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Mountain Lake Christian School

Head of School

Mountain Lake, Minnesota



School Attendance: 80+

Location: Mountain Lake, Minnesota

The Role: The Head of School is responsible for providing spiritual, educational, and administrative leadership to the students and faculty of Mountain Lake Christian School.


Meet Mountain Lake Christian School: 

Excellence in education.  Humility in Christ.

Mountain Lake Christian School is an interdenominational, pre-k through twelfth grade school whose goal is to provide excellence in education while instilling humility in Christ. Our mission is to produce graduates who love God and are prepared mentally, physically, and spiritually to influence the world.

About the Head of School:

The Head of School reports directly to the MLC Board of Directors. This position is responsible to provide the spiritual, educational, and administrative leadership required for the effective operation of Mountain Lake Christian School as it seeks to deliver an integrated Christian education based on the truths of the Scriptures. The Head of School is responsible to lead in a manner consistent with the school’s vision and mission.


The Head of School will: 

Administer School Operations

  • Structure the organization to support all educational and administrative objectives. 

  • In conjunction with the Treasurer of the Board of Directors, annually propose a fiscally responsible operating budget and provide a draft to the board. 

  • Establish and oversee the implementation of near term and long term goals in conjunction with the overall needs of the school. 

  • Oversee the development of the school schedule, calendar, and extra-curricular programs. 

  • Establish and maintain an effective system of curriculum and student assessment and development. 

  • Oversee the maintenance of the facility. 

  • Oversee the coordination of transportation and food services. 

  • Ensure effective student recruitment and admissions procedures are in place to attract and retain students. 

  • Establish and maintain the school’s accreditation as directed by the board. 

  • Recommend, implement, and articulate all policies and procedures. 

  • Provide and supervise effective discipline consistent with the mission and vision of the school and in accordance with due process and other applicable laws and regulations. 

  • Mentor, support, and review all direct reports.

  • Oversee all fundraising for the school. 

  • Work with various board-approved committees. 

Hire, Evaluate, and Support Staff

  • Recruit and hire the best staff and faculty available. 

  • Conduct ongoing assessments of teachers and the quality of the teaching being provided. 

  • Assess the quality of the school’s overall educational system. 

  • Facilitate the orientation of new teachers. 

  • Provide ongoing opportunities for professional development for all teachers and staff. 

  • Develop a culture amongst teachers and staff that encourages and supports creativity, collaboration, and collegiality. 

  • Provide formal or informal performance evaluations of non-licensed personnel. 

Represent MLC to the Community

  • Be an effective spokesperson for the vision and mission of the school to both the school community and the community at large. 

  • Effectively and respectfully interact with people of all types, from all professions and all socio-economic backgrounds. 

  • Through development and admissions, increase overall awareness of the school throughout the community and assist in the raising of capital to support short-term and long-term financial needs. 

Collaboration with the MLC Board of Directors: 

  • Provide monthly updates to the board of significant school events, activities, issues, and challenges. 

  • In conjunction with the Treasurer of the Board of Directors, provide monthly updates to the board on the school’s performance against the current budget. 

  • Provide updates on the school’s performance against established fundraising objectives. 

  • Provide updates to the board on the school’s performance against enrollment objectives. 

  • Support the directives of the long range strategic plan should one be developed. 

  • Assess the needs of the school and provide recommendations consistent with those needs. 

  • Provide the board with a list of personal and professional goals/objectives for the upcoming school year prior to the beginning of each school year. 

  • Respond expediently to board and/or board committee requests. 

  • Provide honest feedback to the board when the board formally evaluates itself. 


What you bring: 

Education & Experience

A master’s degree is required. Those candidates who are in the process of completing a master’s degree may be considered. 

Five to seven years of education experience is required. Preference will be given to candidates who have had previous classroom experience, as well as experience in the Christian education environment.

Preference will be given to candidates with previous Head of School experience.

Personal Characteristics

  • Is a born again Christian who loves God with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

  • Loves their neighbor as themselves—committed to maintain a spirit of reconciliation with all partners of the school. 

  • Has a passion for Christian education/worldview,  with experience in the Christian education realm. 

  • Has a servant’s heart and mentality. 

  • Exhibits a Christ-like role model in attitude, speech and actions. 

  • Will actively participate in a fellowship of Christians, who encourage each other as members of Christ’s body. 

  • Supports, without reservation, the MLC Statement of Faith, Vision Statement, and Mission Statement. 

  • Possesses strong organizational, communicative, and managerial skills, including timely follow-up when necessary. 

  • Has an ability to relate to students, staff, parents, and community leaders in an equally effective manner. 

  • Meets everyday stress with emotional stability, objectivity, and optimism. 

  • Demonstrates the character qualities of enthusiasm, courtesy, flexibility, humility, integrity, gratitude, kindness, self-control, perseverance, punctuality, a love for learning, a willingness to forgive and seek forgiveness. 

  • Is a visionary with conceptual skills and analytical abilities. 

  • Is a leader as demonstrated in their ability to collaborate by providing effective leadership and direction to their colleagues. 

  • Is proficient in the use of applicable computer software. 

  • Possesses school administrative licensure from an accredited college, university or Christian organization (e.g. ACSI).

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What it's like to live in Mountain Lake, Minnesota: 

Located in southwestern Minnesota, along the vital Highway 60 corridor that links Minneapolis/St. Paul to Sioux Falls and Omaha, Mountain Lake has a population of 2,104 people and serves eastern Cottonwood and western Watonwan Counties. 

Today, Mountain Lake enjoys a strong sense of its past while looking to its future. The historical Heritage Village, on the city's southeastern edge, remembers the challenges German and Russian immigrants faced as they built new lives. The descendants of those 19th century immigrants enjoy a culturally diverse community with the recent addition of Mountain Lake's newest immigrants, the Laotian, Hispanic, and Hmong. The community continues to reflect the agricultural base on which it was founded.

Mountain Lake also enjoys a growing industrial base. The city has a strong business/manufacturing subdivision that brings many businesses to the area, along with employment. Mountain Lake has strong public and private schools. For those who love the outdoors, the area also has a lake with public access, a park and a walking trail, and a golf course. The area has great options for medical care, an excellent public library, a low crime rate, and a variety of senior housing options that will make you want to call Mountain Lake home!

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