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Table Rock Fellowship

Youth Pastor

Medford, Oregon

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Denomination: Nondenominational 

Weekly Attendance: 1500

Neighborhood: Medford, Oregon

The role: The Youth Pastor will actively train youth in what following Jesus means, and give them opportunities to serve alongside other adults in the church. 

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Meet Table Rock Fellowship: 

Table Rock Fellowship is located in Medford, Oregon, and is a passionate, growing church that wants to know Jesus and make Him known in their community.

Table Rock has just acquired a piece of property (their North Campus), and also has a school for preschool through third grade, with 140 kids attending. God is doing big things in their midst, with an auditorium being remodeled and dreams for a multisite campus in a few years.

Pastor Tom Sabens founded Table Rock Fellowship in 1997.  Pastor Sabens and the staff built the church over the next 17 years into a large congregation with around 1,400 weekly attendees.

In 2015, Bill Muir was asked to fill the role of Teaching Pastor, and in 2016, the church asked Bill Muir to accept the position permanently.

Under Bill’s direction, the church has grown to approximately 1,500 attendees per week between the Saturday night and two Sunday morning services. Weekly attendance continues to steadily increase.  It is a healthy and growing congregation.

TRF Weekend 042218-34 copyAbout the Youth Pastor: 

At Table Rock Fellowship, we feel strongly that developing our youth through discipleship, sound Biblical teaching, and then applying what they are learning is critical to helping the youth create an authentic relationship with Jesus that does not wilt after high school ends.  We want to prepare the youth of the church and our community to cope with our culture that is hostile towards Christianity. We want to do everything possible to help kids to keep their faith through their first year in college when they are most likely to walk away. We want them to be discipled and to understand the foundations of their faith so that they can teach others!  We want to prepare and train our youth, not only for the cultural challenges, but in how to apply their faith to the challenges of life. We are not just interested in head knowledge; our goal is for them to have an authentic faith that is alive and active!

To that end, the Youth Pastor will have the responsibility to:

  • Establish and execute the overall vision of the High School and Middle School Ministry that is consistent with the church’s vision for the fellowship.

  • Actively train youth in what following Jesus means, and give them opportunities to serve alongside other adults in the church.  Think of this in terms of a spiritual apprenticeship program.

  • Establish and maintain a discipleship program with the goal of engaging as many youths as possible within the group, equipping them to disciple others, and for missions.

The Youth Pastor will: 

  • Lead and develop ministry staff/team.

  • Recruiting and standardize the training of volunteer staff.

  • Develop special events for the youth.

  • Put together weekly staff reports and updates, and establish and maintain the yearly budget.

  • Be present at all weekend services for prayer and counsel when not engaged in other aspects of ministry, i.e., youth services, special classes, etc.  

  • Be available for counsel and prayer with youth and their families throughout the week.

  • Create a High School Student Leadership team.

What you bring: 

Education & Experience

The ideal candidate will have:

  • A bachelor’s degree in biblical studies, ministry, education, or a similar related field.

  • Further theological training or a seminary degree is not required, but is a great bonus.

  • Four to five years of experience working in Student or Youth Ministry is ideal for this position.

Personal Characteristics

  • Possesses great teaching and preaching skills.

  • Has a strong faith in Jesus and an active outward commitment to grow in their faith and mentor others, especially younger people, with their actions as well as their words.

  • Possesses a winsome and magnetic personality to attract students to youth group and keep them coming back week after week, especially new students who are first time attendees.

  • Is a leader of leaders, who is able to equip others to help lead.

  • Is an excellent mentor, coach, teacher, and discipler who does these things well together, but also understands the difference and importance of these by themselves.

  • Has strong organization skills.

  • Has a commitment to personal and professional growth.

  • Understands the culture of Table Rock and the community.

  • Has excellent relational skills with parents, especially in equipping and partnering, recruiting, caring for, and training.

TRF Weekend 042218-10 copyWhat it's like to live in Medford, Oregon: 

Medford is historically an agricultural and timber processing center known for fruit growing (particularly its pears). More recently, it has evolved as a cultural and residential crossroads between California and the Pacific Northwest.

The city itself has undergone some renewal and has a full complement of shopping and retail establishments popular with locals and Californians passing through to avoid sales tax. The timber industry is active, but in long-term decline.

Skiing, watersports, mountain biking, rafting, and hiking opportunities are abundant in the nearby mountains and Rogue River Valley. Ashland, ten miles south, is a cute college town and arts community anchored by Southern Oregon University and a renowned annual Shakespeare festival.

The entire area is growing rapidly as more seek its attractive climate and surroundings and proximity to California features south and Pacific Northwest features north. It’s a great place to call home!

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