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Menlo Church

Senior Director of Connections

Menlo Park, California

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Weekly Attendance: 6,000

Denomination: Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians (ECO)

The Neighborhood: Menlo Park, California

The Role: The Senior Director of Connections’ role in pursuing Menlo Church’s vision is to work with our leaders (staff and volunteers) to welcome, invite, and equip every interested person at Menlo Church to take a next step in their spiritual journey. 

MV_ExteriorMeet Menlo Church:

Menlo Church has a rich history that dates back to 1873, when 13 men and women founded Menlo Church. Since then, many people have followed in their footsteps and sacrificially given their time, talent, and resources.

Notable events in their history include significant growth in the 1920s, post World War 1 when a Sunday school revitalized and refreshed Menlo Park, and the church became the community’s spiritual and social center. Over the decades, Menlo Park continued to expand, rebuilding sanctuaries to accommodate larger congregations and a growing interest in the church, launching two additional campuses, and continuously seeing God work miraculously in their midst. In 2014, Menlo Church officially joined the ECO denomination (A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians). Since that time, they have launched three additional campuses (two through church mergers) up and down the peninsula. Through it all, God has been faithful and will continue to be as they add ministry leaders to their team to help continue the work Menlo Church is doing for the kingdom, right where they are.

L1001330About the role:

The Senior Director of Connections’ role in pursuing Menlo Church’s vision is to work with our leaders (staff and volunteers) to welcome, invite, and equip every interested person at Menlo Church to take a next step in their spiritual journey. This is accomplished in partnership with our other five core ministry areas (Groups & Care, Kids, Mission, Students, Worship), giving particular attention to our shared volunteer culture.


The role will oversee:

  • Leadership and integration with Menlo Church ministries:

    • Work with campus staff to ensure that there is an excellent guest experience at every campus that communicates welcome, warmth, and clear, accessible next steps.

    • Collaborate with weekend planning team so there is alignment between our weekend services and the experience at our guest/gathering spaces.

  • Establish and champion a thoughtful and robust philosophy of the critical role of volunteers in the church in partnership with Central Ministry leaders.

  • Integrate best practices for volunteer recruitment and development throughout Menlo Church’s ministry structures, processes, communications, and calendars, in partnership with Central Ministry leaders.

  • Planning and strategy:

    • Review, evaluate, and advance Menlo Church’s strategy and philosophy for the Connection Ministry that is implemented through our campuses.

    • Evolve and oversee the measures used to gauge congregational engagement with next step/connection opportunities.

    • Design, execute, and continually improve upon shared campus connection opportunities, such as Starting Point.

    • Assist in the preparation and training for new campus launches.

  • Staff leadership:

    • Work collaboratively with Central Ministry staff to provide consistent guidance, support, and coaching to our campus teams.

    • Assist in hosting worship, leading communion, and administering baptism as needed.

  • Additional duties as assigned.

What you bring:


The ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree and preferably further theological training.


The ideal candidate will have at least five years of experience in Adult Ministry, with experience specifically in a multisite church setting, and experience as an active volunteer in a ministry or community organization.

Personal Characteristics

  • Has an active and growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ, evidenced by self-awareness, action, attitude, and behavior.

  • Possesses high emotional intelligence with solid listening and coaching skills.

  • Has strong organizational, planning, and relational skills.

  • Has a clearly articulated understanding of Christian discipleship/spiritual formation for both individuals and communities.

  • Has a thoughtful spirit towards theology.

  • Can brainstorm and be creative, and then take initiative and action to make it happen.

  • Is a friendly, warm, and joyful person.

  • Has experience leading volunteers and connection ministries.

  • Believes in the value of community.

  • Possesses strong organizational leadership skills.

  • Has a development heart.

  • Is able to translate an idea to action that people can actually do.

  • Is happy to lead leaders.

  • Loves structures and systems.

MV_Worship3What it’s like to live in Menlo Park, South San Francisco area:

Menlo Church has six campuses up and down the San Francisco Peninsula and Silicon Valley. Menlo Park, the location of the first campus and where the Central teams have their offices, is a city at the eastern edge of San Mateo County, in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, in the United States. Menlo Park is one of the most educated cities in the state of California and the United States; nearly 70% of residents over the age of 25 have earned a bachelor's degree or higher. Menlo Park had 32,026 inhabitants according to the 2010 United States Census, which had grown to an estimated 33,888 inhabitants by 2016.

A world-class city in every respect, the stunningly beautiful and culturally rich San Francisco - Oakland - Hayward Metro Area is not only a unique place to visit, but also to live. The area has a lot going for it: exceptional arts and cultural activities, plenty of history and sense of place, a strong commercial and financial core, and all the education and services anyone could want. The climate is one of the most unusual in the world, and the area is among the most ethnically and socially diverse in the country. The many world-famous tourist attractions are nearby, including the sights of San Francisco,  Napa wine country to the north, the Pacific coastline to the west and south, and the Sierra Nevada mountains just a 4-hour drive to the east. These attractions mixed with considerable local entertainment and culture makes this area one of the most interesting and fun places to live in the country.

Although the cost of living in San Francisco Bay Area is the highest in the country, the cities have excellent public transportation and good housing options just a short distance from the main city. The San Francisco peninsula is an ideal choice for access to the cities of San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland, while still having some a suburban feel to one’s day-to-day.  In the San Francisco bay area, job opportunities abound, and the unemployment rate is significantly lower than the national average. Silicon Valley, which includes Menlo Park and the areas around it, is a global center for technology, innovation and social media serving as the home of companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook,and Oracle as well as thousands of startup businesses.

Geographic and strong marine influences result in an unusual climate. It is known as the “air-conditioned city” in summer, and heavy coats are worn frequently during summer in certain locations (hence the apocryphal Mark Twain quip “I spent the coldest winter of my life one summer in San Francisco”).

All in all, this is a wonderfully adventurous and culturally interesting area to live in for any person.

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