welcoming presence and troubleshoot classroom needs as they arise.

  • Fully staff welcoming and competent check-in volunteers.

  • Recruit and train 20-30 new volunteers every year.


  • Creatively foster the weekly spiritual formation of the kids through regular rhythms of musical worship, engagement with the Word, offering, and prayer.

  • Develop or implement an age-appropriate curriculum that is specific to developmental capacities.

  • Have a vision for what 5th graders should know and help them mature during their time in LS kids with a discipleship strategy to get them there.

  • Overhaul and maintain a vibrant, clean, and welcoming environment in each of the classrooms.


  • Organize initial and ongoing training opportunities for the base of 120 volunteers comprised of lead teachers, classroom volunteers, and check-in people.

  • Ensure every volunteer knows proper protocols in the LS Kids handbook to ensure child safety, manage classrooms, and work with families on disciplinary issues.

  • Develop a quarterly family communication strategy to align and resource parents in the discipleship of their kids.


  • Increase LS Kids participation by 15% in the first year.

  • Develop a follow-up system for 1st-time families with a connection opportunity for parents.

  • Work with LS Students Director to assimilate graduating kids into the next stage of ministry and clearly communicate the process with their parents.

Living Stones

What you Bring: 

Education & Experience

The ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree that is applicable to the area of ministry. They will have 3-5 years of experience working with kids and leading others.

Personal Characteristics

  • Proven track record of being able to teach kids and develop leaders to do the same.

  • Great with kids and possesses a desire to nurture them into maturity.

  • Ability to lovingly command the attention of adults and children as you lead and disciple.

  • Ability to equip and empower - lead through others.

  • Strong presence and gathering ability - create contagious enthusiasm for the ministry.

  • Strong administration skills.

  • Ability to cast a compelling vision with insight as to ministry needs and opportunities for improvement.

  • Flexible/Adaptable - Handle curveballs with grace in problem-solving.

  • Possesses a conviction and passion for the Word of God.


What it's Like to Live in Reno-Tahoe, Nevada: 

Reno, NV.  ‘The Biggest Little City in the World’ is located 45 minutes from beautiful Lake Tahoe, surrounded by mountains with the Truckee River flowing through the heart of the city.  The Church is located in the up and coming Midtown District that has quickly become the cultural center of Reno offering a wide range of food and dining options, unique local shops, and murals.  Reno is home to approximately 250,000 people (460,000 metro area) of which Barna Research Group listed in 2017 as the second Most Unchurched City in America, second to San Francisco.  The mission of Living Stones Church is to see a fundamental shift in the spiritual climate of Northern Nevada.

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