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St. Augustine Preparatory Academy

Director of Human Resources

Milwaukee, Wisconsin




Denomination/Affiliations: Non-Denominational/Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Accreditation/Middle States Association of Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools

Total Enrollment: 1,550

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Role: Director of Human Resources


Meet St. Augustine Preparatory Academy:

St. Augustine Preparatory Academy (Aug Prep) is a school unlike any other. You’d expect to find the gleaming new building in a wealthy neighborhood, but the building is smack in the heart of Milwaukee’s urban Southside, serving predominantly low-income students of color. When you hear about the academic programming,  arts, and athletic offerings, you’ll be inspired by the resources Aug Prep pours into a community that needs it most. This is the power of Aug Prep: an ambitious vision to graduate students who will go on to achieve their highest potential and make the city and, ultimately, the world a better place. Focused on faith and developing the whole child, Aug Prep currently enrolls 1,550 students and boldly plans to nearly double in size. Why? Because all students, regardless of zip code or socioeconomic status, deserve an excellent education.


The Opportunity:

We are seeking a candidate who loves Jesus and loves children. The Director of Human Resources will serve as a faith-driven leader first and an HR expert second, responsible for the implementation and support of key tenants of the strategic plan. Through HR business partnering expertise, this team member will work with the Chief Financial Officer and the Leadership Team to ensure Aug Prep’s talent and people strategies are best positioned to support and help drive the school’s work and mission, including an upcoming expansion. 

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The Director of Human Resources Will Focus on: 

  • Be a resource on all aspects of human resources at the school including policies and processes, compensation and benefits, as well as workplace culture. 

  • Develop, interpret, and apply HR policies, maintain the Employee Handbook, and integrate the knowledge of relevant laws, rules, and regulations that relate to the employees, contractors, and volunteers working for and/or performing services for St. Augustine Preparatory Academy.

  • Execute and provide accountability to all functions of Human Resources, ensuring the school has the talent, capability, and people practices necessary to improve and grow the organization.

  • Support managers and employees in resolving workplace issues and conflict using biblical principles and best practices.

  • Implement processes to hire candidates for specific positions that fit the culture and values, and who have the specific skills desired.

  • Oversee the Performance Evaluation process to ensure that all team members are receiving timely and effective feedback and growing in their profession.

  • Implement strategies to measure and build employee engagement, including measures for turnover and discretionary effort. 

  • Facilitate health, well-being for all employees, including a supportive work environment and an engaged workforce consistent with the St. Augustine Preparatory Academy mission, core values, and culture.

  • In collaboration with the Chief Financial Officer, identify, create, and manage development plans for the professional development of staff, including general training related to St. Augustine Preparatory Academy, as well as training that is more specific to individual areas.

  • Actively participate as a member of the Leadership Team, including implementing the school’s strategic plan.

  • Other responsibilities as identified in partnership with the Chief Financial Officer.

IMG_2060-Aug Prep-First Day

What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • Undergraduate degree is required.

  • At least three, but preferably more than five years of leadership experience in HR or a related field (legal, management strategy, consulting, etc.)

Personal Characteristics

  • Demonstrate a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and a faithful Christian walk.

  • Demonstrate a complete commitment to the Gospel with the utmost level of integrity.

  • Passion for the accomplishment of St. Augustine Preparatory Academy’s mission and community.

  • Agreement with the school’s Statement of Faith and Community Covenant, including demonstration of faith through actions and lifestyle.

  • A belief in the ability of every child and a commitment to ensure excellence for each student.

  • Experience in and understanding of the Human Resources function.

  • Interpersonal skills that enable effective collaboration with leadership and staff.

  • Ability to strike the appropriate balance between leading/developing a team and “rolling up sleeves” and being hands-on. 

  • Strong organizational and administrative abilities.

IMG_2122-Aug Prep-First Day

What it's Like to Live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin has a rich history, and the name comes from the Algonquian word “Millioke,” which means “good land.” This is because it was highly desired by Native Americans who liked it for the rich vegetation and prime location as the meeting point between Lake Michigan and three rivers. Today, it is still a desired location because of the beautiful views, reasonable cost of living, and easy access to other cities. In Milwaukee, you get to enjoy the benefits of a big city with the added charm of a small town.

It is full of great restaurants, beautiful architecture, and an innovative spirit. Milwaukee is a city of creators, inventors, builders, and entrepreneurs, and it is one of the country’s centers of manufacturing. People who love to dream big love Milwaukee! The people here are always progressing and trying to discover new ways of getting the job done.

Being close to Lake Michigan, Milwaukee has a bit of a coastal feel to it, with 1,400 acres of beaches and waterfronts. There are over a dozen parks that give access to the lake. One of those is the Henry Maier Festival Park, which hosts the world’s largest music festival, Summerfest.

Overall, the city of Milwaukee has a lot to offer, including a rich history that it is very proud of. The people are generally kind, and the area is beautiful. It is a great area to call home.

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