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North Ten Mile Baptist Church

Senior Pastor

Amity, PA

North Ten Mile Baptist Church Logo



Denomination: Baptist/Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance:  75

Location: Amity, PA

The Role:  Senior Pastor

North Ten Mile Baptist Church Campus

Meet North Ten Mile Baptist Church:

North Ten Mile Baptist Church  is one of the oldest in Southwestern Pennsylvania, located South of Washington, near Amity and the villages of Ten Mile and Lone Pine. The Lord has blessed North Ten Mile Baptist Church with faithful ministers and a faithful congregation for 250 years. In 2023, the church will be celebrating its 250th anniversary, a monumental achievement. 

As one of the oldest congregations in Washington County, the church is situated on a rural road in Amwell Township between Lone Pine and Ten Mile. Emigrants from England and Scotland came as early as 1768 and settled along the north fork of the Ten Mile Creek.

As soon as cabins were built, they gathered for religious services. Crumrine’s “History of Washington County,” indicates that the first meeting house was constructed in 1773, east of its present location. Several years later, a new church was constructed on the ridge road for easier access. This second building served from 1794 until 1836.

Later referred to in church records as the Ridge Church, a third building  was built in 1836. The dedication services for the fourth house of worship were held on May 18, 1873. The present brick building was built in 1904. In 1993 due to an unprecedented expansion, an addition was built onto the then 89 year old building providing additional classroom, kitchen, and fellowship space.

North Ten Mile Baptist Church has called fifty one pastors since her organization in 1773 and demonstrates through her membership the godly leadership brought by these pastors. With 250 years of history to undergird her, North Ten Mile Baptist church proudly launches into the future with the everlasting, unchanging Gospel of Jesus Christ.


About the Senior Pastor:

The Pastor, as a shepherd, shall carefully watch over and guide the spiritual interests of the congregation and perform all the duties inherent in the office of the Pastor.

North Ten Mile Baptist Church Community

The Senior Pastor Responsibilities Include: 

  • Emphasize the preaching ministry with time for preparation and reflection on the word and develop and lead a ministry with youth that nurtures Christian faith commitment and discipleship;
  • Communicate a comprehensive understanding of the Bible and Christian Theology.
  • Develop and maintain programs and activities for enlarging the membership.
  • Provide counseling for individuals, couples, families, and groups.
  • Provide by word and presence an empathetic understanding of and concern for persons in the routine and joys as well as the crises and transitions of life.
  • Engage in regular visitation with the congregation, visitors and new arrivals to the community at their home or other safe setting.
  • Preaching and Teaching – Including the New Members Class.
  • The Counseling of Church Members, Youth, and Children.
  • Perform Weddings, Funerals and Dedications at His Discretion.
  • The Officiation of the Ordinances.
  • Perform the Various Administrative Duties of His Office.

North Ten Mile Baptist Church Childrens Church

What You Bring: 

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Senior Pastor:

Education & Experience

  • 3+ years of ministry experience (comparable experience in another role is acceptable)
  • Ordained Baptist
  • Undergraduate degree preferred
  • Seminary degree preferred

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Family-oriented individual who demonstrates consistency and maturity in delegating tasks
  • Able to unify the congregation and the community and form lasting relationships
  • Able to be objective and responsible when performing job duties
  • Administrative, organizational, and planning skills required
  • Meaningful change agent with an exceptional level of emotional intelligence
  • Able to develop staff and congregation members, in an effort to build firm foundations in Christ
  • Able to educate and encourage followers of Jesus Christ to influence others for His glory

Personal Characteristics & Qualifications

These are the formal qualifications for our Pastor found in the church constitution:

Scriptural Qualifications: 

  • The Pastor shall be chosen according to the guidelines outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, and Titus 1:7-9.

Ecclesiastical Qualifications: 

  • The Pastor should be a regularly ordained Baptist minister, whose credentials are recognized by the Board of Deacons of NTM Baptist Church. 
  • The Pastoral Relationship shall continue for an indefinite term, so long as such relationship is mutually satisfactory to the Pastor and the congregation. The Pastor shall have an annual vacation determined annually by the board of Deacons and Trustees. 
  • As long as the Pastor is fulfilling his pastoral responsibilities, he does not need to account to the Church for his time spent in ministry. The Pastor is expected to be on call 24 hours per day except when on vacation. The pastor is entitled to two days off per week of his own choosing; these days may vary from week to week according to the Pastor’s schedule and desires. On his days off, the pastor is still expected to be available to the Church by telephone within reason. 

North Ten Mile Baptist Church Baptism

What it's Like to Live in Amity, PA : 

Amity is a community in Amwell Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. It is home to the Bailey Covered Bridge and Hughes Covered Bridge.There are many fine restaurants in the area and the town is rich in history, being founded in the late 1700s.  Every fall the county holds a Covered Bridge Festival. There are plenty of recreation opportunities in the area such as bike trails, historical sites and  a tour on the Gateway Clipper boat fleet in Pittsburgh. 

Pittsburgh is a 45 minute drive from Amity and boasts a large international airport and major attractions like Acrisure Stadium, , PNC Park, and PPG Paints Arena. Pittsburgh is a vibrant, mid-sized city that has the feel of a small town. Its approachability can be seen on the faces of its energetic, hard-working and proud people. Pittsburgh’s diversity and vibrant 90 neighborhoods make it a major travel destination to discover and celebrate.

Washington, PA is 15 minutes away from Amity,  where you will find retail shopping and an excellent school system. Washington is a small city close to Pittsburgh with little townships throughout which gives the option of city life or rural life.

Amity is a great area to call home because you experience all of the seasons at their finest, and neighbors become like family members.


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