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Mountain Park Community Church

Family Ministries Pastor

Phoenix, Arizona




Denomination: Church of God - Anderson

Weekly Attendance: 1,750

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

The Role: Family Ministries Pastor

Mountain Park - Family Ministries Pastor 1

Meet Mountain Park Community Church:

Mountain Park Church (MPC) is a single-site church with an average attendance of 1800 (pre-COVID) in beautiful Ahwatukee, an affluent area within sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Starting as a church plant about 30 years ago, MPC has continued to expand its reach and moved into a new facility in 2017. The local community features excellent schools, abundant sports and outdoor activities, beautiful desert surroundings, and a health-conscious culture.  

Mountain Park is voluntarily affiliated with the Church of God (Anderson) and affirms the role of women and teachers and leaders within the church.  We consider our affiliation with the Church of God the best of both worlds. On one hand, we are part of something bigger than ourselves - we are part of the larger Church. On the other hand, we are a self-governing church - free to direct vision and style according to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

When you come to a worship service, you will experience meaningful worship and  a Biblically-based message that is engaging and relevant. We also believe that creativity and humor have an important place in our gatherings and look to include elements of fun to the Sunday experience (for all ages). We take Jesus seriously, but not ourselves. It is important to us that we are not only a place for our current attenders to grow in their faith,  but also a church that reaches the community in which we live through service and outreach. 


About the Family Ministries Pastor:

The mission of Mountain Park Church is to invite the distracted and the disinterested to realize their role in God’s story. In pursuit of this mission, we are equally committed to reaching the unbelieving with the love and truth of Jesus and cultivating spiritual growth and maturity in his followers. The Family Ministries Pastor fulfills this mission by leading discipleship strategies from birth through high school. This includes:

  • Creating opportunities for the next generation to know, love, and follow Jesus.

  • Encouraging and equipping parents to be spiritual leaders.

  • Raising up teams and leaders who influence the next generation for Christ.

More than just a manager, they will take a hands-on role in either Student Ministry or Children’s Ministry (to be determined based on their interest, abilities, and experience). Experience in Children’s and Youth Ministry will be weighted equally, and those who have successfully led either (or both) are encouraged to apply.  

Mountain Park - Family Ministries Pastor 2

The Family Ministries Pastor Will: 

Create opportunities for the next generation to know, love, and follow Jesus.

  • Represent Jesus in our community, actively pursuing kids, students, and families who are unbelievers and/or not part of a local church.

  • Oversee family ministry programming where individuals with different backgrounds and worldviews are welcomed without condemnation but also lovingly called to follow Christ in every area of their life, including:

    • Large group programming (Sundays and mid-week) that is Christ-centered, biblically rooted, engaging, and age-relevant; this includes worship, curriculum, interactive fun, creative teaching (with, for example, drama, dramatic storytelling, comic bits, interactive games, etc.), and technical production.

    • Small group communities (Sundays and mid-week) that cultivate growing disciples by expressing the love and truth of Jesus in the context of authentic, caring relationships.

    • Mid-week discipleship tracks for elementary through high school that foster spiritual community, growth, and leadership.

    • Camps and trips where kids/students get a break from everyday routines and experience something uniquely fun while initiating and strengthening their relationships with each other, their leaders, and their Lord. 

    • Special events that build relationships, catalyze spiritual growth, and/or increase our reach by introducing non-attendees to MPC.

  • Maintains a clear strategy for following up with new families and integrating them into the community at MPC.

  • Creates high-quality transitions between ministries that include a shared spiritual experience (where parents make a spiritual memory with their child/student) and introduce and integrate students (and their parents) into their new programs.

  • Maintains visually appealing, clean, organized, age-relevant environments that kids/students love to be in and that reinforce our mission and purpose.

Encourage and equip parents to be spiritual leaders.

  • Actively pursue relationships with parents (on Sundays and throughout the week) and establish themselves as the “go-to person” for family discipleship, parenting issues, etc. 

  • Provide pastoral care and guidance to families.

  • Create opportunities for parents to understand, get excited about, and participate in the mission and strategy of Family Ministries.

  • Communicate regularly with parents to celebrate wins, promote upcoming events, share parenting tips, and/or keep them informed of the topics and teachings they can reinforce at home – this includes regular posting on social media.

  • Teaches, inspires, resources, and trains parents to lead spiritually - to include shared spiritual experiences with hands-on opportunities for parents to practice being spiritual leaders in a fun and safe environment.

Raise up teams and leaders who influence the next generation for Christ.

  • Ensure that all ministries are fully staffed by identifying, recruiting, developing, and growing leaders and teams who embrace, advocate for, and implement the strategies and vision of Family Ministries while effectively carrying out their roles and responsibilities.

  • Manage and improve existing leadership teams and coaching systems within Family Ministries.

  • Collaborate with other staff members to execute quarterly volunteer Huddles that build community among volunteers while inspiring and equipping them to do the work of the ministry.

Mountain Park - Family Ministries Pastor 3

What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent.

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in Children’s and/or Youth Ministry and 5 years of leading a disciple-making ministry (can be concurrent).

  • Minimum 4 years of experience working hands-on with parents in a pastoral role, providing Biblical guidance and pastoral counseling.

Knowledge, Skill, and Ability

  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Commitment to confidentiality.

  • Strong organizational and problem-solving skills.

  • Excellent at customer service.

  • Ability to effectively manage multiple tasks simultaneously under time constraints.

  • Dependable, responsible, and self-motivated.

  • Able to make independent decisions and work with minimal supervision.

  • Proficient in Mac software and Microsoft Office.

Personal Characteristics

  • Gifted in evangelism, ready and able to share the gospel through words and deeds in a compelling and engaging way.

  • Outward focused -  actively seeks to initiate and build relationships with unbelievers and non-attenders  with the intent of moving them toward Christ and towards the Church.

  • Personal drive, initiative, and a strong work ethic.

  • Enthusiasm and joy – a naturally “bright” face and smile.

  • High emotional and relational intelligence and builds relationships easily.

  • Collaborative team player who naturally motivates and encourages others.

Mountain Park - Family Ministries Pastor 4

What it's Like to Live in Phoenix, Arizona: 

Phoenix, Arizona, offers many opportunities to explore their friendly communities, a growing cultural and culinary scene, diverse music to discover, and street art to view, and it is all accompanied by a stunning desert backdrop! In Phoenix, it's inevitable to encounter its gorgeous desert scenery, character, and sophistication. Phoenix has more land for preserves and parks than any other major city in the nation. The city is continually growing and building.

America's fifth-most-populated city is home to true cowboys, various cacti, and red-rock buttes. Here you will find the Sonoran Desert, the Grand Canyon, and rich Phoenix history that is a testament to the spirit of visionaries, miners, and ranchers.

Phoenix is home to an array of entertainment, culture, and fun, in addition to its natural beauty. From visiting the theater, going shopping, discovering unique restaurants, exploring museums, and more, there's no shortage of things to do in the area. 

Many people come to Phoenix for the weather and the great business opportunities – although with an abundance of outdoor activities, golfing, and great restaurants, it's also a great setting to have a family vacation, retire, or go on a weekend adventure. Stargazing or watching the beautiful sunsets is a wonderful way to wind down your day before settling in for the night. Phoenix has so much natural beauty, and it is a great place to call your home.

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