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North Shelby Baptist Church

Lead Pastor

Birmingham, Alabama

North Shelby Baptist Logo



Weekly Attendance: 400

Denomination: Southern Baptist Convention

Location: Birmingham, AL

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The role: The Lead Pastor provides spiritual and administrative leadership to the entire church.

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About North Shelby Baptist Church:

Established in November of 1993 and growing, North Shelby Baptist Church is known as the “church on the hill” and is a “mid-size” multigenerational Southern Baptist Convention congregation, conservative in doctrine and worship, liberal in love and giving. North Shelby Baptist is located just outside the city of Birmingham in beautiful Shelby County, which is listed as one of the fastest-growing areas in the state of Alabama.

North Shelby has continued to grow to a weekly attendance of almost 400 in recent years, and has expanded its ministry imprint on the beautiful 31 acres that God has given to them. They are committed to loving the Lord and one another, and their worship is heartfelt. They actively practice prayer and offer a close-knit church family for people of all ages. NSBC has historically been a traditional church and has always purposed itself to serve the Lord with excellence in ministry, worship, and facilities. As a multigenerational church, NSBC is blessed with an even mix of all age groups who participate through their attendance and giving. Numerous young families are seen each week, participating in a variety of activities North Shelby Baptist has to offer. 


About the Lead Pastor:

The Lead Pastor is responsible for direct involvement in the ministry of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and pastoral care in meeting the needs of the congregation.

The Lead Pastor at North Shelby Baptist Church will be a godly leader who is a dynamic preacher of God’s Word, exhibited through the power of the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lead Pastor will lead out of a shepherd’s heart and love for God, the church, the people who call North Shelby Baptist their home, and the community.  The Lead Pastor will be a strategic and visionary leader who works collaboratively with the pastors, staff, and congregation to live out the mission of loving God and one another and sharing Jesus with the world.

The Lead Pastor will:

  • Be the spiritual leader and overseer of the congregation.

  • Provide administrative leadership for the total church program.

  • Proclaim the gospel and lead the church in proclaiming the gospel to the congregation and local community.

  • Lead or delegate the leadership of the congregational services by planning, coordinating, and evaluating worship experiences that glorify, honor, and praise the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Preach or designate a preacher at all worship services.


The effective Lead Pastor will achieve the following goals during the first 18 months of work:

  • The church feel a sense of excitement about the powerful movement of the Holy Spirit and momentum within the church.

  • Work with established staff in place and lead in the God-given vision for NSBC.

  • Provide weekly, solid preaching based on God’s Word and the teaching of Scripture.

  • See people be saved, be baptized, and grow in their daily walk with Him.

  • North Shelby’s congregation will continue to serve people’s needs with lives being changed in tangible, as well as spiritual ways.

What you bring: 


The candidate should be an ordained SBC pastor who, at a minimum, has a bachelor’s degree, but an MDiv from a seminary is preferred. 

Experience and Skills

  • Three to five years of church leadership experience as a pastor with preaching responsibilities. 

  • Gifted preaching grounded in the truth of God’s Word and, therefore, claiming it as the authority for faith, service, and living.

  • The ability to connect with mature believers as well as new believers through practical, relevant, biblical preaching and teaching.

  • Relational leadership with the personality, passion, and energy to invest in the lives of staff, lay leaders, church members, and the community.

  • The desire to see the gospel shared with the lost and the ability to disciple others to do the same. 

  • A heart for and experience with multigenerational ministry.

Personal Characteristics

  • Maintains a strong, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Aligns with North Shelby’s vision, core values, and beliefs.

  • Embodies a strong, shepherding leadership gift, and is ambitious for God and the church, but not for self. 

  • Is humble and an authentic spirit is evident through his teaching and personal interactions.

  • Displays passion for corporate worship with dedication to provide meaningful worship experiences for believers.

  • Demonstrates commitment to and giftedness in ministry and service.

  • Desires to be a good steward of his personal and church finances.


About the Birmingham, AL:

Birmingham boasts itself as being one of the most beautiful cities in the southeast. Birmingham is the largest city in the state, with a population currently estimated at 212,237, and a metro population of 1,136,650.

Nestled at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, at the cross-section of two major railroads, the city was once the primary industrial center of the southern United States. At the height of the nation’s manufacturing age, the city grew so fast in population it was called the “Magic City.” Today, Birmingham has transformed itself into a medical research, banking, and service-based economy, making it one of the nation’s most livable cities with a vibrant downtown, a burgeoning loft community, a world-class culinary scene, and more green space per capita than any other city in the nation.

North Shelby County 

North Shelby County is one of the fastest-growing counties in Alabama. As the southernmost extension of the Appalachian Mountains, North Shelby County is full of excellent recreational activities, and one of the largest parks in Alabama, Oak Mountain State Park with 10,000 acres of woods and trails. It’s also close to the Coosa River and Cahaba River. North Shelby County, in addition to what it offers by way of the outdoors, it also has a small-town feel with access to all the amenities of Metro Birmingham. 

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