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St. Augustine Preparatory Academy

Director of College Advising and Alumni Support

Milwaukee, Wisconsin




Denomination/Affiliations: Non-Denominational/Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Accreditation/Middle States Association of Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools

Total Enrollment: 1,550

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Role: Director of College Advising and Alumni Support


Meet St. Augustine Preparatory Academy:

St. Augustine Preparatory Academy (Aug Prep) is a school unlike any other. You’d expect to find the gleaming new building in a wealthy neighborhood, but the building is smack in the heart of Milwaukee’s urban Southside, serving predominantly low-income students of color. When you hear about the academic programming,  arts, and athletic offerings, you’ll be inspired by the resources Aug Prep pours into a community that needs it most. This is the power of Aug Prep: an ambitious vision to graduate students who will go on to achieve their highest potential and make the city and, ultimately, the world a better place. Focused on faith and developing the whole child, Aug Prep currently enrolls 1,550 students and boldly plans to nearly double in size. Why? Because all students, regardless of zip code or socioeconomic status, deserve an excellent education.


The Opportunity:

St. Augustine Preparatory Academy is seeking a Director of College Advising and Alumni Support to lead our K4-12 work preparing our students and their families for college and career success upon graduation as well as the development of our alumni support work. We are looking for someone passionate about Jesus, our community, and guiding students’ paths to college and the workforce. As we finalize our strategic plan through 2025, “Opening doors and our student’s eyes to opportunity and preparation for life and their future” is one of our key strategies. This leader will play a key role in the success of that work, partnering with administrators, students, and families from each level of our school.

Aug Prep’s Director of College Advising and Alumni Support must be skilled at building partnerships with local and national college-preparatory and career development programs, fostering trusted relationships with families, and navigating opportunities side-by-side with students as they design and advance down a long-term college/career path. The right candidate is dynamic, resourceful with a vision for opportunities, an excellent communicator and project manager, able to build relationships across multiple constituencies, and has a passion for empowering others’ personal and professional growth.

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The Director of College Advising and Alumni Support Will Focus on:

Program Leadership and Development

  • Model deep connection and belief in Aug Prep’s North Star, mission, and four pillars.

  • Build, lead, and empower a high-performing team of college and career advisors equipped to best serve Aug Prep students and families on their journey to college and the workforce.

  • Demonstrate exceptional team and people management skills; deep commitment to and belief in developing others; ability to influence, inspire trust, and motivate others to achieve objectives.

  • Lead the design of a K4-12  college and career program, organizing key events, coordinating opportunities, and developing learning workshops/seminars for teachers, students, and families, as appropriate, at all levels of the school.

  • Identify resources for college-going experiences (summer programs, college bridge, internships, and participation in other programs like Upward Bound).

  • Build a network of post-secondary education organizations that know our graduate’s abilities and value.

  • Identify resources for college financing including Advanced Placement credit options and scholarships (academic, athletic, community service).

  • Annually set goals/metrics and readiness indicators with updated benchmark targets, dates, strategies/tactics, and persons responsible. Use a data-driven approach to identify ways to best measure success and support Aug Prep students.

  • Work in tandem with faculty and administration to ensure that the college and career program is aligned to and integrated within the school’s strategic plan.

  • Create progress reports for administration, the board, and faculty as well as for parents on college-going programs, activities, deliverables, events, and expectations. (This information will be used for wider school newsletters, websites, etc.)

Advising and Family Engagement

  • Create a four-year playbook for each student grades 9-12 for college and career readiness that specifically addresses best-fit options, scholarship/financial aid plans, academic and extra-curricular goals/activities, and service goals.

  • Create an annual family engagement plan for grades K4-12 related to key events (parent classes, workshops, fairs, college tours).

  • Support and advise families in the decision-making process for college: college application/matriculation processes, and admission standards including entrance exams, possible majors of study, and college freshman course selection.

  • Provide families of special education students with options for transition to post-secondary education.

  • Create and facilitate parent and student college knowledge group sessions and workshops and college visits.

  • Plan, organize, and facilitate college fairs, tours, and summer ‘college going’ activities as well as organize and lead visits from higher education entities on campus.

Alumni Engagement

  • In partnership with the college and career advisor team, develop and launch Aug Prep’s alumni support program.

  • Coordinates alumni functions, including local and regional chapters, alumni communications, recognition and awards for alumni accomplishments, and reunions.

  • Establishes systems for remaining in contact with alumni.

  • Serves as a resource to alumni regarding alumni and school programs and activities.

  • Recommends long and short-range goals and overall direction of alumni programs.

Data Management

  • Use data systems like Naviance© to track and maintain individual student academic, college-going, application, scholarship, financial, matriculation, possible majors of study, and college freshmen courses information.

  • Systemic progress monitoring of each student’s progress towards graduation and college and career goals to update the playbooks and Naviance© files.

  • Regular reporting on college-going goals/work, readiness indicators, and college acceptance.

  • Analyze student, graduating class, and full-school data to provide information on general trends, areas of focus, and school-wide ‘wins’ to best advise students, teachers, and administration on college preparatory and going work.

IMG_2060-Aug Prep-First Day

What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree is required. 

  • Preference will be given to candidates who have a Master’s degree, or advance certification,  in Career/College Counseling, Education, or other commensurate field.

  • Experience (5+ years) with college and career advising, preferably with high need and/or first-generation students and their families.

  • Bilingual (Spanish) is preferred.

Personal Characteristics & Skills

  • Demonstrate a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and a faithful Christian walk.

  • Demonstrate a complete commitment to the Gospel with the utmost level of integrity.

  • Passion for the accomplishment of St. Augustine Preparatory Academy’s mission and community.

  • Agreement with the school’s Statement of Faith and Community Covenant, including demonstration of faith through actions and lifestyle.

  • A belief in the ability of every child and a commitment to ensure excellence for each student.

  • Data-driven with the ability to utilize technology to identify and track opportunities as well as student and school-level data (experience with Naviance or similar system is preferred).

  • Interpersonal skills that enable effective collaboration with leadership, staff, students, and parents/guardians.

  • Strong strategic planning, project management, and organization development skills - able to balance a focus on big picture priorities while not losing sight of the goals, deadlines, and objectives.

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What it's Like to Live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin has a rich history, and the name comes from the Algonquian word “Millioke,” which means “good land.” This is because it was highly desired by Native Americans who liked it for the rich vegetation and prime location as the meeting point between Lake Michigan and three rivers. Today, it is still a desired location because of the beautiful views, reasonable cost of living, and easy access to other cities. In Milwaukee, you get to enjoy the benefits of a big city with the added charm of a small town.

It is full of great restaurants, beautiful architecture, and an innovative spirit. Milwaukee is a city of creators, inventors, builders, and entrepreneurs, and it is one of the country’s centers of manufacturing. People who love to dream big love Milwaukee! The people here are always progressing and trying to discover new ways of getting the job done.

Being close to Lake Michigan, Milwaukee has a bit of a coastal feel to it, with 1,400 acres of beaches and waterfronts. There are over a dozen parks that give access to the lake. One of those is the Henry Maier Festival Park, which hosts the world’s largest music festival, Summerfest.

Overall, the city of Milwaukee has a lot to offer, including a rich history that it is very proud of. The people are generally kind, and the area is beautiful. It is a great area to call home.

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