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New Heights Church

New Heights Church - Executive Pastor

Vancouver, Washington

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Denomination: Converge

Weekly Attendance: 3,500

Location: Vancouver, Washington

The role: There are four primary responsibilities of an Executive Pastor, all underneath the umbrella of supporting and partnering with the Lead Pastor to lead the staff and church. The four primary tasks include: 1) Chief of Staff for all church staff (hiring, developing, training, staff culture, morale, performance, reviews, and terminations), 2) Ministry design and implementation, 3) Leadership development, and 4) Oversight and management of the finances and facilities of the church. 

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Meet New Heights Church:

The people of New Heights are passionate about “making more and better disciples.” As you walk into New Heights, you can’t miss their take on how to do that: deliver “Help, Hope, and Home through Jesus Christ.” Giant letters spell out the phrase on the wall, it’s repeated in the worship folder, and heard often from those up front. And, as you spend time with the people of New Heights, you’ll find they make good on this offer.
New Heights’ approach of living out this mission is centered on meeting the unique needs of Clark County, Washington. The goal is to create environments at our campuses that will make it easy for the people of New Heights to invite those who need the Good News of Jesus Christ. Each weekend, about 3,500 people attend one of its 5 campuses, in four locations, in two langauges. The church has 12 total services per weekend. Primarily, the teaching is broadcast from one campus to the other campuses, with the exception of the Latino congregation which is taught by a Spanish-speaking pastor. Each location is served by a campus pastor, and has live, modern worship as well as regular live teaching.
The primary target for New Heights Church is a new believer. The programming is designed to help the new Christ-follower take their next steps in growing in Christ. The secondary target is what the church calls "an almost believer." The church wants to answer questions the one looking for answers is asking. New Heights is not a seeker church, but longs to make the Gospel plain to both the new believer and those truly investigating Christianity. Of course, the church wants to see mature believers grow in their faith too and provide atmospheres for that to happen, but the primary targets are for those young in their faith or investigating Christianity.
All of this is made possible through staff and lay leaders who embrace their roles as ministers of the Good News. In January of 2019, their new Lead Pastor, David Whiting, began leading the staff and the church. The elders, staff, and congregation have responded enthusiastically to the new leadership, and there has been growth in numbers, vision, and energy this year. They are looking forward to an Executive Pastor who can foster a work culture that attracts and retains highly gifted staff. Currently at about 50 in number (both full and part-time), these paid staff leaders, in-turn, develop and support volunteer leaders, thereby multiplying ministry and discipleship efforts throughout the church body.

About the Executive Pastor:

  • Chief of Staff for all church staff (hiring, developing, training, staff culture, morale, performance, reviews, and terminations).

  • Ministry design and implementation (co-leading the design of strategy of ministry with the Lead Pastor for church ministries, then leading the evaluation and continual improvement of these ministries and processes, monitoring stats, etc.).

  • Leadership development (the focus is the staff, but secondarily the church).

  • Oversight and management of the finances and facilities of the church.


The role will: 

  • Design and deliver a comprehensive leadership training and development process for the church staff.

  • Be responsible for the hiring and dismissal of all church staff (in communication and coordination with the Lead Pastor).

  • Partner with the Lead Pastor in the preparation and implementation of strategic plans.

  • Provide day-to-day leadership to the church staff as well as the design and coordination of all church ministries.

  • Work with the church administrator in designing, preparing, and monitoring the budget.

  • Meet regularly with the Lead Pastor to inform him on ministries and personnel, catch his vision, heart, and direction for the future, and to stay unified as a team.

  • Serve as the representative of the Lead Pastor in all meetings and decisions.

  • Monitor the pulse of the church through heart data (including things like):

    • Atmosphere (interior issues of morale, relationships, trust, God’s presence, etc.)

    • Attitude

    • Energy

    • Environment (external surroundings, conditions, and opportunities)

    • Maturity and community of believers

    • Momentum

  • Monitor the progress of the church through hard data (including things like):

    • Conversions/baptisms

    • First-time guests/retention

    • Number of people in ministry

    • Number of people in groups

    • Number of people serving

    • Number of identified and trained leaders

    • Offering

    • Attendance

  • Embrace other responsibilities as assigned.

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What you bring: 

Education & Experience

If coming from a church staff, someone who has been on a church of 1,500+ average weekend attendees, and has led a team of at least ten or more staff. Someone who has five or more years of pastoral and staff management experience or ten-plus years of business and staff management experience. The ideal candidate will have at least a bachelor’s degree. 

Preferred bonuses in candidates include a seminary degree, business experience, experience in hiring and dismissing church staff, experience in church budgeting, staff leadership experience at a multisite church of three or more locations, staff leadership experience in a church setting of 3,000-plus average weekend attendees, and a familiarity or background with life in the Pacific Northwest region. 

Personal Characteristics

  • Has a mature and growing walk with Christ.

  • Has a passion to make More & Better Disciples in a church environment.

  • Qualifies as an elder (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9), living a life committed to Christ, exemplary of a mature Christian.

  • If married, has a spouse who is vested in the ministry of New Heights Church. She doesn’t just tolerate her husband’s ministry, but celebrates it in every way.

  • Invests in personal growth and fosters this growth within his family unit.

  • Values the leadership and staff culture of the church.

  • Leads through consensus and collaboration.

  • Fully embraces the vision, mission, and theology of New Heights Church.

  • Has a proven track record of developing leaders.

  • Has a strong gift of leadership (to lead the staff).

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What it's like to live in Vancouver, Washington: 

Whether you look to downtown Vancouver, the surrounding suburbs, or one of Clark County’s more rural, outlying communities, you’ll find a high quality of life. Good schools, abundant outdoor beauty and recreation, a strong economy, and mild weather with equally mild people are hallmarks of the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area. 

Vancouver sits on the north bank of the Columbia River, the seventh longest river in the country. To the east, you see the Cascade Mountain Range with snow capped Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood. Drive 90 minutes west and you reach the Pacific Ocean. Cross the bridge over the river to the south and you’re in one of the country’s most vibrant cities Portland, Oregon. Culture, dining, shopping, the arts, fishing, skiing, hunting, and so much more are all within reach.

Vancouver is a mix of relaxed, west coast vibes with family focused values. Many folks move up from Portland because Clark County schools have a solid reputation, Washington doesn’t have an income tax, and homes are more affordable. You’ll find friendly neighbors, abundant parks, and endless recreation. All in all, Vancouver, Washington is the ideal place to live for any couple or family.

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