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Red Cedar Church

NextGen / Youth Pastor

Rice Lake, Wisconsin

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Theology: Wesleyan

Weekly Attendance:  1350   (Rice Lake Campus: 1250;  Eau Claire Campus: 100)

Neighborhood: Rice Lake, Wisconsin

The role: The NextGen/ Youth Pastor would act as the Student Ministry Pastor and also oversee Red Cedar’s Children’s Ministry, RC Kids.

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Meet Red Cedar Church:

Red Cedar Church began in 1998 under the leadership of its first pastor Ken Murphy. The driving force was a belief that God was calling them to reach lost people in the very dechurched Northwoods of Wisconsin and to lead these people to a full life in Jesus Christ. Red Cedar has always been a church that says “YES” first and then seeks out the “how.”

Red Cedar’s first weekly services were held outdoors in a local park with about 30 people in attendance, services then moved to the local Senior Center, and then into a rehabbed furniture storefront-turned church. This history is a reminder that the Church is not about a building, but about the people. Red Cedar’s non-traditional style and their reputation for living out the mission that “Everybody’s Welcome, Nobody’s Perfect, and Anything’s Possible” has attracted attendees from various churched and unchurched backgrounds. As a local nonprofit leader said, “It’s the only place where I can see my board members, donors, volunteers, and clients all together.” Red Cedar Church is a beautiful, ragtag group who are living out God’s transforming power in their lives.

Under the leadership of Pastor Heather Semple, attendance was growing and the storefront church was literally bursting at the seams and it was then that God placed it on the hearts of RCC leaders to build the current Allen Street facility. The family of Red Cedar Church moved into their current facility in 2015.  In January of 2019, RCC put in place a new Lead Pastor, Adam Waite. Adam holds the unchanging DNA of Red Cedar and is leading the church into the God sized initiatives and vision God has placed in his heart.

Red Cedar Church is called to live out the core values of unconditional love, unwavering mission, irrational generosity, contagious passion, and obedient risk (loving sarcasm didn’t make the final cut, but it was a close call). Every decision at Red Cedar goes through those five filters. Through this, Red Cedar has a visible, felt presence in the local community. When there is a need, local schools, social services, and law enforcement look to the church and invite them to the table and into partnership. When a tornado decimated parts of the community in 2016, Red Cedar was called upon to manage the long-term recovery efforts alongside the Sheriff's Department. This is not normal – but there isn’t much about Red Cedar that is.

Red Cedar does everything possible to remove barriers that would hold someone back from walking in the doors where they will hear truth about the hope that they have in Jesus Christ. Messages are direct and applicable, delivered with an often unfiltered approachability and vulnerability that helps usher people into a genuine decision for Christ. No topic is off limits; from mental illness, to porn, and everything in between, Red Cedar isn’t afraid to address tough issues with a gospel-centered message. Fun videos, loud engaging worship, a café, branded swag, and large events aren’t typical for a church in the Northwoods culture, but Red Cedar has introduced each of these with intentionality to attract lost people and show hospitality, love, and, most importantly, the transforming power of Jesus Christ.  

These things. This unwavering mission. Leading with Yes. Showing that no one is too far gone for Jesus. This is who Red Cedar is.


About the NextGen /Youth Pastor: 

Red Cedar Church exists to LEAD PEOPLE TO A FULL LIFE IN JESUS CHRIST. The person we hire must have a heart to reach lost people. The Student Ministry is currently comprised of 140 middle school and high school students (6th to 12th grade), drawing from multiple schools from outside Rice Lake and their county.

The Next Gen Pastor would act as the Student Ministry Pastor and also oversee Red Cedar’s Children’s Ministry, RC Kids. He/She will build upon Red Cedar’s mission and values by creating an environment where STUDENTS LEAD STUDENTS TO A FULL LIFE IN CHRIST. He/She must have an ability to recruit, develop, and encourage teams and leaders, as well as expand a ministry that is a priority to the ongoing life of the church and community. This is a full-time position. He or she would be responsible to provide biblical teaching, strategic planning, direction, teaching, support and leadership to Students, Student Ministry staff, volunteer teams, and Kid’s Ministry staff. They would be responsible for carrying out the overall mission and vision of RCC through Student Ministry, while helping students know and understand God on a deeper level.

The NextGen / Youth Pastor  will:

  • Listen to God and determine what He is asking you to do in and for the ministry

  • Develop and execute a strategic plan for sermon series and topics for Student Ministries

  • Preach, on a regular basis, for the Student Ministries weekly service

  • Provide leadership and oversight for the weekly Wednesday night student experience

  • Manage and oversee daily operations/logistics of the Student Ministry

  • Manage and oversee leadership development of RC Kids

  • Provide administrative, organizational, and on-site support to projects and events

  • Provide marketing strategies and plans for RC Student Ministry events

  • Work with the Executive Pastor to create policy and procedures, and develop systems to implement and communicate them effectively to your teams

  • Champion RCC vision and DNA in volunteer teams and overall ministry

  • Provide leadership, oversight, and development to your staff and volunteer teams

  • Recruit and develop coordinators and coaches to effectively lead volunteer teams and the ministry

  • Function as a team member of the RCC staff, utilizing gifts and abilities, to contribute to the effectiveness of the overall ministry of RCC

  • Be involved in the lives of leaders and students outside of Wednesday nights and develop meaningful relationships.

  • Be available on the weekends for students and general staff pastoral duties as assigned by the Executive Pastor

RCStuds-16What you bring: 

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Lead Pastor:    


A bachelor’s degree is preferred for this position in a related field.


Three or more years of experience in ministry is expected for this position. The candidate for this role should have NextGen or student experience. The ideal candidate will have led NextGen Ministry areas that have had forward momentum and growth.

Personal Characteristics     

  • Possess an authentic and passionate Christian walk, dedicated to personal Christian growth and professional development, so as to lead by word and example

  • Has the heart of a servant and shows humility

  • Is an obedient risk taker

  • Wants to reach the lost for Christ

  • Has a heart for empowering

  • Is a strong leader who can also work well within a team environment

  • Has a proven track record of being a self-starter and a goal-oriented worker, with an ability to recruit, retain, and equip leaders and staff, as well as students

  • Is a gifted communicator, energetic, and enthusiastic

  • Values excellence in all areas

  • Is dedicated to his or her family, exhibiting wisdom in balancing family and ministry

  • Models a life of personal reliance on God, and a hunger for truth

  • Aligns with Wesleyan doctrinal positions

  • Agrees and adheres to the Statement of Core Beliefs and Staff Covenant

  • Possesses excellent leadership skills with an ability to teach others effective leadership

  • Is an effective communicator, motivator, team builder, and equipper with a pastoral heart

  • Is passionate about students and willing to invest significant resources in building and sustaining an effective NextGen and Youth Ministry

  • Has a great sense of humor and a playful spirit



baptism victory

What it's like to live in Rice Lake, Wisconsin:

Rice Lake is a city located in the Northwoods of Barron County, Wisconsin. As of the 2016 census, it had a total population of 8,404 and the surrounding Barron County has a population of 45,563. Within a 60 mile radius of Rice Lake (not an unusual commute to Red Cedar Church), there are roughly 77,000 people that self-reported no religious affiliation during the last census. In Eau Claire’s 60 mile radius, that number jumps to 189,000 people. Located in the beautiful Red Cedar River Valley, this area is known for its outstanding hunting, fishing, hiking, lakes, and vacationing, and serves as a dream area for those who enjoy the outdoors! Rice Lake is a very welcoming and heartwarming city that serves as a shopping, industrial, educational, and medical hub for the surrounding rural communities of Barron, Cameron, Chetek, Shell Lake, Cumberland, Spooner, and Ladysmith.

Rice Lake has a great educational system that includes many schooling options. Such options include three elementary school, one highly academic middle school, and one high school that  prepares its students for college. In addition to the various public schools, Rice Lake offers one private school and one charter school for families to choose from. For further forms of education, Rice Lake hosts The University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire-Barron County as well as Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College - Rice Lake Campus. Thus, this city provides many academic opportunities for every family and for kids of all ages.

This charming town has all of the amenities needed for great family living and is within an hour’s drive of Eau Claire, a city of over 125,000 with all of the perks of a large town, including Red Cedar’s first satellite campus. Rice Lake is about two hours from the gateway city of Minneapolis giving access to an international airport, professional sports, world class shopping, dining, and entertainment.

With an extremely reasonable cost of housing, outstanding outdoor sports, and small town feel while still being close to a metropolitan city, Rice Lake is a great place to live and raise a family.

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