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House Parents

New London, Wisconsin



Theology: Nondenominational

Neighborhood: New London, Wisconsin

The role: House Parents lead their staff team in the care and programming for youth in the home they live in. They are responsible for maintaining a cohesive family unit and maintaining a high level of communication with those on the treatment team. They identify spiritual needs, correct negative behavior, tutor, plan activities and events, counsel/advise, and teach the students to work through daily problems that may come up in the course of a day. Additionally, house parents collaborate with students and support staff to assure that students complete treatment plans.


Meet Rawhide:

Located in the heart of Wisconsin along the scenic Wolf River, Rawhide is a faith-based, 501(c)(3) recognized charity offering programs for at risk youth in Wisconsin. The ministry offers residential care, group foster care, treatment foster care, and outpatient mental health services, and is dedicated to helping at-risk youth and their families lead healthy, responsible lives. Rawhide has redirected the lives of thousands of youth that have received services through the variety of program offerings.

Rawhide offers a full continuum of programs and services, ranging from prevention-based programs for youth and families, up to more intensive residential services for at-risk young men, all of which include a trauma informed/sensitive approach to care and treatment. The staff at Rawhide is a group of caring, professional people who are committed to achieving positive outcomes for every youth or adult they serve.

About the House Parents: 

House Parents assist in running the home they live in, as well as overseeing the daily activities of the youth. They are responsible for maintaining a cohesive family unit and maintaining a high level of communication with those on the treatment team. They identify spiritual needs, correct negative behavior, tutor, plan activities and events, counsel/advise, and teach the students to work through daily problems.

Rawhide seeks House Parents who will contribute to the overall vision and mission of the organization. The ideal candidate(s) for this position will be a married couple without dependent children, due to the nature of the position. They will first and foremost exemplify maturity, integrity, a teachable spirit, and emotional stability, while carrying an equal yoke in terms of spiritual discernment that’s complemented by a high sense of self-confidence. They will desire to make a difference in the lives of children, steward the holistic development (spiritual, emotional, mental, academic, physical, and social) of each child as they overcome obstacles, and bear a strength that is sufficient to carry them through issues of abuse, neglect, and spiritual setbacks. The successful House Parents will provide a home/living environment of structure, safety, and stability for the boys in their care.

The House Parents will:

  • Be responsible for the comprehensive holistic development—spiritual, emotional, mental, academic, physical, social growth—of eight to nine boys under the age of 18.

  • Bear a countenance of humility, approachability, authority in both direct and indirect communication.

  • Arrive at a place of respect among the boys in care, and gain favor across the organization.

  • Relate to, find leverage within, and work in a high-stress environment.

  • Maintain a sustainable and cohesive work/parenting ethic with spouse.

  • Expect and understand that students will challenge their parenting skills.

  • Effectively navigate through difficult attributes (personal and spiritual) relating to the boys within care.

  • Facilitate the therapeutic environment which is created for the boys’ well-being.

  • Wholeheartedly commit to the work of Rawhide.

What you each bring:

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate(s) for the House Parents:  

Education & Experience 

  • A bachelor’s degree is required for this position, or a willingness to complete an additional training requirement, per accreditation requirements of Rawhide.

  • Competency in a health and human services field is crucial, although preference will be given to those who possess an academic degree in the field.

  • Commitment to 160 hours of required training and supervised observation, including classes, reading, and CPR instruction.

  • Complete disclosure of criminal background check, driver’s license check, and extensive reference checks

Personal Characteristics

  • Demonstrate the following attributes as a married couple:

    • Display the qualities of a long-term marriage.

    • Function as a unit.

    • Have an element of insatiable love and respect for one another.

  • Personal characteristics:

    • Have experience working with at-risk youth in residential treatment, foster care, or other direct care capacity.

    • Have the ability to interact and effectively communicate with a culturally diverse, and psychologically or behaviorally challenged population.

    • Have experience in transitioning youth to positive situation (i.e., securing employment, creating and working on a budget, finding positive resources, and other beneficial environments).

    • Are assertive, self-confident, and sensitive in working with teens and staff.

    • Are organized and dependable.

    • Possess a valid driver's license, without restrictions, except for glasses, and have a good driving record.

    • Have the ability to join, identify with, and match the high capacity of the current staff.

    • Parenting experience and/or significant involvement with at-risk children and adolescents is preferred.

    • Demonstrate spiritual, social, emotional, and intellectual maturity.

    • Are energized by challenges.

    • Find relevance and impact in ministry to the boys of Rawhide.

    • Maintain working relationships with the staff of Rawhide.

    • Value the culture of laughter and enjoyment that has proven to be beneficial to the stressful working environment.

    • Contribute to the highly collaborative team dynamic.

    • Have a strong, demonstrable faith.

    • Have the ability to take correction quickly, take it well, and progress forward.

    • Portray a strong sense of self-assurance (in both personal strengths and weaknesses).

    • Can effectively steer through regular occurrences of emotional exhaustion.


What it's like to live in New London, Wisconsin:

New London is a friendly, caring community that works for residents and businesses alike. Driving along tree-lined streets, one will sense something special: a sense of pride. The city has enjoyed decades of growth and prosperity that is mirrored in the well-kept homes, the thriving businesses, and the spirit of the people.

Home to a hospital that has been ranked among the top 100 in the nation, and a school system recognized as one of the finest in Wisconsin, the “Fox Valley Region” adheres to the belief that a marriage between business and government benefits all the stakeholders of both partners. Major employers include Tyson (meat brand), New London School District (education), and Bemis North America (food packaging).

The demographic distribution of the city indicates that the New London area was comprised of 14,682 residents in 2010. Housing is believed to be comparable and reasonable against the income of the vicinity. New London is surrounded by a year-round scenic paradise for boating, canoeing, rafting, tubing, hiking, biking, golfing, fishing, snowmobiling, and hunting. There are 900 acres of parks, trails, and recreation facilities within the city and surrounding area.

Generations of hard working people have shaped New London into a community, and now it’s a role model for progressive, small towns everywhere.

The urban city of Appleton is located merely 30 minutes from Rawhide. Appleton, Wisconsin is one of America's most desirable places to live. With far more culture, entertainment, and convenience than you would expect for a town its size, Appleton is a charming, safe, friendly, and beautiful Wisconsin town. It boasts a population of 77,000, nestled in northeastern Wisconsin near Lake Michigan and at the north end of large Lake Winnebago. Appleton has been named one of the “Top 10 Most Secure cities in the United States” (2004), alongside Money Magazine, which named it one of “America’s Top 100 Places to Live.” In addition to its picturesque recreational and natural surroundings, it is known to be the birthplace of master artist/magician Harry Houdini, the center of the papermaking industry, the location of the second oldest co-educational college in America (Lawrence University), and the home of the nation’s first hydroelectric station, among other renowned people and beginnings.

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