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San Antonio Christian School

Head of School

San Antonio, Texas




Affiliations: ACSI - Association of Christian School International, ACTABS - Accreditation Commission of the Texas Association of Baptist Schools, SACS - Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, TAAPS - Texas Alliance of Accredited Private Schools, TPSA - Texas Private Schools Association

Total Enrollment: 908

Location: San Antonio, Texas

The Role: Head of School

Appointment Year: 2021

aerial view of SACS

Meet San Antonio Christian School:

San Antonio Christian School (SACS) is a PK-12th grade Non-Denominational Christian school with small class sizes, a wide range of fine art programs and extracurricular activities, and a passionate following for Lions athletics.

At San Antonio Christian School, the partnership with Christian families and Christian educators is what sets it apart. Every employee is a Christ-follower, and every class is taught from a Biblical worldview. The Biblically-informed core values drive a unified culture.

The partnership with Christian families and their faith communities is at the heart of its mission. This partnership prepares students to attend the universities of their choice, motivated to live lives of faith and service to Christ.

Our Story

San Antonio Christian School traces its history back to 1966 when Grace Bible College Preparatory School was established as a ministry of Grace Bible Church. The vision was to provide a K-12 grade Christ-centered, college-preparatory education for families that had placed their faith in Christ. The school grew in enrollment, but by the early 1970s, the financial burden of the school on the church caused the leadership to consider closing the school.

Shortly thereafter, a group of concerned families wanting to see their children continue a Christ-centered education met with the church leadership. In 1972, after much prayer and seeking God’s will, San Antonio Christian School (SACS) was born. 


About the Head of School:

The Head of School at San Antonio Christian School is appointed by the Board of Directors and is responsible to them. The position is unique in that the Head of School is the Board’s representative to the faculty and staff and is also the faculty and staff’s representative to the Board. The Head of School is responsible for the implementation of all policy decisions made by the School Board and is responsible for the oversight and health of the school. Responsibility includes communication with families, spiritual development of students, enrollment, curriculum selection, fiscal management, campus operations, community advancement, and adherence to the school’s mission statement “to partner with families to provide students a Christ-centered education while fostering a life of faith and service.”

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The Head of School Will Focus on the Following: 

Academic Leadership

  • Curriculum: Knowledgeable of the school’s curriculum, standards, and mission. Ensures that all instructional staff design effective and rigorous standards-based units of instruction consisting of well-structured lessons with measurable outcomes.

  • Instruction: Ensures that practices in all settings reflect high expectations regarding content and quality of effort and work, engage all students, and are personalized to accommodate diverse learning styles, needs, interests, and levels of readiness. Ensures the school classrooms reflect a professional and Christian environment.

  • Assessment: Ensures that all principals and administrators facilitate practices that propel personnel to use a variety of formal and informal methods and assessments to measure student learning, growth, and understanding and make necessary adjustments to their practice when students are not learning.

  • Evaluation: Provides effective and timely supervision and evaluation of all staff in alignment with job descriptions and contracts.

  • Data-Informed Decision Making: Uses multiple sources of evidence related to student learning, including school assessment results and growth data, to inform staff and Board of goals and improve organizational performance, educator effectiveness, and student learning.

  • Certificates and Licenses: Follows the requirements and procedures for accreditation, and provides leadership for obtaining and maintaining school accreditation. Monitors the certification and licensure status of staff. 

Management and Operations

  • Environment: Develops and executes effective plans, procedures, routines, and operational systems to address a full range of safety, health, transportation, and emotional and social needs. 

  • Development: Provides oversight for development programs and activities in areas of constituency relations, fund-raising, and student recruitment and retention. Prepares a formal annual published report that includes the statistics and accomplishments of the school and its plans for the future. 

  • Human Resources Management and Development: Implements a cohesive approach to recruitment and selection, on-boarding, development, and career growth that promotes high-quality and effective practice. Provides objective recommendations, with supporting data, to the Board in regard to staff assignments, transfers, promotions, demotions, non-renewals of contract, or dismissal. Develops and trains a pool of competent substitute teachers and volunteers to ensure continuity of SACS program.

  • Scheduling and Management Information Systems: Uses systems to ensure optimal use of data and time for teaching, learning, and collaboration, minimizing disruptions and distractions for school-level staff.

  • Laws, Ethics, and Policies: Understands and complies with state and federal laws and mandates, school committee policies, and ethical guidelines. Files all legal and regulatory documents in a timely manner. Ensures that all records—business, personnel, and student—are adequate, accurate, administered legally, and properly stored. 

  • Fiscal Systems: Develops a budget to include, but not be limited to, operations, capital improvements, reserve, and endowment, salaries and benefits, that supports the school’s vision, mission, and goals; allocates and manages expenditures consistent with SACS goals and available resources. Presents the “State of the School Address” detailing the expenses of running the school, anticipates gift revenue, and plans for expansion and/or development. Implements and administers strong internal financial-control procedures for the school’s budgetary expenditures and procedures. 

School Board of Directors

  • Communication: Offer regular updates, timely escalations, and professional advice to the Board on items requiring board action, with appropriate recommendations based on thorough study and analysis. Serves as liaison between the Board and personnel, working toward a high degree of understanding and respect between staff and Board.

  • Budget and Finances: Provides ongoing analysis and reports detailing monthly and yearly performance, actual to budget comparisons, end-of-year projections, and other relevant details that support.

  • Meetings: Attends Board of Directors meetings. Assist the Board Chairman in planning the agenda for meetings. Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees of the school board. 

Family and Community Engagement

  • Engagement: Actively ensures that all families are welcome members of the classroom and SACS community and can contribute to the effectiveness of the classroom, school, and community. Available for conferences with parents. Represent the school at parent, church, and community groups. Maintains a physical presence with the students by attending and participating in school chapels, assemblies, athletics events, and other presentations.

  • Sharing Responsibility: Continuously collaborates with families and community to support student learning and development at home, school, and in the community.

  • Communication: Engages in regular, two-way, culturally proficient communication with families and community about student learning and performance.

  • Family Concerns: Addresses family and community concerns in an equitable, effective, and efficient manner.

Professional Culture

  • Commitment to High Standards: Fosters a shared commitment to high standards of service, teaching, and learning with high expectations for achievement for all.

  • Cultural Proficiency: Ensures that policies and practices enable staff members and students to interact effectively in a culturally diverse environment in which students’ backgrounds, identities, strengths, and challenges are respected.

  • Communications: Demonstrates strong interpersonal written and verbal communication skills.

  • Continuous Learning: Develops and nurtures a culture in which staff members are reflective about their practice and use student data, current research, best practices, and theory to continuously adapt practice and achieve improved results. Models these behaviors in the Head of School’s own practice.

  • Shared Vision: Continuously engages all stakeholders in the creation of a shared educational vision in which every student is prepared to succeed in postsecondary education and become a responsible citizen and global contributor.

  • Managing Conflict: Employs strategies for responding to disagreement and dissent, constructively resolving conflict, and building consensus throughout the school community.

Elementary teaching

What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • Master’s Degree in School Administration or other commensurate field.

  • ACSI certification or be willing to participate in a program to complete the requirements for certification within a specified time period.

  • Minimum of three years of experience as a teacher.

  • Preference will be given to candidates who have a minimum of five years’ experience as a school administrator.

  • Preference will be given to candidates with a terminal degree.

Skills & Requirements

  • PC proficiency with knowledge of standard software, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

  • General working knowledge of spreadsheet software and database entry, e-mail, and working knowledge of the Internet.

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills. Strong interpersonal skills.

  • Experience with the development and implementation of online learning modules.

  • Willing to participate in continuing opportunities that will increase proficiency and job skills.

Personal Characteristics

  •  Acknowledge Christ as Savior and seek to live life as His disciple. Display a Christ-centered home evidenced by consistent prayer, Bible study, fellowship with believers, and spiritual outreach to others. 

  • Believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative, inerrant Word of God—our standard for faith and practice. 

  • Have a spiritual understanding and Biblical knowledge to counsel students, teachers, and parents from a Biblical point of view.

  • Have a conviction that God has called faculty and staff to Christian school ministry.

  • Sign and live by the school’s lifestyle statement as a condition for employment and continued employment in this ministry.

  • Memorize and help fulfill the school’s mission statement by recognizing the role of parents as primarily responsible before God for their children’s education and be prepared to assist them in that task. Believe and actively support the school’s statement of faith.

  • Have the spiritual maturity, academic ability, and personal leadership qualities to “train a child in the way he should go” (Proverbs 22:6).

Leadership & Professionalism

  • Be a model of God’s ideal for leaders. Demonstrate leadership, engagement, empathy, accountability, and encouragement.

  • Comfortable with active involvement in the school community and visibility with all constituents. 

  • Place his or her school ministry ahead of other jobs or volunteer activities.

  • Follow the Matthew 18 principle in dealing with conflict with students, parents, staff, and administration. 

  • Be a Christian role model in attitude, speech, and actions toward others (Luke 6:40). This includes being committed to God’s Biblical standards for sexual conduct (Romans 1:18-32). 

  • Ensure the campus work environment is Christian-based, nurturing, wholesome, impartial, and loving.                                            

  • Respectfully submit and be loyal to constituted authority.

  • Model good attendance. Attend work regularly and arrive punctually.                                                           

  • Demonstrate the character qualities of enthusiasm, courtesy, flexibility, integrity, gratitude, kindness, self-control, perseverance, and punctuality. Meet everyday stress with emotional stability, objectivity, and optimism. 

  • Display friendliness and a good sense of humor. Display courtesy and patience in dealing with others.

  • Maintain a personal appearance that is a Christian role model of cleanliness, modesty, and good taste consistent with school policy.

  • Maintain high standards of ethics, honesty, and integrity in all personal and professional matters.

  • Collaborate effectively with colleagues on a wide range of tasks. Contribute to team projects.

  • Actively pursue professional development opportunities. Obtain and maintain ACSI certification.  

  • Demonstrate the importance of discernment, discretion, and confidentiality concerning the sharing of information. 

  • Demonstrate a commitment to and support of diversity by complying with SACS’ EEO policies, regulations, and procedures. 

  • Be open to new ideas, initiatives, and concepts in education. Recognize your own mistakes and take measures to correct them.

SACS Students

What it's Like to Live in San Antonio, Texas: 

With a little more than 1.5 million people, San Antonio is second on the list of most populous cities in Texas. It is the focal point of a metropolitan area that includes Alamo Heights, Castle Hills, Converse, Kirby, Leon Valley, Live Oak, Schertz, Terrell Hills, Universal City, and Windcrest. San Antonio is as comfortable as a worn-in pair of jeans. It boasts of big-city amenities and world-renowned attractions, paired with an easygoing and welcoming atmosphere. Although it is most famously known as the home of the Alamo, the spirit of the region offers more than just its tourist attributes. It offers a community that is abounding in Old West and Spanish heritage.

San Antonio’s education component hosts over 100,000 students across its 31 higher-education facilities, which include the Texas A&M University-San Antonio, the University of Texas at San Antonio, and the five colleges of the Alamo Community College District. Other schools include St. Mary's University, the University of the Incarnate Word, Trinity University, and Wayland Baptist University. 

San Antonio has a diversified economy, which ranks the city as number four in Texas and number 38 in the U.S. San Antonio's economy is supported primarily by military, health care, oil and gas, financial services, government-civil service, and tourism. Within the last couple of decades, the city has become a notable location for American-based call centers, and it has added a substantial manufacturing sector that is centered around automobiles. Located about ten miles northwest of downtown is South Texas Medical Center, a group of several clinics, hospitals, and research institutions.

San Antonio is the headquarters of six Fortune 500 companies: Valero Energy, Andeavor (formerly Tesoro Corp), USAA, iHeartMedia, CST Brands Inc., and NuStar Energy. H-E-B, the 13th largest private company in the U.S., is also based in San Antonio. In 2015, San Antonio was ranked as number 50 by Forbes magazine on their list of "Best Places for Business and Careers". It was also listed as the 15th best market for job growth.

As you can see, there are many reasons San Antonio is such a lovable city. It is surely not lacking in any area and can meet the needs of all kinds of different people. All of this and more make San Antonio a wonderful place to live, work, and play!

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