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Midtown Fellowship

Assistant Pastor

Nashville, Tennessee

Midtown Fellowship - Assistant Pastor



Denomination: Presbyterian - PCA

Weekly Attendance: 1,500

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

The Role: Assistant Pastor

Midtown Fellowship - Assistant Pastor 1

Meet Midtown Fellowship:

It’s simple. We want to be a movement that actually witnesses people being transformed by the life-giving message of Jesus Christ. We believe we are called to carry out that mission by planting many different congregations throughout the city of Nashville and beyond.

Midtown has always had a heart for the non-religious, spiritually marginalized, church burned, cynical doubter who doesn’t fit into the normal church.

  • We are not slick or performance-oriented.

  • We thrive in honest, real, messy struggles of being people who are unfinished.

  • We work hard to crash real life into our theology.

  • Relationships are the heartbeat of everything we do.

  • Shedding the skin of tradition and phoney religious ceremony, we seek to embrace vulnerability, authenticity, honesty, and the joy of being unfinished.

We want to bring that real life gospel into real life.

We are fully committed to maturity: Relational, Emotional, Spiritual, and Social.

Midtown Fellowship is one church that is made up of multiple congregations. Right now, we have five congregations in unique parts of the city: 12 South, Crieve Hall, East Nashville, West Nashville, and Granny White. In 2021, we are planning and praying to launch our sixth congregation in the at-risk Nashville community of Napier. Each of these congregations has its own dedicated staff, but all of our staff works together toward a single vision. Our hope is that each campus would serve to create an intimate venue for people to hear the gospel, build Christ-centered community, and grow in maturity.

Being one church that is made up of many congregations enables us to:

  • Broaden our shared vision to bring the gospel to all parts of our city.

  • Effectively share our resources.

  • Offer “large church” ministries with a “small church” feel.

  • Approach ministry as a team.

  • Provide quality support to new congregations and their leadership core.

  • Share a governing structure for all congregations (all of Midtown’s congregations are under the oversight of one elder team).


About the Assistant Pastor:

The Granny White (GW) Assistant Pastor will be in charge of Pastoral Care for our large and growing congregation. The majority of our members are young families, so the candidate must be relatable to the people to whom he is serving. He will share preaching with our Senior Pastor, Randy Draughon. He must be able to assist the Senior Pastor and Session in setting vision for the Granny White campus. 

The Assistant Pastor will be a critical member of a high-functioning, effective, and productive team that serves the GW campus where. The Campus Team reports into the Pastor and is responsible for championing the DNA of Midtown Fellowship, with both shepherding and administrative duties so as to effectively create growth and momentum built upon the foundational vision, mission, and identity of Midtown Fellowship. The Assistant Pastor will be largely responsible for community-based initiatives to attract new members and create community.

This position reports to the Senior Pastor of Midtown and will be a member of the Movement-wide Pastor Team, which is composed of 7 highly capable and diverse pastors and our Youth Leader. The Assistant, ideally, will be able to grow into the role of Assistant Pastor for Granny White after 12-18 months as an Assistant. To that end, the person should possess the capability to be an executive-level team member of Midtown Fellowship. The ideal candidate for this role will be a very gifted and proven leader that functions best when offered autonomy and ”hands-off” supervision, while at the same time leading and replicating an existing collaborative culture. 

The Assistant Pastor of Midtown Fellowship will be highly relational, capable, courageous, principled, discerning, and collaborative, while displaying strong characteristics of a catalytic leader. A typical candidate for this position could be a previous church planter, tenured pastoral staff, or a tenured Assistant Pastor from a previous/existing campus, with a core skill set in leadership, communication, shepherding, and administration

Midtown Fellowship - Assistant Pastor 2

TheAssistant Pastor Will: 

  • Share leadership for the Campus Team and assist Senior Pastor to set vision and direction.

  • Form strong connections in the community.

  • Produce excellent, relational teaching.

  • Build strong relationships in the church.

Midtown Fellowship - Assistant Pastor 3

What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

The ideal candidate will have: 

  • A Bachelor’s degree (required).

  • An MDiv or equivalent (required).

  • Either needs to be currently ordained in the PCA or ordainable in the PCA.

  • 3-5 years of successful pastoral ministry experience.

Personal Characteristics

  • Demonstrated skills in Relational ministry. Has a healthy self-awareness that is evidenced in healthy relationships.

  • Is an excellent communicator.

  • Is a humble leader.

  • Is open to feedback.

  • Is not afraid of healthy conflict.

  • If married, has a healthy marriage that cares for their spouse and/or children well, and displays the gospel.

  • Lives out what they preach, in a spirit of humility and openness.

  • Has a passion for the Midtown discipleship process.

  • Is a team-player.

  • Has the ability to equip other leaders.

  • Is a relational teacher of the Word; is skilled in the pulpit.

Midtown Fellowship - Assistant Pastor 4

What it's Like to Live in Nashville, Tennessee: 

Nashville is a booming metropolitan city that is a cradle for dreamers, entrepreneurs, and growth. In addition to being known as the home of country music, Nashville is a city that inspires creativity and innovation in almost every aspect of its community. The city offers amenities of larger cities with great shopping, restaurants, and a world-class airport, as well as prominent places like the Grand Ole Opry, Music Row, The Bluebird Café, and Opryland Hotel. These locations draw millions to the city on a regular basis. With a population of a little over 1.6 million people, the city is the capital of Tennessee and home to two great universities: Belmont University and Vanderbilt University. 

Nashville is a model of the American “melting pot,” with diversity being a key component of its past, present, and future. The city is ranked one of the Top 3 Most Affordable Getaways for travel and leisure, which inevitably landed on #3 on Kiplinger’s Top 10 Best Value Cities list. It consistently ranks among the lowest for cost of living in comparable cities across the nation, ranking more cost-efficient than major nearby regions. 

What sets Nashville apart as a great place to live and raise a family are its outstanding quality of life, solid education, famous southern hospitality, abundant leisure activities, temperate climate, and the country-cosmopolitan vibe.

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