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Orchard NEO

Church Planter in Residence


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Denomination: Non-Denominational

Location: Northeast, Ohio

The Role: The Church Planter in Residence will join the Orchard NEO program with a two year commitment, including one year of training and one year of church planting.


Meet Orchard NEO:

Orchard NEO is committed to identifying men who believe that the local church is God’s plan for reaching Northeast Ohio and doing everything in our power to help them realize God’s vision for their role in this work. To that end, we commit to identifying, supporting, and deploying church planters in Northeast Ohio. We don’t believe there is one single textbook with a proven method for planting a successful church. Why? Because God has gifted you with a particular vision, for a particular people. Our task at Orchard NEO is two-fold: first, remove any barrier that would keep you from making your vision a reality. Second, equip you to make it happen.

About the Church Planter in Residence:

When you join Orchard NEO you will learn deeply and be equipped to grow your vision, adapt your vision, and plant your church.


The Church Planter in Residence Will:

  • Seek rapid advancement personally and professionally in a variety of areas to be best positioned to plant an effective, gospel-centered church in Northeast Ohio.

  • Identify the neighborhood in which their church will be planted and developing an extensive knowledge of that particular area.

  • Develop a neighborhood-specific strategy for seeing an effective, gospel-centered church be planted and flourish in the chosen area.

  • Recruit Christ Community Chapel members and attenders, as well as Christians who already live in the identified neighborhood, to be a part of their church plant.

  • Plant a church in the chosen neighborhood that grows to meet the Orchard NEO criteria for an effective, gospel-preaching church.

  • Participate in the ongoing work of Orchard NEO by serving as a coach/mentor to future Church Planters, aiding in recruiting, and committing to attend brotherhood events.

  • Lead their church plant to participate in the work of Orchard NEO by helping to plant churches across Northeast Ohio.

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What you bring: 


Preference will be given to candidates who have received formal theological training at a collegiate, or other commensurate, level.


Preference will be given to candidates with a minimum of two years church experience.

Personal Characteristics

  • Has a strong relationship with Jesus Christ, with a calling and passion to minister to the lost.

  • Has a passionate heart for God and His Word.

  • Is a self-starter with entrepreneurial grit, all with a leading spirit of humility.

  • Is mission-driven to accomplish stated goals.

  • Has exceedingly strong communication and leadership abilities.

  • Has a strong understanding of how to work well on a team.

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What it's like to live in Northeast Ohio: 

There are 4.4 million people in the North East Ohio (NEO) region, and while a great work has already begun there, there is still much work to be done.  Orchard NEO will be the continuation of missional work that has been going on for decades. The city of Cleveland has a population of nearly 400,000 people, and with your help, the efforts of Orchard NEO will extend into the suburbs to reach both urban and rural communities.

You can enjoy your visit to Northeast Ohio, but you'll probably want to stay. Northeast Ohio is a global corporate center where national and international corporations grow and develop from the area’s strong, diversified economy. Poised as the leading center of commerce between New York City and Chicago, NEO has been ranked by Fortune magazine as the sixth best location in North America to conduct business. Five major industries have evolved to become the economic strength of the region: health & medicine, science & engineering, biotechnology & biomedical, manufacturing, and education.

As Cleveland and her surrounding neighborhoods continue to grow and prosper, we have the vision to see the gospel take root in the families that call Northeast Ohio their home. Not only is there much work yet to be done here, but Northeast Ohio was specifically chosen because of the relationships and resources that we already have established here. We are able to partner with other ministries, like City Church Cleveland and Christ Community Chapel, to support and equip you to make your church planting vision a reality.

Residency begins August 2020

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