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The Church of the Cross

Associate Rector/Chaplain

Bluffton, South Carolina

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Weekly Attendance: 1450

Denomination: Anglican 

Neighborhood: Bluffton, South Carolina

The role:  The Associate Rector/Chaplain will communicate God’s Word in a compelling and relevant fashion while maintaining integrity to the text, champion the mission of The Church of the Cross, and offer a strong foundation of leadership, strategic foresight, and a spiritual perspective to the future of the church.

FullSizeRenderMeet The Church of the Cross: 

Passing through the heavy pine front doors at  The Church of the Cross seems like a step into a time long gone. It’s easy to imagine the summer congregation of island planters beginning June Sundays with worship. You can almost feel the cool morning air wafting through open windows as the harmonies of hymns float out. You might picture the small winter congregation in 1900 huddling around a pot bellied stove in the narthex chapel, listening to St. Matthew's recounting of the nativity on a chilly Christmas Eve. Indeed, many church members recall such days and nights until the early 1980s. They remember the leaky roof, visiting priests, and bees and squirrels nesting in the walls and crevices.

In the three  decades since The Church of the Cross grew from a mission to a parish in the Diocese of South Carolina, the number of parishioners has increased 20 fold and in excess of 80  lay-led ministries have been added to serve the parish and surrounding communities.

Members of the parish founded Cross Schools Inc. and opened with seven first graders in 1998. Seventy-nine acres were purchased for a school/church campus in 2000. The school continued to grow, adding a grade each year, in rented space until the construction of its first building in 2005. Two major additions have been made to the school’s facilities, the most recent a $10,000,000 expansion completed in 2018. Today, Cross Schools serves approximately 500 students ranging from 18 month old toddlers through eighth grade; plans are well underway to add a high school program beginning in 2020.

The school is mentioned in the parish’s history because it functions in a spiritual partnership with the parish to reach the families of young children with the Good News of God in Christ. Since the opening of its beautiful facilities, the parish has leased space on the campus to conduct contemporary Sunday morning worship services and many midweek programs.

In addition to its Gospel partnership with Cross Schools, the parish is intent on maintaining its place in the vanguard of those congregations committed to reaching our ever-changing culture with the never-changing truths of Scripture. To that end: (1) two tracts of land have been purchased in adjacent Jasper County for future church/school campuses; (2) a full time Hispanic priest has been added to the staff to spur an outreach to the area’s growing Latino community; (3) construction is underway on a 500-seat Gothic-style church to house traditional Anglican worship on the present campus of Cross Schools (4) the latest technological advances are being embraced facilitate interactive communications with those known and unknown to us throughout the parish’s expanding sphere of Gospel influence; (5) a virtual campus is now being planned  that will enable the parish’s influence to transcend geographical and denominational limitations to connect formerly churched believers in locations where orthodoxy has all but disappeared. The parish is also deeply committed to its partnerships for leadership and parish development with the Diocese of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh in Ireland, and St. Mary and St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church in St. John, Canada.

With the Lord’s help, our growing congregation builds on tradition so rich in the Anglican Church and The Church of the Cross in particular. We know our historic church on Calhoun Street provides a scenic stop on many Lowcountry tours and that makes us proud, but we also believe the legacy of The Church of the Cross reaches much deeper than its impressive facade. Just as plain pine boards grew into an extraordinary building, we’re evolving from a simple country parish to serve a growing and changing community: locally, regionally, and globally. Won’t you join us as we give thanks for our rich past, meet today’s challenges, and nurture our faith in a bright future?




About the Associate Rector/Chaplain: 

Job one for the Assistant Rector/Chaplain will be communicating God’s Word in a compelling and relevant fashion to folks of all ages, but with an emphasis on young families.  Given that so many in this demographic have no apparent faith grounding, this person will need to be an evangelist at heart. The successful candidate will value and seek to mine the Gospel potential inherent in Cross Schools. 

The Associate Rector/Chaplain will: 

  • Model by word and practice:

    • a mature and deepening relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

    • a humble servant's heart.

    • a family life centered on a biblical approach to marriage and parenting.

    • a passion for reaching the lost with the Gospel.

    • a willingness to inconvenience self for others.

    • a commitment to the Parish's Mission, Vision, and Strategy.

  • Embrace an "Ephesians 4" paradigm for being the Body of Christ by:

    • inspiring and equipping those serving in the Parish's 80-plus lay-led ministries, with a possible emphasis on engaging men.

    • preaching and teaching regularly in multiple settings.

    • utilizing ever-changing methods to convey the unchanging message.

    • capitalizing on opportunities to reach younger families through Cross Schools.

    • evidencing an entrepreneurial approach to doing the work of the gospel.

    • appreciating the flexibility required to face every day as a pastor in a large and growing congregation.

  • Have a legacy that testifies to:

    • the desire to function as a part of a team and to accept the counsel of others.

    • the self-discipline required to achieve God-honoring excellence with minimal supervision.

    • the pastoral sensitivity/compassion needed to counsel those in crisis.

    • the ability to quickly adapt to a new setting and immerse self and family into the rhythm of life.

    • the importance of long-term relationships in building the trust needed to bear Kingdom fruit.

    • the confidence of knowing that, rather than a title and position, one's identity is rooted in being a child of God.

What you bring: 


An undergraduate degree or higher is expected for this role. Although a seminary degree is not required, it’s a great bonus.


The ideal candidate will have a background in youth/family ministry and positive experiences in at least one other congregation.  They will have a history of discipling non-believers to faith, mentoring their walk with Christ and folding them into ministry in healthy teams.  Full agreement with the theology and culture of The Church of the Cross is a must.

Personal Characteristics

  • Has a strong long-standing spiritual journey with God, evidenced by a regular devotional life.

  • Has a depth of connectedness with God, reflected through what flows out when teaching, speaking, and leading.

  • Has a commitment to maintaining a high sense of integrity in doing “what is right,” regardless of what it may cost.

  • Is an ongoing, lifelong learner.

  • Possesses the flexibility and agility to effectively lead/assist in the distinct worship service styles at The Church of the Cross.

  • Has a commitment to the sufficiency of Scripture in handling everyday situations.

  • Is married to a spouse who is vested in the ministry of The Church of the Cross. She doesn’t just tolerate her husband’s ministry, but celebrates it in every way.

  • Invests in personal growth and fosters this growth within his family unit.

  • Values the leadership and staff culture of the church.

  • Leads through consensus and collaboration.

  • Exhibits the heart of a servant-leader.


Youth1What it's like to live in Bluffton, South Carolina: 

The Town of Bluffton is located in Beaufort County, the southernmost coastal county in South Carolina. It is situated on a high bluff overlooking the May River, a pristine waterway that has strongly contributed to the town's history and continued success. Bluffton is located just 12 miles west of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, and approximately 20 miles northeast of Savannah, Georgia.

Bluffton recently expanded its territory by 32,000 acres through annexation of primarily four tracts of undeveloped land, becoming the fifth largest town in South Carolina (by land area).  The population of Southern Beaufort and adjacent Jasper Counties is presently approximately 40,000; this number is projected to increase by over 100,000 in the next ten years as the Jasper Ocean Terminal becomes operative.

Experience the beauty of a traditional fall season with all the benefits of a temperate, coastal climate in the Lowcountry town of Bluffton.

Nestled on the banks of the May River, the historic, riverside The Church of the Cross offers a glimpse into antebellum life in the Lowcountry. Take some Instagram-worthy photos of the Rose Hill Mansion’s Gothic architecture, and enjoy an elegant luncheon in the Grand Dining Hall after an informative tour.

Head down Calhoun Street in Old Town Bluffton, and spend some time perusing the charming boutiques that line the streets. Shop for produce and baked goods from local residents at the weekly Bluffton Farmers’ Market. Stop by the Society of Bluffton Artists Gallery to see the city’s plethora of artistic talent in new monthly exhibits featuring 100 pieces of art in varying mediums. Or, drive over to Tanger Outlets, where you can purchase the latest fashions at bargain prices at dozens of designer factory outlets. Experience genuine Southern hospitality, historic architecture and coastal charm in Bluffton!

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