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Living Stones Church

Worship Director

Reno-Tahoe, Nevada



Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 1,100

Location: Reno-Tahoe, Nevada

The Role: The Worship Director will lead the people of God into His presence through musical worship.  


Meet Living Stones Church:

Living Stones is a Bible preaching, Christ exalting, missional family of churches in Northern Nevada. Currently, we are a family of six Living Stones Churches. This position is for Living Stones Church Reno, which is in the heart of downtown.

We exist to see a fundamental shift in the spiritual climate of Northern Nevada.

Northern Nevada is one of the least churched places in the United States, resulting in very few people knowing and loving Jesus. In the history of the world, there has never been an intentional church planting movement in our area. We hope to see that change in our lifetime and are praying for God to bring revival.

Five Core Values Shape Everything We Do at Living Stones: 

  1. We strive to make Outsiders Insiders:
    • Like Jesus, Living Stones does everything possible to make outsiders insiders in the Kingdom of God. No one should be blocked from the gospel and the opportunity to be reconciled to God. 
  2. We are Disciples Making Disciples:
    • Disciples are people who follow Jesus, find their identity in him, and enjoy relationship with God. Part of following Jesus means we invest our whole life to help others grow spiritually as they learn to know, love, and follow him too.
  3. We are In the City, for the City:
    • Physically - By caring for physical needs of the hurting and underprivileged in our city.
    • Culturally - By participating in and shaping all that is good in the culture of our city.
    • Spiritually - By praying for and guiding people toward the freedom and fulfillment that can only be found in Jesus through the proclamation of his gospel.
  4. Unity in Diversity:
    • The church of God is to be a house of prayer and worship for all peoples and ethnicities. This is the heart of God and will be fully displayed around his throne in heaven. We long to see integrated racial diversity in every level and function of our churches so we can display Jesus’ Kingdom on earth.
  5. We are Churches Planting Churches:
    • Church planting is the most effective way to see people come to the knowledge and love of Christ. We are constantly seeking to raise up new leaders and send out more church plants. We invest 10% of our money every year into church planting throughout the United States and the world. 


About the Worship Director:

Lead the people of God into His presence through musical worship.  Living Stones seeks to see a fundamental shift in the spiritual climate of northern Nevada, and we believe transcultural music is vital to that shift in our city, as we seek “Unity in Diversity.” The Worship Director’s role is to recruit, train and mobilize the church body to that end.


The Worship Director Will: 

Develop Transcultural Worship Ministry

  • Develop a vision and strategic plan to secure a healthy transcultural worship ministry.

  • Research and connect with other peer and aspirant ministries - helping us to grow in our own approach to worship ministry.

  • Be comfortable leading a diverse range of musical genres.

  • Ability to genuinely connect and unify people from different racial and cultural backgrounds in musical worship.

Formation of Bands and Music

  • Develop three (3) different worship bands or teams.

  • Recruit, train, and mobilize a base of 25-40 worship ministry volunteers.   

  • Coordinate spiritual care and shepherding of worship members.

  • Record backing tracks to assist in achieving musical excellence.

  • Introduce 12 new songs to worship catalogue a year.

  • Rearrange four (4) songs or hymns a year.

  • Write three (3) new songs a year for corporate worship or for special music during a particular service.

  • Work with the children's director to incorporate music in LS Kids.

Architect Worship Service

  • Creatively program weekly order of service.

  • Plan out a music catalogue for each sermon series months in advance.   

  • Schedule and prepare volunteer musicians for weekly service.

  • Manage musical instruments and maintenance. 

  • Manage and maintain stage presentation.

Innovate and Create School of Music

  • Develop robust biblical theology of music for band members and church.

  • Foster creative collaboration with other musicians.

  • Train and develop future musicians.

  • Connect missionally with the arts and other musicians in the city.


What you Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • The ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree that is applicable to the area of ministry or demonstrated extensive knowledge of music theory.  

  • They will have 4-7 years experience developing bands and creative programming.


  • Heart for spiritual formation of those in the congregation and worship ministry.

  • Proven track record of being able to build bands and develop leaders.

  • Demonstrated ability to lead a transcultural experience.

  • Understanding of music theory, composition, and direction.

  • Proficient in producing click tracks.

  • Ability to gather and attract other musicians with their skill and presence.

  • Can equip and empower - lead through others.

  • Effectively manage communication and administration with volunteers.

  • Willfully engages culture missionally, while remaining grounded in core doctrine of the church.

  • Flexible/Adaptable - Handle curve balls with grace as you problem solve.

  • Possesses a conviction and passion for the Word of God.

  • Willing to be vulnerable in pursuit of spiritual health with pastors, staff and band members.


What it's Like to Live in Reno-Tahoe, Nevada: 

Reno, NV.  ‘The Biggest Little City in the World’ is located 45 minutes from beautiful Lake Tahoe, surrounded by mountains with the Truckee River flowing through the heart of the city.  The Church is located in the up and coming Midtown District that has quickly become the cultural center of Reno offering a wide range of food and dining options, unique local shops, and murals.  Reno is home to approximately 250,000 people (460,000 metro area) of which Barna Research Group listed in 2017 as the second Most Unchurched City in America, second to San Francisco.  The mission of Living Stones Church is to see a fundamental shift in the spiritual climate of Northern Nevada.

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