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Real Life Church

Senior Pastor

Las Cruces, New Mexico



Denomination: Baptist - SBC

Weekly Attendance: 975

Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico

The Role: The next Senior Pastor of Real Life Church will be responsible for leading an energized body of believers and guide the forward momentum of the Church to reach more and more people for Christ.

Real Life SP1

Meet Real Life Church:

The First 25 Years ( 1933-1958) – Praying hands and open doors

For 75 years we have strived to be clasped in prayer, opening and reaching out to the community and the world. In 1933 about 15 families set out prayerfully to build a church body that would eventually become MPCC. Though times were uncertain, the group then called Emmanuel Baptist Church began meeting where the Las Cruces Community Theater now stands in the Downtown Mall. They briefly met later in an adobe building on Alameda. Change was constant in the first 25 years of Emmanuel Baptist Church’s time. The next decades would see countless other transformations, from name changes to new buildings and fresh visions. With all the adjustments two things remained the same: God’s hand of faithful provision, and the faithful hands of the people in the body.

The Second 25 Years (1958-1983) – Hands reaching out to the community and the world

God guided the body of Emmanuel Baptist Church (which changed its name to First Baptist Church of Mesilla Park in 1947) to not only keep their hands open, but to reach out with them in the next 25 years (1958-1983). In 1960, there were two major changes that happened. The first was the completion of purchasing negotiations for the lot the new sanctuary would be built on. The second change was the name of the church as it was changed to Mesilla Park Baptist Church. This middle 25 years in the church’s history was full of meetings and partings. God moved people into the body to serve and share. Some have remained and reach out to the community, and others God has moved throughout the world to share His Love. The next 25 years would see growth and outreach, but only after a new kind of change.

The Past 25 Years (1983-2008) – Keeping open doors, praying hands and reaching out to a new generation

An evident truth about Mesilla Park is that God has kept His blessing on the church body in Mesilla Park for the full 75 years it has been together, but some years have required more trust than others. Consistent growth prompted the church in Mesilla Park to invest in a great deal of building from 1933 to 1983, but in the early 1990s church attendance dropped dramatically. In 1993, the deacons of MPBC voted to close the doors of the church building and give it to another church in the area. Though the decision seemed logical to close the doors of the church, but some of the members held out an immovable hope that God still wanted to use this body (there was no pastor at the time). In 1995, just three years after the vote to close the doors of the church building, the classrooms and services were full to capacity again! Then, there was another name change and it became Mesilla Park Community church–SBC in 1999 to better reflect its community nature and focus. 


Now known as Real Life Church, the story of this church has much more to be written! They have been protected and guided by God for the past 75 years; and as He desires and wills, they will continue to serve Him together for many more.


About the Senior Pastor:

Real Life Church is striving to become a community of real people, growing in real faith in Jesus Christ, and meeting the real needs of others. Real Life Church is one of the fastest-growing churches in the Las Cruces, NM area. With a full complement of staff and ministries, it serves a weekly attendance in the neighborhood of 1000 people. Real Life Church has a rich history in the Mesilla Valley and is postured to find a visionary Senior Pastor that will lead an energized body of believers and guide the forward momentum of the Church and reach more and more people for Christ.

Real Life SP2

The Senior Pastor Will:

  1. Visionary and Strategic Leadership, Teaching and Planning

    • RLC is not a stagnant church and is postured for expansive growth.  As such, the Senior Pastor is the leader in establishing the vision and direction of RLC.

    • The Senior Pastor at RLC is the chief Teaching Pastor and as such is the primary Preaching Pastor for RLC.  Messages are one of the primary vehicles for implementing the vision of the Church so the Senior Pastors messages should be aligned with the vision of the Church. 

    • The Senior Pastor is responsible for assisting in strategic planning and staff coordination in the execution of the church’s mission and vision.  

    • The Senior Pastor will work with the Staff to define strategic goals and action plans. 

    • The Senior Pastor will work with the Elder Board to provide the catalyzing challenges and activities which allow RLC to remain true to its mission and vision.  

    • The Senior Pastor will work to develop new ministry programs so that the church is appropriately responsive to identified needs and church health.

  1. Staff Supervision and Development

    • The Senior Pastor provides leadership to the staff team and serves as a personnel mentor to existing staff in their respective areas of ministry.  

    • The Senior Pastor works with the XP and other Pastors to prioritize staff additions.  

    • The Senior Pastor will provide support to the XP and other Pastors as they oversee staff training and development.

    • Providing coaching to the staff in the design and implementation of all church ministries Including periodically evaluating appropriate changes to organizational structure.

    • The Senior Pastor will assist the XP and other Pastors in implementing strategies for salary reviews as part of the annual budgeting process. 

    • The Senior Pastor will provide insights on insurance and other benefits.  Assist in conducting performance evaluations, and providing on-going informal performance feedback.

  1. Administration

    • Since church administration is the primary responsibility of the XP, the Senior Pastor will have input responsibilities to the XP as they oversee and execute the administration of the church.  This includes input on the oversight and direction of financial functions, stewardship campaigns, leases and budget development.

    • Providing oversight to property purchases and leases and the design, construction and operations of existing and future facilities.

  1. Marketing and Communications

    • The Senior Pastor is responsible to protect and promote RLC’s unique identity or “brand” through internal and external communications. Ensure that the message is communicated with quality and creativity and with the primary target, the unchurched, always in mind.

    • The Senior Pastor shall assist the XP and creative teams with promoting message series. 

    • The Senior Pastor will provide direction to the marketing and public relations activities of the church (through staff and volunteers).

    • The Senior Pastor will review communication guidelines and monitor print and Web communications to make sure the message stays focused and consistent with RLC’s vision and values.

  1. Reproducing the Church

    • Recognizing that God is positioning RLC to impact people’s lives beyond Las Cruces, NM, the Senior Pastor will actively pursue opportunities to expand ministries under the direction of the Elder Body to reach more people for Jesus. This is accomplished by: Working to continuously develop growth strategies that utilize the RLC resources to plan, prepare for and execute the expansion of the Church.

    • The Senior Pastor will work with the local Church in a partnership relationship to equip and invest in church planting initiatives out of RLC.

    • The Senior Pastor will support the XP and Staff in developing resources that help staff and lay leaders increase the impact of their ministry and to reach more people for Christ.

Real Life SP3

What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • Undergraduate degree required; Seminary degree strongly preferred.

  • Ordained with 10+ years of ministry experience as a Senior Pastor or a similar leadership role.

  • Proven knowledge of church systems and processes that enable healthy Christ-centered growth.

General Description:

  • The Real Life Church (RLC) Senior Pastor will offer pastoral leadership to the congregation alongside the other RLC Pastors and elders. 

  • The Senior Pastor is responsible for the overall leadership and direction of the Church.  This will require a firm grasp of the beliefs, values, and strategies of RLC. 

  • The Senior Pastor serves as the Sr. Teaching Pastor of the Church and in such is the primary preaching teacher of RLC.

  • The Senior Pastor will be key in working with the other Pastors to align staff and key leadership teams with its mission. 

  • The Senior Pastor provides leadership in all functional areas in the accomplishment of the church’s mission. This includes providing insights in outreach, pastoral care, small groups, student and children’s ministry areas as well as strategic planning.  

  • The Senior Pastor will work hand in hand with the Elder Body of RLC to support the Executive Pastor (XP) and staff in the areas of finance, administration, human resources, and operations.

Real Life SP4

What it's Like to Live in Las Cruces, New Mexico: 

Las Cruces is a high desert city on the southern edge of New Mexico in the beautiful Mesilla Valley. It has a population of about 98,000 people, making it the second-largest city in the state. It is the economic and geographic center of southern New Mexico. Primary economic engines are agriculture, education, White Sands Missile Range, Department of Defense, and NASA.

The New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum both feature a significant amount of livestock and beautiful gardens. On the Rio Grande, Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park has trails and birdlife. The Museum of Nature and Science includes desert animals and hands-on displays. In an old depot, the Railroad Museum has model trains and explores the local impact of railways.

Las Cruces also is home to New Mexico State University, New Mexico’s only land grant university, and rated a top-tier University by Forbes magazine and U.S. News. The area also offers its residents great public and private schools like Arrowhead Park Early College High School and Mesilla Valley Christian School.

It is a city ideally located close to water and snow skiing, hiking trails, rock climbing, beautiful White Sands, National Park and Organ Mountains–Desert Peaks National Monument, and Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Other large metropolitan cities are in close proximity to the area as well. El Paso, Texas, is less than a 30minute drive, with Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Tucson, Arizona 3 and 4 hours. Las Cruces has also been named on several “best of” lists, including AARP’s “Dream Towns” To Retire, Best College Towns to Retire by Money Magazine, Best Small Metro Area for Business and Careers by the Forbes/Milken Institute four years in a row and the Best Place to Live by Family Digest.

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