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Springcreek Church

Worship Pastor

Garland, Texas

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Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 1,300

Location: Garland, Texas

The Role: The Worship Pastor will lead attendees, visitors, and members deeper into connection with Jesus through worship and creative interaction at Springcreek Church.

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Meet Springcreek Church:

We were like most evangelical churches in the United States. We preached the Bible, rocked out to the latest Christian worship songs, and preached a well-packaged version of the "turn-or-burn" gospel message. Our church was growing and we were cool. But Pastor Keith sensed something was missing. Deep down in his soul, he felt there was a bigger purpose to life and the church.  So, he accepted an invitation from World Vision to travel halfway around the world thinking that saving Africa was the answer. Little did he, or the rest of us, know the radical transformation God had in store. You see, Pastor Keith was not going to save Africa, but God was going to use Africa to save him, and our entire church, to be a blessing beyond ourselves, and for a purpose beyond our walls. 

An orphan named Oliver

At first, the trip to Africa had little effect. But then in the slums of Soweto, Pastor Keith met a young man named Oliver. Like others in his community, Oliver grew up an orphan surrounded by poverty and desperation. Now a young man, he survived by selling mobile phone accessories and services in his six by nine-foot cinder block building, which he was able to launch through a World Vision microfinance program. What struck Pastor Keith was that Oliver had taken on an apprentice, a young man like himself, orphaned by life's circumstances. Oliver was "teaching" him the business and sharing the little profit being made. This was a moment of radical transformation for Pastor Keith. Oliver was not just selling phone accessories, but sharing hope with the least of those around him. Through Oliver's sharing of what little he had, Pastor Keith saw true wealth through the gospel of Jesus to the poor.

Our apology to the community

Oliver's impact continued to transform us leading to acknowledgment that our former "brand" of Christianity had more to do with serving ourselves than being the church Jesus meant us to be. This led us to take out a full-page ad in the local newspaper, The Dallas Morning News that read:

"We were wrong. We followed trends when we should have followed Jesus. We told others how to live but did not listen to ourselves. We live in the land of plenty, denying ourselves nothing while ignoring our neighbors who actually have nothing. We sat on the sidelines while AIDS-ravaged Africa. We were wrong; we're sorry. Please forgive us."

This signaled a turning point for us as a church and God has since used our community of imperfect and ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary good for our neighbors in need, next door, and around the world.

Doing life imperfectly beyond us

While our story really began when we realized we were wrong, it is far from complete. Because we go where Jesus goes: into the margins of those in need. As a community of diverse and imperfect people, we are on a journey to experience and share the restorative and perfect love of Jesus. God has called us to be agents of hope and healing, to give voice to the most vulnerable, and to champion God's kingdom of love on earth through our simple acts of service and sacrifice. 

  • We are meant to be a blessing beyond ourselves.

  • We have a purpose that goes beyond our walls.

  • We've been given a love beyond this world.

  • We are imperfect people leaning into the perfect love of Jesus.

  • We are Imperfectly Church.

Springcreek's Teaching:


About the Worship Pastor:

Springcreek Church is passionate about reaching our community for Christ. We interact with people who’ve followed Him faithfully their entire lives, people who’ve never set foot in a church, and everyone else in between that you can imagine. 

We’re Imperfectly Church - You’re not perfect. The people we lead aren’t perfect. And we’re ok with your life still being under God’s careful construction. We are meant to be a blessing beyond ourselves. We have a purpose that goes beyond our walls. We've been given a love beyond this world. We are imperfect people leaning into the perfect love of Jesus. The Worship Pastor will bring attendees, visitors, and members deeper into connection with Jesus through worship and creative interaction, helping to fulfill the mission of Springcreek in the Sunday services, as well as during the week.

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The Worship Pastor Will: 

  • Coordinate weekend service programming. 

  • Lead worship in the main service.

  • Lead worship in student and young adult environments.

  • Lead teams of musicians musically and spiritually.

  • Create media elements for services, including video and graphics.

  • Train, equip, and oversee volunteers for ministry in worship environments.

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What you Bring: 


The ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree. Although not required, a seminary degree or further theological training is a great bonus. 


The ideal candidate will have previous experience as a Worship Pastor, with two to three years or more of experience working in a church or ministry of 1,000-plus attendees. 

Personal Characteristics

You’d be a great fit for this position if:

  • You have experience leading/supporting worship and media needs in a larger church environment (1,000-plus).

  • You have experience programming a weekend service, including lights, media, and sound. 

  • You can commit to the doctrine, vision, values, and beliefs of Springcreek Church.

  • You know how to lead through leaders, with experience in recruiting and training, and you know how to empower them. 

  • You feel confident leading worship in student/young adult/weekend worship environments. 

  • You know the “ins and outs” of working on a team, and highly value collaboration and communication.  

  • You embrace and champion a culture where everyone is accepted and where commonalities and differences are valued and respected.

You’ll love Springcreek if:

  • You care about the people you work with and want your coworkers to care about you. 

  • You’re a self-starter and can lead creatively and conscientiously. 

  • You know that staffs function best when the church comes before the department.

  • Serving those around you is something you lovingly do. 

  • You understand authenticity and vulnerability breed trust, and therefore are assets and not liabilities. 

  • You understand the significance of inclusion and how a diverse culture strengthens and unites.

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What it's Like to Live in Garland, Texas: 

Located approximately twenty miles northeast of Dallas is the quiet suburb of Garland, Texas. It is a growing and diverse community fully equipped with beautiful scenery and a plethora of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Garland's Audubon Park is filled with abundant greenery along the trails that are perfect for walking, running, or biking. Another frequented area residents enjoy is the Firewheel Town Center with various retail shops or a summer day at the Surf and Swim waterpark. 

Garland offers its residents a great sense of community with affordable housing and a variety of schools in the Garland Independent School District. The region also has annual family-friendly events and a growing arts community for entertainment. Overall, this area is a great location to live, work, and raise a family with an easy commute to downtown Dallas.

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