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Plymouth Christian Academy


Canton, Michigan

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The Role: President/CEO

Accreditation & Affiliations: Calvary Baptist Church | AdvancED | Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)

Total Enrollment: 720

Location: Canton, Michigan

Christimas @ PCA

Meet Plymouth Christian Academy:

Plymouth Christian Academy is a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church. PCA is a  nondenominational, college-preparatory Christian school located on a beautiful 45-acre campus in the Metro Detroit area serving Plymouth, Canton, Northville, Novi, Livonia, Farmington Hills,  Ann Arbor, Southfield, and the surrounding communities. 

Since 1976, the Preschool, Begindergarten, Elementary & Secondary Education programs have been designed to accomplish the mission of educating and equipping youth for lives of learning, Christian leadership, and service.  

PCA is a private Christian school offering comprehensive athletics, fine arts, and extra-curricular programs to ensure that students can develop a variety of interests and strengths. Graduates of  Plymouth Christian Academy are enrolled in highly competitive universities around the country. 

Parents choose PCA for its biblical worldview, academic excellence, and for the individual attention each student receives in a small classroom environment.

About the President/CEO:

The President/CEO reports to Plymouth Christian Academy’s Regent Board and is responsible for providing strategic leadership to all aspects of Plymouth Christian Academy’s mission and operations. The President/CEO leads school administrators to ensure: a foundational Christian worldview, Biblical application, academics, athletics, arts, the safety of students, development of staff, and partnering with parents. The President/CEO plays the lead role in developing relationships with the community, promoting the school and collaborating with the Regent Board to continue to refine the school’s vision, brand and values.

PCA School Entrance

The President/CEO Responsibilities Include: 

  • Lead administrative team to assure delivery of mission, Kingdom witness, and achievement of annual organizational metrics. 

  • Oversee development of all staff including annual professional development plans and performance assessments. 

  • Assure adherence and compliance to all PCA policies, governance procedures, and certification standards. 

  • Partner with Business Manager to assure fiscal responsibility and development of an annual budget. 

  • Lead the ACSI accreditation process and ensure excellence in all assessment areas. 

  • Be the face and soul of PCA relating to parents and the broader community.

  • Collaborate with Church and School leadership to assure alignment of mission and continuation of strong collaborative partnership. 

  • Continue to build PCA through ongoing improvements in academic performance and provide life skills to our students that will support their growth towards careers to serve God in all areas of society. 

  • Transform the school to provide the latest technological tools and skills to assure students are prepared to thrive in the careers of their calling. 

  • Ensure the moral fabric and shared values of Christ Followers are present in each student and staff member; providing love, counseling, coaching, admonishment, and discipline when required.

  • Ensure all aspects of student and staff safety including continuous policy updates and enforcement which reflect the risks of the world we live in today. 

  • Lead efforts to define the strategic vision for the school’s facility to develop a  comprehensive plan which supports long-term growth. This plan should also be supported by a year-over-year financial development plan.

  • Build strong partnerships with local public, charter, and Christian Schools to develop mutually supportive relationships and to address shared concerns and opportunities. 

  • Establish a strong relationship with the Regent Board, based on mutual respect, unity, and common mission.  

  • Be prepared to provide detailed and transparent communication to the Board regarding strategic matters. 

  • Ensure reliance on the literal and inerrant application of God’s word, keeping it at the center of all leadership aspects of PCA.  

  • Responsible for ensuring the integrity of Biblical application as the cornerstone of everything we do. It shall not be compromised to appease our constituency, increase enrollment, or pursue an easier path.  

  • Expected to address emerging worldviews that could compromise our Biblical foundation. 

  • Ensure the application of a Biblical worldview of race and diversity which includes recognition of all races as equal image-bearers. The President/CEO will ensure hiring practices and learning/relational environments for all students based on that Biblical worldview of diversity and loving one another as God’s word calls us to.  

  • Implement strategies to accomplish PCA annual goals and objectives, presented annually by the Regent Board.

  • Lead development of plans to implement CBC/PCA missional “Footprint” strategies. 

  • Serve in any other capacity as assigned by the Regent Board.

PCA Signage

What You Bring: 

Education, Experience, and Qualifications

  • A Master's Degree is required. 

  • Minimum of four (4) years of executive leadership experience.  

  • Experience interacting with governing boards and the community. 

  • Fiscal management and budget development experiences. 

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills to develop relationships with administrators, staff, parents, students, and the Regent Board.  

  • Exceptional problem solving, listening, and conflict management skills. 

  • Excellent people skills, with experience collaborating in a multidisciplinary, diverse, and dynamic team. 

  • Strong, visionary with experience with managing large organizational change.

  • Demonstrated ability in setting priorities and proposing new ways of creating efficiencies. 

  • Proven effectiveness leading professionals. 

  • Must be a flexible self-starter, with the ability to multitask and focus on both strategic and key operational details. 

  • Strong commitment to maintaining confidentiality regarding leadership discussions, staff,  and student concerns. 

Personal Characteristics

  • Demonstrate patience, humility, integrity, and kindness while performing daily duties. 

  • Be committed to a consistent, daily walk with Jesus Christ. 

  • Believe that the Bible is God’s word, a standard for faith and daily living. 

  • Model Biblical principles in attitude, speech, and actions toward others (Luke 6:40). 

  • Demonstrate by example, the importance of Scripture study, prayer, witnessing, and unity in the Body of Christ. 

  • Agree with the school’s Statement of Faith and Christian philosophy of education. 

  • Have the spiritual maturity and personal leadership qualities to nurture children.

  • Become a member of Calvary Baptist Church, within 12 months of being hired.

Graduate Prayer.2

What it's Like to Live in Canton, Michigan: 

The Plymouth/Canton community is located between Detroit and Ann Arbor, two large communities that are currently seeing continued growth with many opportunities for families to be active.  This is true from a Work Live, School Life, Spiritual/Church Live and Family Life.

With a population of over 92,000, Canton has everything you need nearby. Residents can enjoy a state-of-the-art community center, a world-class library, many beautiful parks, and plenty of retail options, and wonderful restaurants.

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