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Assistant Director of Rockland 21C

West Nyack, New York

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Location: West Nyack, New York

The Opportunity: The Assistant Director of Rockland 21C provides a full range of technical, administrative, research, and project management support for, and the execution of the day-to-day workflow of the Rockland 21C Collaborative for Children and Youth’s (R21C’s) NYS Eastern Technical Assistance Center (ETAC).

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Meet Rockland21C:

In 1995, visits to Yale University to study the Schools of the 21st Century model led county leaders and educators to create Rockland 21C in 1999. Yale 21C’s concepts were simple yet revolutionary: children start learning before birth; parents must be involved in their children’s education; children need to be nourished in order to learn; care, play, and learning must take place in and out of school hours; and all community institutions must support the healthy development of children. An extensive strategic planning process, involving Rockland leaders and community members, resulted in eight strategies and accompanying action plans. The work of action teams led to new afterschool programs, school health assessments, home-visiting, Department of Social Services caseworkers in schools, and more—notably Nyack school district’s decision to open Rockland’s first school-based Family Resource Center (FRC). After Nyack’s popular success, additional districts decided to open their own FRCs, and the number of county residents benefiting from FRC programs grew and grew.

Rockland 21C is a nonprofit, with a board comprised of leaders of Rockland government and businesses, public agencies, school districts, and child-centered organizations that are united in a unique partnership with one priority: children. It is also the “home base” for an initiative through which eight Rockland County, New York school districts partner to support 40 schools that host program activities.

Rockland 21C brings innovative solutions, resources, best practices, and support to its partners, and promotes an efficient, county-wide commitment to children and families. Rockland 21C is an intermediary organization that supports the provision of services by other organizations and provides technical assistance and professional development for new and established community schools.


About the Assistant Director of Rockland 21C:

The Assistant Director of Rockland 21C provides a full range of technical, administrative, research, and project management support for, and the execution of, the day-to-day workflow of Rockland 21C. The position plans, organizes, prepares, and delivers professional development and technical assistance regarding community schools to school districts in judicial districts 3,4,9, and 10, and other entities. This is executed primarily through a variety of technology modalities and in-person meetings.

The position must function with professionalism, integrity, and limited supervision to coordinate and execute R21C demands. The ability to exercise initiative, independent judgment, and accountability for various processes and projects is crucial. The position works with, and reports directly to the R21C Executive Director, as well as collaborates with R21C staff, consultants, the New York State Education Department, and the regional New York State Community Schools Technical Assistance Centers to support the development and sustainability of effective community schools. 

The Assistant Director of Rockland 21C will focus primarily on: 


  • Executing technical assistance and professional development training, consultation, and coaching to school districts and community partners regarding the implementation, management, and sustainability of effective community school evidence-based systems, practices, and services.

  • Planning, developing, organizing, and executing webinars, full-day regional trainings, full-day site visits to school districts in judicial districts 3,4,9, and 10, coordinating communities of practice, performing field visits and virtual meetings, and distributing information on community school practices and programs. 

  • Working collaboratively with evaluation partners to design, maintain and update ETAC’s annual work plan to assess the effectiveness of its work using valid and reliable evaluation tools.

  • Facilitating Technical Assistance Center staff expertise on current developments, best practices, new research, and reports and trends regarding community schools. 

  • Providing school districts with the tools necessary to design and implement needs/resource assessments that will deliver the necessary data to successfully identify specific needs, determine tailored technical assistance and professional development, and target community school resources.

  • Effectively working with the Family Resource Center to provide resources and support to area families. Prepare and facilitate monthly Family Resource Center meetings. 

  • Coordinate and oversee the ParentChild+ program for over four sites. 


  • Creating community school educational materials for print and electronic distribution, including: the establishment of a statewide web-based support system to include relevant, research-based resources and information on effective practices in establishing and managing community school strategies.

  • Developing and implementing communication strategies for the Technical Assistance Center. 

  • Maintaining a collaborative relationship with the New York State Education Department and each of the Regional Technical Assistance Centers (TACs) through regular communication and ongoing contact to ensure TAC activities are complementary and aligned with the New York State Education Department and school districts within the eastern region.

  • Drafting semi-annual and annual progress reports that will be submitted to NYSED to ensure fulfillment of grant requirements.

  • Preparing marketing materials for ETAC activities using a variety of communication applications and platforms. 

  • Maintaining the ETAC List Serve. 

  • Executing webinars using technology modalities such as WebEx.

  • Regularly updating the New York State Community Schools website with evidence-based, research-validated material..


  • Planning, developing, organizing, and executing training modules based on relevant, research-based professional development to Eastern Region school districts and others, including, but not limited to: self-assessment, developing effective partnerships, implementation planning, the role of the community school coordinator, sustaining community school strategies, social emotional learning, whole child education, trauma-informed schools, strengthening family and community engagement, health services, mental health services, adult literacy services, and nutrition.

  • Coordinating all logistics for technical assistance meetings, trainings, webinars, field visits, and other events.

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What you bring: 


  • A bachelor's degree is required. 

  • Preference will be given to candidates with a master’s degree.


  • Experience with community schools is preferred. 

  • Preference will be given to candidates with at least five years of experience in leading discussions and making formal presentations.

  • Has a strong command of different communication/technology modalities. 

  • Has strong marketing skills and marketing software skills (design, layout, copy).

  • Has exceptional project management skills and a strong ability to use project management software to ensure project deadlines are met. The ASANA app is currently used. 

  • Has a strong command of the research process to determine needs and assets of schools, families, and students for the purpose of designing appropriate professional training programs that positively impact student and family outcomes. 

  • Has strong systematic evaluation skills to determine program, event, and activity effectiveness.

  • Has a strong command of current office technology for the  purpose of preparing and delivering training programs and executing administrative duties, and has the ability to design and deliver training programs. 

  • Is well-versed in webinars and virtual meeting technologies. 

  • Is motivated to consider technologies that would assist workflow.

  • Has an exceptional ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

  • Has the ability to manage multiple assignments and priorities and the ability to establish effective working relationships with school district personnel at all levels. 

  • Displays initiative, resourcefulness, poise, tact, and sound judgement, and his/her physical condition is commensurate with the demands of the position. 

  • Has a strong ability to lead teams. 

  • Has a strong knowledge of community school strategies. 

  • Has an exceptional ability to communicate effectively and build rapport.

  • Has exceptional customer service skills, especially when communicating by phone. 

  • Has a demonstrated ability to meet deadlines and keep the team on task.

Physical & Travel Requirements

  • Can transport items and  lift boxes. Travel, as required, will be throughout New York State judicial districts 3,4,9, 10 and to other areas outside of the judicial regions (within the United States) for special projects/events.

Personal Characteristics

  • Professional and respectful to others.

  • Ethical and considerate in decision-making.

  • Demonstrative of integrity and honesty.

  • Effective as a team player and in working harmoniously with others.  

  • Coachable and able to demonstrate humility.

  • Accepting of constructive feedback and able to take ownership of errors.

  • An initiator and effective in leadership skills.

  • Detailed-oriented and display exceptional quality and accuracy of work.

  • A visionary, forward thinker, and consider cause and effect.

  • An executor of the vision and mission of R21C.

  • Effective in communication, administrative, and technology skills.

  • Able to abide by the rules and regulations.

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What it's like to live in West Nyack, New York: 

Often considered a great place to live in the Greater New York area, Nyack is a hamlet just 20 miles from Manhattan and a gem of a neighborhood and community tucked away into the Hudson River. 

Primarily home to commuters to the city and families looking to get away from the bustle of the big city, Nyack has excellent educational opportunities and strong healthcare offerings.

Just east of downtown Nyack you’ll find the Hudson River and to the north is Hook Mountain. Trails in this area attract local hikers and cyclists, providing various outdoor recreational opportunities. Also, there are several state parks, just a drive or ride away from downtown Nyack.

People love Rockland. They want to serve their community (Rockland 21C is a community of collaboratives) and are people who come together to bring resources together and use them to serve. It is fully equipped with various libraries and a robust education system as a primary focus. Any family who wants to live in a tight-knit, family-oriented area with plenty of opportunities to serve their community will find Rockland West Nyack an excellent choice.

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