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Monticello Christian Church

Associate Pastor

Monticello, Indiana

MCC Logo Square


Weekly Attendance: 300

Denomination: Non-Denominational

Location: Monticello, IN

The role: The Associate Pastor must effectively communicate the Word of God in relevant and impacting ways. The candidate will be a visionary, yet humble leader who can work well in chemistry with the Senior Pastor.

Meet Monticello Christian Church:Meredith-#1- Presentation

The beginning of Monticello Christian Church dates back to 1887 when Rev. J.O. Smith held meetings to organize a local church. A total of 134 members made up the early Monticello Christian Church which was located on the corner of Marion and Main street in Monticello Indiana.

After a fire destroyed the first church building in 1901, a new church was built in 1903 which was located on Bluff Street. By 1915, the church reached a membership of about 250.

Because the church continued to grow, a decision was made to relocate the church to a new location for expansion. The Monticello Speedway Track was purchased and a new facility was built in 1968 on the corner of Gordon and Airport Road. The Monticello Christian Church continues to flourish and serve the community from this location.

Rev. Chris Dodson arrived and began his ministry in May of 2000. Pastor Chris has become well known in the community and in many ways, is considered the “Community Pastor.” Under his leadership, a daycare ministry and preschool began in 2006 that currently serves 65 children. In 2014, Monticello Christian Church completed construction of a new youth facility and paid it off May 2018, making the church debt free.

Today, the Monticello Christian Church members are a cross-section of the White County area. People of many backgrounds and theologies gather here in a church with the basic belief that every person must follow Jesus the Christ as he or she is personally led by the Bible and the Holy Spirit. Membership has grown to currently over 400 members and an average attendance of over 300.

About the Associate Pastor: 

Monticello Christian Church is seeking an exceptionally gifted and talented Associate Pastor. This individual will have a heart for a true community pastoral ministry, with the ability to shepherd, lead, mentor and guide others. The candidate will have demonstrated experience in effectively relating to and building trust with the church and community. The candidate will assist in growing ministries and teams, collaborating with and working  effectively with those in leadership. They should be experienced in building ministries that relate to all ages, including youth and children. The candidate must effectively communicate the Word of God in relevant and impacting ways. The candidate will be a visionary, yet humble leader who can work well with the Senior Pastor.

 The Associate Pastor will achieve the following goals: 

  • The Associate Pastor has built trust and fostered relationships with the congregation

  • The Associate Pastor is acclimated to the community and is building relationships within the community

  • The congregation is growing and reaching people for Christ

  • Vital ministries and functions of the church have been strengthened

  • There is a growing sense of passion and enthusiasm for the future of the church


What you bring: 


A bachelor's degree (e.g., bachelor’s degree in religious studies) from an accredited Christian university is required. Master of Divinity or comparable graduate degree from an accredited university or seminary is strongly desired.


Candidates should have a minimum of three years of experience in a ministry position.

This ideal candidate for this position will also have full time church ministry experience

Personal Characteristics

  • Feels called to fill an Associate position at Monticello Christian Church

  • A visionary leader yet humble leader who can work well being in the 2nd chair

  • Able to clearly communicate God’s Word

  • Excellent communication and people skills

  • Evangelistic and passionate

  • Strong in organizational leadership and team ability

  • Rock solid Integrity

  • Spiritually and relationally secure

  • Demonstrates physical, emotional, and spiritual discipline

  • A proven track record and can work independently

  • Loyal to church and current staff

  • Self-motivated and a motivator

  • Life experience that lends well to their position as a pastor

  • Someone who relates well with people of all temperaments.

  • Someone with a gift of high degree of pastoral care

  • Someone who is able to shepherd and lead a church of varying sizes

  • Able to build teams and delegate

  • Pastor to the community with a heart for outreach and missions

  • Someone who takes care in their appearance and impressions

  • Dynamic personality

What it's like to live in Monticello, Indiana: 


Equal distance from Chicago and Indianapolis, Monticello, Indiana, allows the community to draw on those major markets for both visitors and businesses. Residents prize their small-town feel and visitors love the appeal that this safe, hospitable community holds. The city's leadership is led by Mayor Ken Houston, who has a reputation of "making things happen" and bringing a positive outlook to the community.

Lakes Shafer and Freeman provide both relaxation and endless activities for both residents and visitors including public beaches, boating, fishing, cruises, and more.

Indiana Beach, the major amusement park, brings about 750,000 visitors annually to the city and has a strong positive reputation within the state and in major visitor markets like Chicago and Indianapolis. There are a number of locally-owned restaurants for a town of Monticello's size.  The array covers various cuisine styles and price points.

Tippecanoe Country Club and Pine View Golf Course provide an alternative to water-based recreation.  Tippecanoe is considered one of the top ten courses in the state. From camping to Bed & Breakfasts, to the Pine View Resort and the Best Western Conference Hotel, there are accommodations for every type of traveler.

 In addition to the abundance of recreation opportunities, the city also provides a few complementary activities including the historical drive-in movie theater, Whyte Horse Winery and the White County Historical Museum.

Although tourism is important to Monticello, it is not the only economic driver.  The city is buoyed by a diverse economic base including manufacturing, agriculture and healthcare. Opportunities for business growth exist on the north, south, and west sides of Monticello.

Residents have diverse backgrounds, hardworking Midwestern values, and now have an opportunity for enhanced workforce training due to the addition of an Ivy Tech Campus in town.

The Ivy Tech campus provides higher education options for locals and workforce development for employers.  Both Ivy Tech and IU Health White Memorial Hospital augment Monticello's standing in the state as both are strong business assets.

Monticello is a wonderful midwestern town to call home!


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