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Marin Covenant Church

Associate Pastor of Connection Ministries

San Rafael, California



Theology: Evangelical Covenant

Weekly attendance: 476

Neighborhood: San Rafael, California

The role: MCC is looking for an Associate Pastor of Connection Ministries to give pastoral leadership to our ministry objective: helping people find places of connection and care, which is how we believe people grow best. Reporting to the Lead Pastor for Spiritual Formation, this position will innovate, develop, and oversee a wide variety of small groups and connectional opportunities. 


Meet Marin Covenant Church:

In 1962, some Marin County residents who worshipped at San Francisco First Covenant Church formed a prayer and Bible study group. Encouraged by their pastor to plant a Covenant church in Marin County, this Bible study group took a step of faith in 1968 and called their first pastor. 18 people participated in the first worship service at his San Rafael home. Thus, Marin Covenant, California’s 53rd Covenant church, was born.

From the beginning, Marin Covenant Church recognized that it was a mission church in a mission field, with about 96% of the Marin population being unchurched. With that in mind, the congregation placed an emphasis on evangelism, outreach, and youth and children’s ministry. They dreamed of a large, countywide church that would be able to meet all of these needs, and on a scale big enough to spread the light of Jesus throughout the entire county.

The church quickly grew without the benefit of a church building. Meeting at a school on Sundays and at various other locations for mid-week events required a huge volunteer effort, but the vision for the county was strong enough to sustain. God was faithful, and His people were, too. Week after week, for 18 years, the congregation of Marin Covenant Church set up, worshipped together, tore down, and got ready to do it again the following week, knowing that they were investing in eternity.

After property was purchased, members faced the added hurdle of trying to get a church building built. They struggled for many years with city planning commissions, community members who were opposed to real estate growth and development, and the difficult economy of the 1970s and early 1980s. Even so, the Marin Covenant body had faith that the vision they had been given for Marin County was bigger than any of the obstacles that stood in the way. God was faithful, the hurdles were overcome, and in 1986, Marin Covenant moved into its current facility. The church is situated on a hill overlooking the main artery through the county. This site was chosen to be visible like a lighthouse to those who live and pass through Marin, symbolic of Matthew 5:14.

In 1998, Marin Covenant bought office buildings adjacent to the existing property for future ministries expansion. Some classroom space on the first floor is now being used on Sundays and during the week, while the rest of the building continues to be rented to local businesses.

In 2011, MCC began the most current season of facility growth. In October of that year, they launched a capital campaign to expand and improve the Children’s Ministry area, build a Student Ministry center, enlarge and improve the worship center, and do some long neglected maintenance and repair. The new space was dedicated in January of 2014. The scale of the current and future church property, and the diverse ways it is used to share God’s truth with the county, confirm the founders vision, and provide a constant reminder that nothing is impossible.

Over the years, Marin Covenant has grown and continued to reach out to the county, with a variety of ministries and programs, and with a variety of staff configurations. The result is that many people have come to know the Lord at Marin Covenant. And many who have been impacted for Him at MCC are serving Him in all walks of life, all over the world.

About the Associate Pastor for Connection Ministries:



Marin Covenant Church is fully committed to being a blessing to our local community in Marin County, and to the world. We exist to engage with the spiritually hungry toward a life in Christ that is inspired, intelligent, and involved.

MCC is looking for an Associate Pastor of Connection Ministries to give pastoral leadership to our ministry objective: helping people find places of connection and care, which is how we believe people grow best. Reporting to the Lead Pastor for Spiritual Formation, this position will innovate, develop, and oversee a wide variety of small groups and connectional opportunities.

Goals and Expectations

The effective Associate Pastor of Connection Ministries will achieve the following goals during the first 12 months of work:


  • Find places for people to connect through hospitality.

  • Ensure quality and consistently excellent first impressions and hospitality.

  • Shepherd and train group leaders.

  • Connect with the Associate Pastor for Outreach and Mission.

  • Get to know the existing groups and the leaders.

Areas of responsibility:

  • Equip and develop Small Group and Connectional Ministries.

    • Shepherd, support, and encourage existing small groups.

    • Develop new on-ramps for connection, including discerning unmet needs in specific populations in our church.

    • Provide ongoing training and support for Small Group Ministry leaders.

    • Effectively “market” connectional opportunities.

  • Coordinate Sunday morning visitor follow up.

  • Coordinate MCC membership process.

  • Additional responsibilities:

    • Preach or teach as assigned by the Lead Pastor Team.

    • Share in pastoral care and visitation ministry.

    • Participate in church-wide events.

  • Participate in ongoing personal growth and development.

    • Be a minister in good standing with the Evangelical Covenant Church.

    • Participate in annual Continuing Education experiences.

    • Receive Spiritual Direction.

What you bring:SD_MCC_50_Birthday_082018_0207

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Associate Pastor of Connection Ministries:


The ideal candidate for this role will have an MDiv or  MA from a theological seminary. They will also preferably be licensed or ordained in the Evangelical Covenant Church, or have a willingness to be.


The ideal candidate will have five years or more years of pastoral experience on a staff at a local church ministry or the equivalent.

Personal Characteristics

  • Have a genuine love for connecting believers in community that comes from an authentic relationship with Christ.

  • Is experienced and gifted in leading small groups.

  • Is experienced and gifted in teaching.

  • Has exceptional written and verbal communication skills.

  • Possesses the vision and skills to utilize technology, social media, and other non-traditional means of connecting people in the Body of Christ.

  • Is a champion of people.

  • Is a leader but a team player; someone who is a leader of leaders.

  • Is someone with the humility to serve alongside a leadership team.

  • Is someone who takes initiative and doesn’t need a lot of direction. The ideal candidate will have some years of experience already, so they don’t need as much coaching.

  • Is someone who is willing to come under the authority of another.  

  • Is someone who is highly relational.

  • Is someone with the ability to disciple and mentor younger staff members.

IMG_0335What it's like to live in San Rafael, California:

Located just across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, San Rafael is where George Lucas first settled in and founded LucasFilm. But even if that doesn’t make you, ahem, Obi Wan-t to pack up and move from the get-go, San Rafael is voted as one of the top small towns to live in.

Perhaps one of the most appealing things about San Rafael is that it’s healthy. The city is well tended-to by Kaiser Permanente, a medical center founded in 1958 which now cares for more than 100,000 people. Further, San Rafael is the seat of Marin County, which in the state of California ranks number one for health outcomes, number one for health factors, number one for length of life, number one for clinical care, number three for quality of life, and number three for healthy behaviors. It also is the county with the lowest percent uninsured adults in the state, and has more than 466 physicians per 100,000 people, or more than double the US average of 210 per 100,000.

Its economy is stellar as well, with only three percent unemployment and a predicted  ten year job growth rate above the American average. Forbes even ranked San Rafael as number 28 for their Best Small Places for Business and Careers.

The city also has plenty to offer in terms of things to do and quality of life. The farmers market in the city, Sunday Marin Farmers Market, is the third largest in the state, with nearly 200 vendors. And while there are multiple parks in the city, nearby China Camp State Park draws a lot of visitors for hiking and other outdoors activities. San Rafael is also located on San Francisco Bay, which is great for those who love water sports. And the climate certainly helps keep people outside: there are 256 sunny days each year, the air quality is higher than the US average, and the average temperature ranges from 42 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit across the year.

If watching rather than doing sports is more your thing, San Rafael also has a relatively new Minor League baseball team, the San Rafael Pacifics. The Pacifics call the 1,000-seat Albert Park in the city their home and have won three championships since their founding in 2011.

San Rafael also prioritizes the arts; even the county civic center located in San Rafael was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (and was his last commission before he died). The downtown region of the city has been shaped into a center for business, arts, culture, and county-wide special events, with a district specifically for the arts. Here, you can find Arts Works Downtown, an arts center with four galleries, nearly 30 artists’ studios, and artist housing.

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