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NewHope Church

Senior Pastor

Durham, North Carolina

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Denomination: Wesleyan

Weekly Attendance: 1,000

Location: Durham, North Carolina

The Role: Senior Pastor

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Meet NewHope Church:

NewHope Church is a significant regional church in the heart of the Carolinas. The church was founded in 2002 and has seen remarkable growth over the years. NewHope is well known for its relevant biblical teaching, upbeat and contemporary worship, missional outreach, life group gatherings in homes, excellent children’s programs, and high-impact student ministries.

We have a dream, a vision, a calling to spread the gospel of Christ through our contemporary church services. Our prayer is that our community of faith be a beacon of love and HOPE for anyone who is seeking, looking for answers in this crazy world. We dream of a church with dedicated followers who are compelled to actively lead others on their journey to salvation. We want people to come expecting to encounter Christ, to build a relationship with Him, and to be engaged with others to build redemptive relationships. Our pastors and church staff are here to help disciple our NewHope family so that everyone can engage in serving with their God-given strengths and talents.

More than anything, NewHope church is what you would call, “A GOD THING!” In twenty years, NewHope has grown to a community of faith impacting across the Carolinas and beyond. No doubt, that really is the best way to describe what has happened! In eighteen years, this church has gone from a house church to a movement that is sweeping across the Research Triangle and beyond! In the church’s short time of existence, NewHope has grown to a community of faith of thousands of people who regularly attend one of our Worship Celebrations, Sunday in Durham, and online. NewHope Church has been named, year after year, as one of the fastest-growing churches in America by Outreach magazine.

For NewHope, the pandemic brought significant change (as it did for all of us). It brought us to a place of increased online ministry. It led us to launch our multi-site campuses into autonomy. And it taught us how to do ministry more efficiently and effectively. The church has held up well. While in person attendance is not back to pre-pandemic levels, giving has been extraordinarily strong, and the morale of the church has been remarkable. 

Recently, our founding pastor resigned to pursue a new chapter. In the wake of that change, NewHope is filled with thanks for his service, as well as excitement for both his new chapter and ours. In some ways, we are filled with a truly NewHope for the coming years of spreading the love and hope of Jesus to the Research Triangle and beyond. 



About the Senior Pastor:

The Senior Pastor is spiritual leader of the church and is responsible for proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, teaching biblical revelation, and administering all church functions and activities. They will ensure the overall health and prosperity of NewHope Church for the generations ahead. As the Senior Pastor, you will first and foremost be a spiritual leader above reproach (I Timothy 3). You will pursue Godliness, humility, and integrity since nothing gets in the way of faithful ministry within a church more than a leader compromising any of these values.

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The Senior Pastor's Responsibilities Include: 

The position requires a commitment to the calling of God on your life to pastor a church and a commitment to NewHope Church to accomplish its Mission as noted above to Reach, Teach and Release. The position also requires the Senior Pastor to:

  • Cast and lead the Vision, Mission, and Core Values of NewHope Church.

  • Shepherd the flock, both congregant and staff.

  • Evangelize and teach the Gospel.

  • Ensure financial stewardship.

  • Drive day to day ministry operations to accomplish the vision.

Essential Duties:

  • General Statements:

    • The Senior Pastor shall be a voting member of the Board of Directors.

    • The Senior Pastor shall be a non-voting member of any other seated committees/groups (if applicable).

    • In partnership with the Secretary, The Senior Pastor shall be accountable to the scriptures and to the Board of Directors as outlined in the church by-laws.

    • The Senior Pastor shall work to understand and participate in the Wesleyan Discipline for ordination, if not already completed.

    • The Senior Pastor must have solid spiritual disciplines including regular study of scriptures, devotional time, a healthy prayer life, worship, and generosity.

  • Cast and lead the Vision, Mission, and Core Values of NewHope Church.

    • The Senior Pastor is the evangelism and discipleship leader driving initiatives to grow our church in an ever-changing world.

    • As the lead vision and mission casting voice, you will ensure the mission and vision align with all operating ministries and planned initiatives.

    • You will lead the church in accomplishing the vision and mission inside and outside the four walls of the church building.

  • Shepherd the flock, both congregant and staff.

    • As the lead shepherd, you will care for and/or build infrastructure to ensure spiritual care for all congregants and staff.

    • Lead to and through Sunday, teaching on culturally relevant topics while keeping Christ at the center of the teaching.

    • You will set the example for the congregants and staff to follow with respects to living the Christian lifestyle, serving and generosity.

  • Ensure stewardship of all church resources both in human and financial capital.

    • In partnership with the CFO/Treasure, set healthy financial goals and objectives including best use of ministry dollars.

    • Ensure a healthy staff culture by investing in collaborative initiatives with the staff team to accomplish the mission of NewHope Church.

  • Drive day to day ministry operations to accomplish the vision.

    • Support the ministry's missional investment in our local and global communities.

    • Invest in the next generation, equipping them for a future in ministry.

  • Other various duties the Senior Pastor deems necessary from time to time.

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What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • The Senior Pastor will be a qualified member of the church, as required in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.

  • A seminary degree from an accredited college is required (2 Timothy 2:15).

  • A minimum of 10 years of experience in effective Biblical teaching, leadership, and serving the pastoral ministry position (2 Timothy 4:1-2).

  • The Senior Pastor will be called by the Holy Spirit as defined in John 15:16 and confirmed by the Board of Directors.
  • Experience as a Lead or Senior Pastor is preferred 

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Strong leadership skills including the ability to develop and articulate a mission/vision, build support, and engage the church community in fulfilling its purpose.

  • Is a compelling, authentic and engaging  biblical communicator

  • A dynamic leader, team-builder and team player that can create a healthy team culture.

  • Understands team building and is able to mentor and equip others

  • Effective and efficient communicator with staff, leadership, and the body through sermons, staff communication, and one on one.

  • Highly relational interpersonal skills, demonstrating authenticity, energy, enthusiasm, and passion for ministry and people.

Personal Characteristics & Qualifications

  • Evidence of a committed, mature, and deepening relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Have the heart of a Shepherd for the congregation and the community.

  • Leads with confidence but is also a team player and loves the collaborative approach

  • Has a compassionate and servant-hearted attitude

  • Not intimidated by leading a church of 1,000 and leading a large staff.

  • Humble, teachable, and committed to a growth mindset.

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What it's Like to Live in Durham, North Carolina: 

Durham is a dense suburban city in North Carolina consisting of a population of about 270,000. The Durham community is one of the most culturally diverse areas in North Carolina, offering many various dining and entertainment experiences for all to enjoy. The city is perfect for families as well as young professionals, many people are moving to the area to take advantage of access to higher education, affordable real estate, and many family amenities.  Durham is situated between the beach and the mountains, with each being just a couple of hours away. For those who enjoy the urban feel, downtown nightlife and restaurants will not disappoint. There are many urban trails for jogging and biking. For those who enjoy the countryside relaxation, within the outskirts are many parks and landscapes. Durham is also home to nationally ranked college and professional sports such as Duke, UNC, and Durham Bulls Baseball. Because of the great cultural diversity of this community, anyone and everyone is welcome and is guaranteed to find their fun.

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