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New Roads Catholic Community

Director of Adult Ministry

Belmont, Massachusetts


Denomination: Catholic

Neighborhood: Belmont, Massachusetts

Weekly Attendance:  800

The role:  The role of the Director of Adult Ministry is to create the building blocks for a culture of discipleship in which adult members are constantly encouraged and challenged to grow as disciples through ministry, missions, and small groups.

DSC_4797Meet New Roads Catholic Community: 

New Roads Catholic Community is a community of two parishes, St. Joseph and St. Luke in Belmont, Massachusetts, working together to reinvigorate our Church and faith community by reaching out to those who have become disconnected from the Church and by challenging our members to grow as intentional disciples. We offer experiences of worship, welcome, and conversation through which all people can encounter God and grow in their relationship with God. This community is a family that welcomes all who search for God, that will meet you where you are, and help you take your next steps in developing a relationship with God, whether you are 5, 15, 25, or 105. New Roads is a spiritual home for those who do not currently practice the Catholic faith, for those who have questions, struggles, and doubts, and for all people who are looking for a sense of meaning and belonging.

New Roads was formed in 2013 following the implementation of a new pastoral plan for the Archdiocese of Boston, Disciples in Mission, which grouped parishes together as collaboratives with the goal of “strengthening parishes for the work of the New Evangelization.” Fr. Thom Mahoney has led as pastor since New Roads’ inception in 2013. The reality that drives the vision of our church is that we know that there are people in our community--hundreds and thousands of people--who don’t have a relationship with God and have drifted away from the church. All too often, churches have introduced people to religion that is devoid of a relationship with God. Relatedly, so many people have experienced church as something that is unengaging and irrelevant to their lives.

It’s our vision to solve that problem, and we strive to be bold and creative in our approach. We want to remove any obstacles in our church that would keep people from encountering God. Our desire is that our community would be the very best place in our community where someone can come to authentically meet God and intimately know God. We don’t want our church to be a place where it’s just possible to meet God. We want our church to be a place where it’s impossible not to meet God.From the time people arrive on our campus to the time they leave, our desire is that every aspect of our community shows people how much God loves them and how valuable they are to God and to us. That could be:
  • In the authentic and warm welcome of a friendly person holding open a door, who is genuinely glad to see you
  • In the message that feels like it was written specifically for you and the challenge you’re facing
  • In the music that creates an atmosphere of worship that is so powerful, overwhelming, and inescapably full of God’s Spirit
  • In the experience of Kids’ Church that engages children in a relevant way and shows them how valuable and precious they are to God
We want to be a community that in every way reflects and reveals the heart of God. It’s a big vision and will require incredible work and grace to get there, but we believe it’s where God is leading us.

DSC_4799About the Director of Adult Ministry: 

The role of the Director of Adult Ministry is to create the building blocks for a culture of discipleship in which adult members are constantly encouraged and challenged to grow as disciples through ministry, missions, and small groups.

The Director of Adult Ministry will: 
  • In the first three months, work with the leadership team to prepare a specific plan with measurable outcomes.
  • Equip our members for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ (Eph. 4:12).
  • Identify and continually develop leaders for each adult ministry (including liturgical, hospitality, operational, sacramental preparation workshops, and small group ministries), and empower leaders to coordinate recruitment, scheduling, and communication for their ministries.
  • Develop processes to make it easy for all adult members of our community to begin to serve in ministry at New Roads and in missions in the wider community.
  • Design and execute ministry-recruitment strategies and events, particularly focused on helping first-time ministers connect to ministry and helping all ministers to view ministry as central to their own discipleship.
  • Train, support, and communicate with member ministers, helping them understand their vital role in fulfilling Christ’s vision for our community and providing them with the tools and information they need to serve effectively.
  • Develop new adult ministries: parking lot ministers, greeters, host team, information team, operations team, adult small group leaders, etc.Promote the goal of making “every member a minister” among members, guests, and team members.
  • Equip our members to support one another on the discipleship path.
What You Bring:

 Education and Experience

The ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree and several years of proven leadership experience. Further ministry training is a plus, but not required.

Personal Characteristics
  • Is a highly motivated Christian leader, committed to helping others grow as disciples.
  • Has a passion for developing leaders and helping members find a ministry that matches their gifts.
  • Can provide the vision and leadership to develop a culture of discipleship and motivate disciples to leadership roles in our community.
  • Is a people-person and comfortable in a role with high visibility.
  • Has strong communication and organizational skills.
  • Is creative, flexible, and has a great sense of humor.
  • Loves to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions.
  • Enjoys working with others, but also knows how to work independently and get things done.
  • Desire to be in on the ground floor of creating an innovative, vibrant organization.
  • Is able to admit mistakes, learn new tools, and take on new challenges.
  • Is committed to growing in their own relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Is willing to support the mission of the Catholic Church and is eager to join a dynamic and ambitious team.
What it's like to live in Belmont, Massachusetts: 

Just a quick eight miles from the city of Boston, Belmont in the 1900s became a place where artists, authors, educators, physicians, and scientists began to settle, and it’s still a popular place for those who work in Cambridge and Boston. Though Belmont is heavily residential, it has a few town centers and quite a bit of green space.

There are two local business organizations in Belmont: Belmont Center and Cushing Square, both of which have a variety of local restaurants and shops. The Belmont Farmer’s Market is also a good place to get some local produce from various venders. It also offers many activities for children.For people that enjoy being outside, there are plenty of parks and playgrounds in town, including the Mass Audubon’s Habitat Education Center and Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a nature preserve where you can take educational classes and go on walks.

Belmont boasts three incredible public schools. These schools received a nine to ten rating on the GreatSchools rating scale. 

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