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Revolution Church

Student Pastor

Canton, Georgia




Denomination: Southern Baptist Convention

Weekly Attendance: 2,600

Location: Canton, Georgia

The Role: The Student Minister primarily serves as a member of the family development team, collaborating around effective Campus Ministry and leading RevStudents.


Meet Revolution Church:

We are one of many expressions of the global church body, which is vibrant and growing! Simply put, we are here to love and serve Jesus Christ. That’s why the first part of our heartbeat is to love Jesus (Matthew 22:37).

The second part is tied to the first. We love Jesus by helping people GROW. That’s His heartbeat, and that’s what He wants our church to do (Matthew 22:39). So, we do it out of love and obedience.


About the Student Pastor:

The Student Minister primarily serves as a member of the family development team, collaborating around effective Campus Ministry and giving leadership to ministry areas described below. It is important that this team leader advocates for and collaborates with both the team members he supervises as well as the other team leaders he works alongside. 

The Student Pastor will: 

The effective Student Pastor will achieve the following goals:

  • Engage students in the mission/vision of Revolution Church 

    • Love Jesus. GROW students (Gospel, Relationship, Obedience, Works).

    • Multiply leaders, multiply campuses, multiply churches. 

  • Ensure students GROW in their love for Jesus and their understanding of God’s Word, and ensure that knowledge and training are translated into action. 

  • Offer fun, creative, and relevant programs that students love to attend and bring their friends, and where parents love to bring their students. 

  • Encourage and provide ways for students to serve. 

  • Follow the Orange Strategy of partnering with parents to have greater influence in the lives of our students. 

  • Expands the Orange strategy within RevStudents by using the XP3 curriculum.

  • Builds trust along all lines of involvement: students, parents, team members, and staff.

  • Develops and monitors annual goals, objectives, and budgets in conjunction with the Family Development Pastor.

  • Works with all campuses in coordinating camps, mission activities, etc. 

  • Builds relationships with local schools/administration and finds ways to have a strong presence in the local community.

  • Works with the broader staff to create opportunities for students and their parents to live life on mission.


What you bring: 

Education & Experience

  • Beliefs are consistent with Revolution’s Statement of Faith 

  • Is a fully committed follower of Jesus and has a growing walk with God 

  • Has a college degree and education in the Scripture 

  • Has at least five years of ministry experience 

    • Has some experience in a multi-site environment 

  • Has the ability to lead, equip, and release volunteers to do the ministry 

  • Communicates well with students as well as parents 

  • Creatively solves problems and compassionately intervenes in conflict 

Personal Characteristics

  • Is a good communicator

  • Is biblically solid and theologically mature 

  • Has an excellent track record of leadership

  • Has a history of ministry building

  • Is self-motivated

  • Knows how to lead people

  • Is a team player

  • Shows humility

  • Is self-aware

  • Shows good emotional intelligence 


What it's like to live in Canton, Georgia: 

Canton is a vibrant community that offers a welcoming blend of charm, progressive spirit and endless opportunities for all. You'll find exciting and new possibilities for growth within an authentic, inviting community that deeply cares about the city's future and unrivaled quality of life. 

A great place for families, Canton has a hometown feel with easy access to the big city of Atlanta. It’s also close to the mountains and not far from the beach. Located in a beautiful area, Canton has a lot of entertainment options and things to do, as well as excellent education. Private, public, and great homeschool co-op options abound here for families. 

Conveniently between Atlanta and the Blue Ridge Mountains, Canton offers scenic views of foothills and the Etowah River, which flows through the city. It has great shopping, dining, events, and arts, and exceptional parks. Canton holds something for everyone.

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